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by Dr. Gowthaman Krishnamoorthy, BAMS, CCN, FSM
Ayurveda, the science of life, has been followed as much for health management as for wellness and prevention of diseases. Ayurveda’s lifestyle principles have been validated by modern medical systems. Let us begin the New Year by following Ayurvedic practices, which can bring health and happiness to the individual and society...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Transitions can be hard. But, we all have the opportunity for a fresh start at the begining of each year to gather ourselves and focus on creating a healthier, more centered you. Dr. Gowthaman Krishnamoorthy starts us off with some helpful Ayurvedic tips to begin our transition in 2012. Eating on time, concentrating on nourishing meals and properly hydrating will all work to improve our digestion, elimination and overall well-being. Wishing you all a happy 2012 and a wonderful fresh start!


by Conni Kunzler

We’re all likely to experience some level of anxiety during the course of things. It happens. At least it happens to me...


Editor’s Note from Sonica Krishan: This is a nice article by a new author for Ayurveda section at ATH, Conni Kunzler. In her article, the author has incorporated Ayurveda wisdom along with ancient yoga practices for deriving holistic wellness and relief from the ailment of anxiety. Please have a read. Namaste.




Editor's Note from Michael Jones: Recent studies have shown the healing power of our food. Eating healthfully can help rid the body of disease and chronic pain. Give your body the right foods it needs to promote Wellness in the body.


Holistic Nutrition

by Asha Hawkesworth
When you were little, you didn't have a lot of power in the world. You were dependent on others to care for you, provide for you, and to love you. The people who brought you up may have met all of these needs. Maybe they didn't. Or maybe they did, but you were still sad, frustrated, angry, or unheard. Those feelings never went away. They're inside of you somewhere...


Editor's Note: Although this article does not focus on energy medicine directly, most energy healers will agree that this issue is a critical part of anyone's healing. It often has direct implications for peoples' emotional and physical wellness. This article mentions that energy healing is one method to address this very important issue.


Energy Medicine

by Erica Curtis, MFT, ATR-BC

It’s that time of year when we give thanks and there has been no other time in history that we’ve been so aware of its benefits. The new science of positive psychology offers us a cornucopia of information about the health and wellness benefits for both the giver and receiver of gratitude...


Editor's Note from Erica Curtis: Positive psychology reveals a cornucopia of benefits to showing gratitude. And thanks giving doesn't have to be limited to saying "thank you." Here are some tips for bringing a creative spark to giving thanks.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Ron Schmid

The work of some people seems to me to utilize principles embodied in traditional cultures to help modern people heal. Carl Jung, the great Swiss psychiatrist and scholar and one of the most profound thinkers of modern times, was one such person. Jung described the work of psychotherapy as “the healing of souls.” Like Weston Price, Jung was born in the 1870s and spent his life seeking to understand fundamental forces that shape the lives of people everywhere to determine health and wellness.


Click HERE to read Part 1: Traditional Cultures


Organic Living


Editor's Note from Wendy Wells: This video takes a tour through a home and shows what chemicals in a home are toxic and can be contributing to problems particularly to women’s health.



by Marie Manuchehri

I believe that every moment we are crafting our lives. Every one of your thoughts and feelings creates the world you see and enjoy, and the world you wish would go away. You might not be able to change every negative thought and feeling you have so as to ensure a more meaningful life, but you can learn how to increase the flow of neutral energy. Neutralizing your energy provides the perfect fuel to power a fulfilling life... 


Intuition & Symbols

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