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by Gerry White

The definition of visualization according to Web Definitions is a “visual image: a mental image that is similar to a visual perception”...





Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Can energy medicine dissolve kidney stones? Can a "dis-ease" be your friend? Gerry White relates how he used energetic visualization to dissolve his kidney stones and create a path to wellness.


Energy Medicine

by Chernise Spruell

Today’s exercise will be good for people interested in becoming healers or people who would like to expand the degree to which they are healers. Imagine yourself sitting in a large, green circle of light. The circle of light extends to three feet all around you. Within the heart of this green light (also centered in your heart) is a spark of light that is green but just a bit darker so that you can see it.

Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Angelic Channel, Chernise Spruell guides us on a visualization from Archangel Haniel. The channeled visualization is for those that are wanting to become healers or those that feel they would like to 'expand the degree to which they are healers.'

Energy Medicine

by Ken McLeod

The term “meditation” as it is currently used in English covers a very wide range of activities, guided imagery, guided visualizations, and many practices in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religious traditions...


Editor's Note from David Pratt: Ken McLeod tells us that, "from the Buddhist point of view, the mind-body system, this psycho-physical complex with which we identify, has the seed of attention within it already. We simply provide conditions for sustained active attention to develop. The practice of meditation is the practice of providing these conditions..."



by Nancy Rishworth

Holistic exercise may sound confusing. Basically, holistic means combining exercise that helps develop your body and mind. For instance, a gentle exercise routine that combines stretching, visualization, breathing techniques and meditation is considered to be a holistic exercise...



Exercise & Fitness


by Chernise Spruell

This exercise is for people who feel they can’t trust their inner guidance but would like to...


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Chernise Spruell channels a visualization from Archangel Uriel. The visualization is for those who are learning to trust their inner guidance.


Energy Medicine

by Lama Tantrapa  

Most health professionals agree that patients heal when they are ready to heal. An energy healing modality promoting facilitating self-healing deserves some serious attention at this day and age.


Thousands of years ago, Qigong formed the foundation of Oriental medicine and needs to be regarded as such. All styles of Qigong work with Qi – universal energy, or life force – that is considered to be the basis of life; therefore, energy awareness offers us the key to health, happiness and longevity. Most styles of Qigong use movements, breathing, meditation and visualization for the purpose of cultivating Qi. They are often taught through “doing forms,” or choreographed movements, that are to be memorized and repeated on a regular basis...


Energy Medicine

by Jon Rhodes

Most people who experience meditation before hypnosis are surprised at how similar they seem. Both disciplines share many almost identical techniques, such as breathing and visualization exercises. For instance the ‘Progressive Relaxation’  technique is frequently used in both disciplines...


Editor's Note from Karen Branch: Good explanation of difference & similarities between hypnosis & meditation.



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