What is Therapeutic Storytelling? Stories use metaphor and imagery to change the way we see our lives and the world, offering healing and growth to everyone - teller and listener alike. They connect us to each other and help us find meaning and hope. Therapeutic storytelling can change the way we see our lives and the world. Using metaphor, stories offer healing to everyone. For more information about therapeutic storytelling, visit All Things Healing online today!

Introduction to Therapeutic Storytelling
(Asst Editor: Norma-Jean Strickland) Michael is a storyteller and teacher, with interests in therapeutic storytelling and peace education. He is a member of the Scottish Storytelli...
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Michael Williams, PhD
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by Michael Williams,
ATH Editor of Storytelling

Description: "In Scotland, folk songs serve as memories, of places and the dead who once inhabited them. Exploring the theme of change, When the Song Dies seeks to bring the audience under the captive spell of the old ways...

Editor's Note from Michael Williams: "When the Song Dies" is a short film by Jamie Chambers. Its message is stark and simple -- when the songs and stories are forgotten so dies the culture. Chambers' film explores the meaning and significance of song and story in Scottish culture. A lovely and haunting film.


Therapeutic Storytelling


by Donna Jacobs Sife

And blessed by story as I am, when I spoke publicly about the things I felt and saw, I was able to speak to injustice directly to the heart, without the defence that can rise from speaking too directly to the mind, and thereby threateningly. Stories are like that, they creep in to do their work like spies?they gently and devastatingly prod us awake.

Therapeutic Storytelling

by Daniel Allison

I recently made a trip to Dubai on the Arabian Peninsula to tell stories at a festival. Telling stories to any group of people always feels like a privilege to me; to be entrusted to guide people’s imaginations through darkness and danger, laughter and light. But this felt special in a different way...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: Following his recent trip to perform in Dubai, Scottish storyteller Daniel Allison reflects on the age-old art of storytelling and its power to connect us to the past and to each other.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Lisabeth Sewell McCann

This story is like the other stories in our “Stories for Helping and Healing Series” – in that it is written to support children through challenges or hard times...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: Stories are there to help us when we're in pain or 'dis-eased'. Stories can give us some distance to explore our illness, our grief, our pain. They can offer us solace, comfort and solace in the notion that we are not alone. In the story below, Lisabeth Sewell McCann offers a tale in response to the untimely death of a child in the hope that her story might help with the healing process of grief.


Therapeutic Storytelling


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: This video is a lovely introduction to the work of author and workshop facilitator John Killick. Killick works with adults suffering with dementia. He utilizes elements of play and storytelling in his work. You can't help but smile and admire this approach as you watch the enjoyment in his Funshop workshop.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Eliane Du

We generally believe that doctors are meant to save lives within their power and ability, but from my experience that is not always the case.

Several years after the Vietnam War ended, my mother decided to leave the country taking her four children with her. It was a drastic decision, but like many Vietnamese “boat people”, we had to risk everything, including our lives, to find a new life...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: During the years following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, tens of thousands of Vietnamese refugees fled the Communist-controlled regime. Most escaped in boats—many of them crude and unseaworthy—to cross the South China Sea. These people risked dehydration, drowning and attacks by pirates for a chance at freedom. Writer and Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy researcher Eliane Du was one of the lucky ones. Read her harrowing story of survival and remember the plight of many like her the next time you taste a lemon.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Wendy Woolfson

I have been working in Glasgow with a group of adults with learning disabilities in a therapeutic reading group for a few months and I’d like to share this session with you...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: In this article, storyteller and therapeutic reading group leader Wendy Woolfson shares her experience working in Glasgow with a group of adults with learning disabilities in a therapeutic reading group. The project has been funded by SLIC Scottish Library and Information Council. 


Therapeutic Storytelling


BJC Hospice Expressive Therapy for Children (A Path to Healing) in St Louis, Missouri USA. Expressive therapy helps children with life-limiting illnesses and their families express and cope with experiences, thoughts and emotions. Using various therapeutic activities including art, music, play, writing and storytelling, the expressive therapy program...


Therapeutic Storytelling



Editor's Note from Michael Williams: In "The Punishment" storyteller Linda Goodman tell of how her disobedience led to healing her relationship with her mother. Take the time to listen.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Sandy Krzyzanowski

My mother-in-law lost her beloved husband of almost 55 years close to nine years ago. Over the years, literally every picture of the two of them showed her head lying lovingly on his shoulder. We all knew how much they adored each other. Shortly after his death, she was awakened by the sound of someone singing...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: Yoga teacher Sandy Krzyzanowski pays tribute to her parents in this touching story of healing and blessing.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Sudha Umashanker

It was a coconut tree that was lovingly planted by my late grandmother decades ago. Back then, Chennai was not chock-a-bloc with houses and with the plot behind our house being vacant it didn’t matter if our tree was close to the compound wall...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: I'm pleased to introduce Sudha Umashanker to our All Things Healing readers. Sudha is a young journalist from Chennai in India. In addition to writing about important social issues, Sudha is a trained storyteller. Many of her stories, like this one, are drawn from her memories of childhood and family life. They are a reminder of the everyday challenges we meet in life, the events we grieve and the ones we celebrate. In our increasingly urbanised world, this is a story that reminds us that Nature's loss is also our own.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Janet R. Mullen LCSW

One day, a kindly woman was taking a walk when she heard a sound: mew, mew, mew. She looked around and there, hiding behind a bush, there was a little kitten. It looked up at her and mewed even louder but stayed behind the bush...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: In this article, therapist Janet Mullen tells a story of a woman who rescues a kitten. As their relationship develops, we learn more about the art of healing.


Therapeutic Storytelling

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Moggys Tale: A Story Coaching Journey

by Michael Williams, PhD, Co-Editor of Therapeutic Storytelling

A middle-aged woman—a former librarian—stands before us, takes a deep breath, looks us in the eye and begins. Over the next five minutes she tells a story of a cat. The cat once belonged to her, in another place, in another time. Then the cat died. End of story.

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