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What is Shamanism? A shaman, or guide/teacher/healer, mediates relationships between daily life & the spiritual world acting as a "hollow bone" through which the healing power of spiritual helpers can affect positive change in another's life. Shamanism healing is the oldest healing tradition in the world combining shamanism and healing. For more information, articles and videos about shamanism healing, please visit All Things Healing online today!

What is Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
(Assistant Editor: Peter Clark) A shamanic healer and Vedic astrologer, Ambica Gulati connects to the spirit guides to help people align with their karmic choices. She helps them ...
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Ambica Gulati
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From Chief Arvol Looking Horse


JUNE 21, 2010


Time has come to speak to the hearts of our Nations and their Leaders. I ask you this from the bottom of my heart, to come together from the Spirit of your Nations in prayer.

by Mike Flowers

A little over two years ago, while on retreat in the Peruvian Amazon, I received a song. Since then there's been a steady stream, each requiring something more by way of musical skills. At the time I had only an intimation that this was an initiatory event, calling me forth onto an unexpected path and into a new discipline...


A contemporary view on the basics of soul retrieval, and the need for this work in order for us to engender more thorough and long lasting recovery from various traumas we may encounter in our lives.


Mandaza Kandemwa is a Zimbabwean elder and healer. In this videos he speaks to the need to bring back a tradition of DARE'. Dar

by Zayin Neumann, The Integral Gardener

Shamanism has come to mean many things to a variety of different people. For the purposes of this community we will define it primarily in terms of a healing modality. Healing accomplished via relationship and interaction with the trans-physical or spiritual worlds. Shamans have learned to cross the veil between realities, and are actively working to bridge relationships between the trans-physical and the physical worlds to bring healing into their communities...

by Zayin Neumann, The Integral Gardener

The world we live in is asking for an incredible, almost unimaginable shift in our way of being. "For this to happen," writes Jean Gebser, "there is one basic prerequisite: all the parts must be heard or experienced, intuited or endured, seen or thought in accord with their very essence." This is the work I am nurturing with my own Integral Gardening, and it is the work that so many of you are doing in your own ways. This is the work of our time, the touching and nurturing of our entire lived experience as human beings.

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A Global Shamanic Perspective

by Peter Clark

As the ever evolving shamanism of yesterday and today unfold, the guidance and assistance gained from knowing the aspects of ourselves that we meet in the world beyond the five senses is increasingly valuable in navigating these challenging times.


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