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Editor's Note: Dharma is one of my teachers in NY City, and his sun salutes have evolved to include forearm balance and splits since his classes draws advanced practitioners. Here is a nice presentation of the basic sun salutations. ~Donna




by Faye Martins

When the mind isn’t functioning properly, performing even the simplest task is a difficult proposition. The problem of confused thinking is one that only seems to get worse as time passes...


Editor's Note: Does your mind chatter away incessantly? Most likely, it does. One way to quiet the mind and find deeper, richer peace and clarity is through meditation. Dhyana, which is sanskrit for meditation, is one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Yoga itself is practiced to actually prepare you for meditation. It gets all the fidgets and stiffness out of the body, so that you can sit quietly, for a very long time in deep dhyana…with the ultimate goal of samadhi (enlightenment). Read more to find out how meditation can quiet the monkey mind!



by Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani

As a young woman of twenty-five years, I wrote a romantic ode of praise to Indian femininity entitled “The Land Where God is a Woman.” I had just arrived in India and was as besotted with the country as only a mad passionate lover could be.

Forty years down the line, times have changed.




Brushing Pigeon Asana

from Yoga in No Time at All
by Joel DiGirolamo


Description: Stand in front of the sink and root down firmly through one of your feet. Raise the opposite foot and lift it onto the counter, placing the lower leg parallel with the front edge. For full instructions, click "read more"...




Editor´s Note: Yoga has many purposes. Not only creating supple muscles or helping you stay grounded, but sending out energy and love to others. In many yoga classes, the yoga teacher may ask you to set an intention…that's similiar to what is being depicted in this yoga sequence. Sean Corn demonstrates the graceful and athletic movements that channel energy and love to a person or culture.


by Ally Hamilton

Do you remember the story about The Little Engine That Could? Because in retrospect I think it’s kind of brilliant. You will be alone with your thoughts for most of your life. The quality of your internal dialogue will be the greatest influence on the experience you have as you move through your days...


Editor's Note from Brooke Nisbet: There is more to yoga than asana (poses). Many believe it's just a physical workout that's good for your body. Yoga is so much more. There are 8 Limbs of yoga and the ultimate goal of enlightenment. To work towards this goal, one needs to learn to unite the mind, body and spirit.




Editor's Note from Vasilena TonevaBeautiful fusion of the presence of yoga and the movement of dance, a fusion popularized by the flowing Yogini, Shiva Rea. Meditative. Be careful, you might enter a trance just watching this video, even without trying out the movements!


Although quite different in style, yoga and running are very complementary. Yoga is perfect for stretching out all those muscles worked, and often overworked, while running. Here's a short yoga series created especially for runners by Kimberly Fowler, founder of Yoga For Athletes and yoga guru of the LA Marathon. This yoga series is great for lengthening shortened hamstrings and opening tight hips — both side effects of running. A little attention to your overworked muscles is a great form of injury prevention. And if you only have time for one stretch, Kim will tell you what to do.


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