What is Yoga? Yoga is a path to realizing your self, to unveiling the truth that already exists within you. It imparts balance and happiness by integrating all aspects of body, mind, and soul. Learn information about yoga through yoga articles here at All Things Healing. Know what the benefits of yoga are through articles on yoga. For more information about yoga, visit All Things Healing online today!   Spiritual and Healing Practices: Yoga Information Yoga is a series of meditative practices that improve your body’s physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga is not only used as a form of exercise; throughout history, it has helped people to achieve awareness of themselves and everything around them. Certain information about yoga practices can attest to this fact. Different yoga postures require deep breathing and concentration, which brings upon mental calmness in a person. Also, yoga information from yogis states that yoga induces a meditative state in a person, especially in watching how you breathe and perfecting your body’s alignment. Also, information about yoga enumerates the many benefits that yoga can bring to us. Various and difficult yoga positions make us flexible; physical strength is also achieved through yoga. Information from yoga experts also asserts that yoga can prevent back pain and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Whether you are a beginner to the discipline or you have been practicing yoga for a long time now, All Things Healing will help you achieve physical, mental, and spiritual awareness through yoga. We have various videos and articles on yoga that can help guide you with your yoga journey. We believe that our readers should be informed with our methods and healing practices. Our yoga articles and videos aim to provide our readers with materials that they can use to further their well-being. We also have articles on yoga positions and practices which we think would be beneficial to everybody. Our yoga editors Antonio and Donna will ensure that our yoga articles and videos are up-to-date and can assist in helping you achieve the physical, mental, and spiritual balance that you are looking for.

Introduction to Yoga Therapy
Lexi is a yoga enthusiast and instructor in Toronto, Ontario. She enjoys living and teaching a healthy lifestyle, and runs the yoga website that promotes balancing the mind...
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Lexi Yoga
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by Diane Cesa

Yoga can be intimidating. When I first started practicing, I had no clue about the breadth and depth of yoga. I didn't know the difference between Kundalini and Karma. And don't even get me started on Sanskrit and yoga class etiquette...


Editor's Note:  This is a book review of 27 Things to Know about Yoga by Victoria Klein.  It is an attempt to distill her thoughtful de-mystification of yoga as a practice and lifestyle...




Editor´s Note: Looking for a quick yoga practice that will help get your mind and body ready for Thanksgiving? The renown yoga instructor, Tara Stiles, has some tips for you as she leads you through some short poses. After this practice, you'll be ready to bring on the turkey and chaos! Happy Thanksgiving!




Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Here's one of my videos showcasing 7 yoga postures to help increase your blood circulation, and promote healthy, glowing and youthful skin.




Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: For those who sit and work in front of a computer all day, this video is for you! Some simple yoga stretches that you can practice to reduce wrist, shoulder and upper back pain due to computer use.



by Jennifer Fugo

Are you afraid of teaching pregnant students? Don’t worry—you’re not alone!

You’re sitting in front of your yoga class getting ready to start class and you notice a pregnant women enter and sit down on her mat. What do you do? Freeze?...


Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Being pregnant is a special time for a woman, and practicing yoga can be a great asset throughout the whole pregnancy. Jennifer Fugo shares some tips how to teach and practice yoga safely while carrying a baby.



by Jenn A. Nocera

It's a fast-paced, go-getter society. We are forever on the run, taking calls everywhere, and eating dashboard meals. As Brian Tracy (2001) points out in “Eat that Frog!” we need to first learn to accept that we will never be all caught up - there will always be a never-ending list of things to do. The key is to learn to prioritize...



article from Kulae

Today's youth, regardless of age, gender, and socio-economic background, face a growing number of social and physical challenges. Children who fall within our target  population come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and, therefore, tend to face even greater challenges including low-self esteem, short attention spans, extreme frustration with completing basic, everyday tasks, poor diet, chronic health problems, neglect, and exposure to drugs and gangs...



by Sarah Stevenson

Yogis and yoginis tend to be some of the most tuned in and turned on people around. Yoga stimulates a connection to one's body and when we are fully aware of our body, soul and minds, we realize quickly that we are sexual beings...


Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Yoga is not only a beautifying form of exercise, but a natural aphrodisiac as well. You get to tap into an area in your brain, known as the amygdala. Once this part is tuned off, then your real sensuality kicks in. Yoga quiets the mind to allow your natural sexual energy to rise.



by Alanna Zabel

The hip, groin and lower back regions house several organs that control the water levels in our bodies, our hormones and our reproductive, or creative capabilities.  Bound Angle Pose, or Butterfly, increases flexibility in the hips and groin...





by Tracey L. Ulshafer

So the quote goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” Most of us have heard this quote in reference to the teachings of yoga and have found this to be quite true. I have found that my own teachers have often come to me in the most unexpected of ways - through my pets, my step-children and the guy in front of me on the turnpike. But what is a teacher? And where and how do we come to find one?...



by Yogi Baba Prem 

While most people view food from the standpoint of vegetables and fruits, there are many other types of food that are consumed on a daily basis. Food manifests in the form of sensory impressions and mental and emotional impressions.  As an example:  The breath is literally food for the body...

by Tarra Madore

Chaturanga dandasana is the Four-Limbed Staff pose. This pose is challenging to do and requires both a soft heart and strong body to do well. When performed properly, it is empowering and strengthening for the arms and abdominals...






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De-stress for a Happy & Healthy Life

by Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Stress is inevitable in the modern world because of the imbalance between the demands of one’s environment and one’s capabilities. Unless we develop awareness and consciousness of what we think, feel and do, there cannot be a lasting solution to stress.


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