What is Yoga? Yoga is a path to realizing your self, to unveiling the truth that already exists within you. It imparts balance and happiness by integrating all aspects of body, mind, and soul. Learn information about yoga through yoga articles here at All Things Healing. Know what the benefits of yoga are through articles on yoga. For more information about yoga, visit All Things Healing online today!   Spiritual and Healing Practices: Yoga Information Yoga is a series of meditative practices that improve your body’s physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga is not only used as a form of exercise; throughout history, it has helped people to achieve awareness of themselves and everything around them. Certain information about yoga practices can attest to this fact. Different yoga postures require deep breathing and concentration, which brings upon mental calmness in a person. Also, yoga information from yogis states that yoga induces a meditative state in a person, especially in watching how you breathe and perfecting your body’s alignment. Also, information about yoga enumerates the many benefits that yoga can bring to us. Various and difficult yoga positions make us flexible; physical strength is also achieved through yoga. Information from yoga experts also asserts that yoga can prevent back pain and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Whether you are a beginner to the discipline or you have been practicing yoga for a long time now, All Things Healing will help you achieve physical, mental, and spiritual awareness through yoga. We have various videos and articles on yoga that can help guide you with your yoga journey. We believe that our readers should be informed with our methods and healing practices. Our yoga articles and videos aim to provide our readers with materials that they can use to further their well-being. We also have articles on yoga positions and practices which we think would be beneficial to everybody. Our yoga editors Antonio and Donna will ensure that our yoga articles and videos are up-to-date and can assist in helping you achieve the physical, mental, and spiritual balance that you are looking for.

Introduction to Yoga Therapy
Lexi is a yoga enthusiast and instructor in Toronto, Ontario. She enjoys living and teaching a healthy lifestyle, and runs the yoga website that promotes balancing the mind...
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Lexi Yoga
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Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Here are 6 yoga poses for strong legs. Practicing these postures will help strengthen and tone your leg muscles and improve flexibility.



by Melina Meza, BS Nutrition, E-RYT 500

September is often seen as the beginning of the fall season and is considered a “joint season” in Ayurveda, because it is a vulnerable time of year when it’s easy to catch a cold or get sick if your life is moving too fast or is out of balance. Slowing down from a busy, fun summer full of adventure and travels is not always as easy as it sounds, but is often necessary as we start experiencing less daylight, less warmth, and less vacation time...


Editor´s Note from Lexi Yoga: According to Ayurvedic teachings, the start of the fall season is an easy time to catch a cold, especially  if your life is out of balance. Melina Meza shares with us some tips and ideas for a smooth transition into the fall season.




Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Your chakras are the interface between your physical and subtle bodies. Here is a chakra meditation to bring your awareness to your higher energy centres. With practice, the energetic values of each centre will become clearer, and you feel more balanced.



by Colette Barry
Cross-posted from

With the woes of cancer cases taking its toll, people are diverting their attention towards a holistic approach of healing. The worst part of cancer is the not the deadly disease itself, but the distress and debilitating fatigue rooting from the treatments. The never ending visits to the hospital, detrimental chemotherapy followed by nausea and weakness makes the sufferer go through a physical ordeal...


Editor´s Note from Lexi Yoga: The practice of yoga can definitely help to bring more inner peace to any cancer patient. It's even more than that. Yoga can fight off depression, improve sleep, and keep your stress and anxiety levels in check. When going through any type of cancer, you need all of the above to help you cope.



by Benjamin Norris

There are several ways that the practice of yoga can help relieve the pain of menstrual cramps. Physical (Hatha) yoga has the effect of stretching our muscles and getting our blood flowing, but it also has the effect of essentially massaging our organs. As a lower back massage is so comforting when one has cramps, there are a number of yogic poses that can be practiced at these times that can do much the same as a lower back massage. They also promote overall bodily health...

Editor´s Note from
Lexi Yoga: Benjamin Norris shares with us how the practice of yoga and meditation can help with menstrual cramps. Hatha yoga has a positive effect on massaging the reproductive organs which helps to relax tense muscles and organs that are affected by the cramps. Find out which two yoga poses are the most helpful.




Editor's Note from Brooke Nisbet: The original intent of this video was to reach out to strong, empowered and liberated working women. And Equinox makes no secret of the fact that they include “sexy” among the attributes of these such woman. So they were looking for a yogini that encapsulated that vision. They ended up choosing yoga instructor Briohny Smyth.



by Silvia Mordini

We use the poses to declutter the mind. And once we remove the clutter that has been molding our physical health, emotional stability, and mental sanity we can clearly set our course for being free from pain and suffering. This is why I don't want anything we do in yoga class to be more distracting than how you live outside of class...


Editor´s Note from Brooke Nisbet: This piece, written by a yoga teacher, is a good reminder of why we need to pause long enough to still our minds. The clutter and mind chatter we walk around with everday is heavy and draining. Do yourself a favor and begin to learn how to calm and quiet the mind. Read more for a deeper understanding.



by Donna Davidge

Yoga, currently practiced by 15 million Americans, has also become a multi billion dollar business. At its roots yoga is a tool to help the body become more cleansed and balanced by physical asana, or poses, as well as techniques for breathing and meditation, mental focus, clarity and well being...





Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Depression is a common problem these days, and yoga is a great way to help improve your mood. The increase in physical effort, together with the controlled breathing and then period of relaxation, will help lower your heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn will reduce the stress response.



by Sadhguru Vasudev

Meditation is a way of manufacturing what we call as ojas.  When we eat food, digestion manufactures the body in a certain way.  This is important for our physical exsistance, but the body by itself does not serve any purpose.  The body can be a means of great suffering.  The body is capable of pleasure also, but its limitations will be unfulfilling over a period of time...


Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Most people wonder what meditation really means, and how to truly experience it. Modern life has been shifting our energies and making us more unstable. Find out what meditation is really all about.



by Ray Long, MD, FRCSC and Chris Macivor

Our last blog post used a video to illustrate shoulder kinematics in 3D and reviewed how to externally rotate the humerus to protect against impingement. This week we look at the scapular motion on the ribcage and the role of the lower third of the trapezius in drawing the shoulders away from the neck. This motion is called scapular depression, and it is frequently used in yoga, especially when the arms are overhead...



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De-stress for a Happy & Healthy Life

by Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Stress is inevitable in the modern world because of the imbalance between the demands of one’s environment and one’s capabilities. Unless we develop awareness and consciousness of what we think, feel and do, there cannot be a lasting solution to stress.


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