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What is Therapeutic Storytelling? Stories use metaphor and imagery to change the way we see our lives and the world, offering healing and growth to everyone - teller and listener alike. They connect us to each other and help us find meaning and hope. Therapeutic storytelling can change the way we see our lives and the world. Using metaphor, stories offer healing to everyone. For more information about therapeutic storytelling, visit All Things Healing online today!

Introduction to Therapeutic Storytelling
(Asst Editor: Norma-Jean Strickland) Michael is a storyteller, StoryCoach, and teacher, with interests in therapeutic storytelling, coaching, leadership, personal and community dev...
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Michael Williams, PhD
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by Wendy Woolfson

"This is a project that uses storytelling as the tool that helps draw out the young people’s personal stories. The aim is to nurture these voices and encourage young carers to tell their own important and powerful stories. Young carers are often invisible. This project aims to give them a voice..."



 Therapeutic Storytelling


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: Storyteller Patrick Lewis tell the much-loved tale of the Wide Mouthed Frog to a delighted group of children who jump right into the spirit of the story. They nearly steal the show away too.


Therapeutic Storytelling


Editor's Note from Norma-Jean Strickland: Is Laughter Therapeutic? Have you heard a famous expression that says, “Laughter is the best medicine?” New research suggests that one of the benefits of laughter may be that it prevents heart attacks. So, does that mean you can say laughter is therapeutic?


Therapeutic Storytelling


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: A traditional parable that demonstrates the importance of storytelling in passing along difficult truths.


Therapeutic Storytelling


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: Professor of English and psychologist Geri Chavis talks about her book "Poetry and Story Therapy: the Healing Power of Creative Expression." She shares some of her beliefs and techniques for working with poetry and story therapeutically and is aimed mostly at health practitioners and educators but it will of interest to anyone who works with the creative arts and therapies.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by David G. Blumenkrantz

If children are indeed our future, then the stories about how we educate and help them come of age are the most important stories we need to get right. When we get that story wrong, our future will certainly be wrong. Our present reality is the future produced by yesterday’s stories of how we educated and helped our children come of age.


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: As I neared the end of high school, my Maths teacher--a man I feared and who usually had the last word on things--asked me what I was planning on doing after graduation. I told him I wanted to be a writer and would go to University to study English. He roared with laughter and told me I would be "wasting my life on that Mickey Mouse nonsense" and that he wouldn't support my university application unless I promised to take up "something sensible like Maths or Economics." To make matters worse, my father refused all support for my decision to go to University thinking it a betrayal of our working class roots. Caught between these two dominant men, I gave up my dream, hushed up the inner voice within that was calling me to writing, and made a half-hearted, and ultimately failed, attempt to study Economics. By the end of the year, I was sick with bronchial-pneumonia, depressed, and lost. I spent years wandering from one job to another, from one place to another, searching for meaning and purpose.


David Blumenkrantz, co-founder and executive director of the Center for Youth and Community and the co-designer of the Rite of Passage Experience, explores the importance of raising our young people on healthy stories that respect their inner creative and spiritual lives and help them bridge the divide between youth and adulthood.



Therapeutic Storytelling



by Laura Simms

Here is a tale based on a West African story from Nigeria. I have always loved this tale since first reading it in a 1930s New York Board of Education collection of African tales in a school library in Harlem.





Editor's Note from Michael Williams: Knowing when to speak and when not to speak is a practice of patience and loving kindness to oneself and others.



Therapeutic Storytelling

by Kathy Warnes

That day, so long ago, that I rushed home from school to ask my mother for the blue dress knowing that I would sell my brothers and sisters to the Russians just to own it.

There was going to be a special program at church Saturday night, and Don the Dreamboat was taking me. I wanted to look as beautiful on the outside as I felt on the inside when he looked at me. I was convinced I needed that special blue dress to show him how pretty I could be on the outside...


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Susi Wolf

In Sky World there was a certain Star Woman who had a child. She loved this Star Child so much and did everything she could to nurture and protect it. But, as things happen, the Star Child grew ill and died...


Editor's Note: In her story, storyteller Susi Wolf transforms the pain of loss through a mythical tale of the Star Child.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Helen McKay

STORYTELLING is a valuable device when utilised in therapy. But be aware that this is a field for specially trained counsellors and specialist psychologists. If you haven't acquired these qualifications, don't attempt to work in this field without specialist guidance. Untrained people can do much harm. Extract from Chapter 11, 'Story Therapy'.

Australian storytellers and authors Helen McKay and Berice Dudley have produced a thought-provoking book which the therapeutic storyteller will find useful and stimulating.





by Pedro Gondim
Your life is a narrative, counted and recounted from many different perspectives, and by diverse people. There are settings, themes, characters and plots – just like in any movie, book, historical account or legendary fable. In this article we review the approach of Narrative Therapy...






Project to record life stories of seniors in San Francisco, co-sponsored by Famento.com & San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services. A lovely example of the joy life stories can bring...


Therapeutic Storytelling

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Moggys Tale: A Story Coaching Journey

by Michael Williams, PhD, Co-Editor of Therapeutic Storytelling

A middle-aged woman—a former librarian—stands before us, takes a deep breath, looks us in the eye and begins. Over the next five minutes she tells a story of a cat. The cat once belonged to her, in another place, in another time. Then the cat died. End of story.

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