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Think Green
We are currently seeking a Co-Editor and/or Assistant Editor for this section. For more information please contact Sherri Carter at

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Replacing city and well water with captured rainwater for landscaping efficiently uses this valuable resource, reduces personal water bills, and decreases the overall demand on public water supplies...


Editor’s Note: Fresh water is one of the most essential resources, yet it’s being rapidly depleted from our underground reservoirs as we pump them for agricultural, industrial and personal use.  Here’s a way to restore groundwater levels, while at the same time benefit from rainwater’s purity.


Think Green

by Jane Kline Kabler

The buzz word in markets is all about organic foods and as we shop in our favorite markets, they are becoming more available in a great variety. The prices are somewhat higher, but it's all about eating what we know is pure and healthy for us and not contaminated with large amounts of pesticides and chemicals...

Editor's Note: Jane shares some great info about organic eating and cooking here. I personally can't wait to try her cake frosting recipe...mmmmmm.


Think Green


When the sun goes down on developing worlds, many of their people depend on kerosene lamps to see.  Now a multi-national corporation is reducing pollution, energy costs, petrochemical use, and making millions of people safer…in a single stroke!


Think Green


Heat from the sun gets absorbed into our atmosphere, and therein lies the basis of global warming, but Stanford scientists have developed a panel that can return heat to space.  Is this the basis for future geo-engineering?



Think Green


Fergus Drennan from the UK hasn't eaten store bought food in two years.

He is a master forager -- living off of what he can find in nature: edible plants, mushrooms, berries and seaweed from the beach...


Think Green

 by Brenton Johnson

Brenton Johnson represents a new breed of young, organic farmers whose philosophy is to live in harmony with the land and bring back a sustainable way of life. Naturally (no pun intended), he advocates buying local food. In between tending his turnips and perusing the potatoes, Brenton penned this wise, authoritative list of ten reasons to buy local food. This isn't just about helping the local farmer, it's about preserving our planet -- and eatin' better, too!...


Think Green


With w-a-a-ay too many plastic bottles floating around, the Levi-Strauss company took polyester fiber derived from 3.5 million of them, added cotton, and created a new line of jeans they call the WastLess Collection.


Think Green


The planet’s ecosystems are changing faster than humans have been able to track, but now a new network of sensors are coming online that will form an “EKG” for Mother Earth.


Think Green


Editor's Note: This is such an important and inspiring video. If these young people and their stand on food, growing food, sustainability and most of all their willingness to actually do something about it and create change where they are, are any indication of the future of food in this country, then we might just be able to stop worrying a bit. But only as long as we let them be our example and then begin our own permaculture gardens in our communities and backyards.



Think Green

by Danielle Nierenberg

As people move from rural to urban settings in search of economic opportunities, urban agriculture is becoming an important provider of both food and employment, according to researchers with the Worldwatch Institute. "Urban agriculture is providing food, jobs, and hope in Nairobi, Kampala, Dakar, and other cities across sub-Saharan Africa," said Danielle Nierenberg, co-director of the Institute's Nourishing the Planet project...


Think Green


A two-mile stretch of Chicago’s gritty Cermak Road has undergone a $16 million renovation that make it one of the world’s greenest. The project includes cement that eats smog!


Think Green

by Brenda Hyland

As an avid protein consumer I know well how important it is to eat veggies.  Protein is acidic while vegetables are alkaline and hence a perfect marriage. We need to have the perfect balance of protein and veggies...



Think Green

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Urban Homestead: Local, Organic and in the City

from Organic Connections Magazine

The Dervaes family in Pasadena, California has converted 1/10 of an acre of urban land from concrete slab to gardens, and grows up to three tons of produce per year right there! Imagine what kind of food abundance and vitality would be available to us and our neighbors if those of us with access to land and water produced food where we live.


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