What is Shamanism? A shaman, or guide/teacher/healer, mediates relationships between daily life & the spiritual world acting as a "hollow bone" through which the healing power of spiritual helpers can affect positive change in another's life. Shamanism healing is the oldest healing tradition in the world combining shamanism and healing. For more information, articles and videos about shamanism healing, please visit All Things Healing online today!

What is Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
(Assistant Editor: Peter Clark) A shamanic healer and Vedic astrologer, Ambica Gulati connects to the spirit guides to help people align with their karmic choices. She helps them ...
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Ambica Gulati
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by Dr. Steven Farmer
Cross-posted from

One morning when I was saying my morning prayers, a sacred ritual I do every morning before I get up and get going into the day, I caught the flutter of wings out of the corner of my eye and watched as all of the birds that had been feeding outside my bedroom window scattered...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: I am constantly reminded that I am supported in my life's work and in life in general. I love the wonderful reminder of this article that messages and guidance can show up in so many ways. For me, they are especially magical when embodied by an animal.




Editor's Note: This is so meaningful in today's world as sacred rituals in America often go by the wayside.



by The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers was set in motion by a common vision, a prophecy seeded decades ago in many people around the world. One of these seeds was planted in Jyoti, and in Ann Rosencranz, of the Center for Sacred Studies. In this vision, the Divine Mother appeared and offered Jyoti a basket with five precious jewels. As she handed it to Jyoti she said, “Take my basket, tend to these precious jewels, do not mix them and do not change them, each jewel represents a line of prayer that goes back to original times...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: I attended a gathering at a friend's home to meet Grandmother Pauline Tangiora, an Ambassador for the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Grandmother Pauline, is Maori elder from the Rongomaiwhine Tribe, and like the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, is an emissary of peace, balance and respect for the Earth and all people. She introduced me to this council of elders, their work and mission, all of which is so deeply rooted in love which has truly inspired me.



by Tom Pinkson, PhD

Many years ago I was fortunate to have a visionary experience that serves as a guiding light as I move through my late sixties with seventy just around the bend. Sitting in silent meditation, eyes closed, I noticed soft rainbow lights beginning to flash on and off beneath my eyelids.  I watched them dance and dart until suddenly they coalesced into the image of a beating heart. I knew immediately that it was my heart...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan:  I love the title of Tom Pinkson's book, Fruitful Aging. It reminds me life bears fruit throughout our lives. Knowing that Tom has pursued a life of service, deeply rooted in the Shamanic tradition, I was thrilled when he agreed to provide ATH with an article on the inspiration behind his book and the wisdom gained from his open, honoring approach to life.



by Adele Ryan McDowell, PhD

Picture this: A row of attached homes, and like a ribbon being blown in the wind, they dip and wave on the crested hills of a seaside town in the UK. The neighborhood has a lovely, soft, comfortable feel to it. You watch kids riding their bikes, dogs being walked and people returning from the market...


Editor's Note: I tend to agree with Adele's comment about objects and power and the shaman. I feel it's a both situation. The practitioner will do well to create relationship with the sacred object.



channeled by Sarah Finlay

As you are aware, the universal consciousness is shifting and opening - active participation in this is of utmost importance as you move forward. For many centuries, the materialistic perspective has been strongly held in place...


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: This writing is channeled wisdom that came through Sarah from one of her compassionate Upper world spirit teachers. “Helen” is a spirit who is particularly connected to matters of the heart. She calls herself Pleiadian, meaning she is connected to the energies of those stars in some non-ordinary reality way.



by Julie Hoyle

In the yogi-shamanic traditions, the name given to holding a stance of ‘inner listening‘ is called ‘atma vichara,’ which literally translates to, ‘self-inquiry’ or the act of becoming aware of ourselves. Atma vichara is not about ruminating on a perceived problem and dissecting it to pieces. It is a practice of inner reflection in which we open to our own deepest wisdom and learn to trust it...



by Hank Wesselman

In the Western world, when we hear the word "shaman," most of us tend to conjure up an image of a masked and costumed indigenous tribal person, dancing around a fire in the dark, involved in some sort of mysterious ritual, accompanied by singing and drum beats. But inside that cultural shell of mask, costume and ritual, there is a woman or a man with a set of very real skills. The shaman is the master of the trance experience...



by Hank Wesselman

In looking through the shamanic healer's eyes, the ultimate causes of virtually all illness are to be found within the imaginal realms--in those same regions from which illness derives its initial power to affect us adversely. Because of this, it is not enough to simply suppress the effects of illness with medication on the physical plane and hope for the best...



by Dr. Steven Farmer, PhD

By now there’s little or no doubt that we’re witness to dramatic changes in the Earth, and can expect these to continue for some time as the planet persists in its balancing act just like it’s been doing since its birth over four and a half billion years ago. In that time, the climate has changed countless numbers of times, yet here we are in the midst of one. It just happens that a few billion of us are living on the skin of Gaia and by default we’re all involved...



by Shoshana Avree

Remembering who you are in Spirit, in the place of your Soul Home which resides in your heart. This is the best advise we can give you at this time...


Editor's Note: This is the latest message from my ancient grandmothers. They are very concerned with us coming back home to ourselves in Spirit. Let yourself feel your connection and know "all is well".




Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Physicist Fred Alan Wolf speaks of the connection between shamanism and quantum physics in this excerpt from a longer interview with Jeffrey Mishlove. In both cases, Wolf speaks of the creation of reality - through shamanism and quantum physics experiments. He speaks also of the common focus on vibration.


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A Global Shamanic Perspective

by Peter Clark

As the ever evolving shamanism of yesterday and today unfold, the guidance and assistance gained from knowing the aspects of ourselves that we meet in the world beyond the five senses is increasingly valuable in navigating these challenging times.


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