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Editor’s Note from Bess Coble: In this last installment of this series, martial arts master and philosopher, Arthur Rosenfeld, discusses wisdom, lifestyle, philosophy, and the martial art of tai chi. The other videos in the series include ‘Transformation,” “Benefits,” “Daoist Philosophy,” “The Straight Sword,” and “Coming to Our Senses.” Rosenfeld is a contributor to national magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Parade, has been seen on Fox News and other networks, and heard on numerous national radio programs. He has a national show on PBS on the spiritual dimensions of Eastern thinking for a Western world.


Exercise & Fitness

by Alanna Kaivalya

Every yogi knows that a goal is to develop a personal practice so that we can take responsibility for the transformation that yoga creates.

Knowing how to lead ourselves through a practice that both challenges and inspires us is the ultimate way to engage ourselves as spiritual practitioners...

Editor´s Note from Lexi Yoga: Having a consistent yoga practice is a wonderful way to deepen into our bodies and minds, and create greater self awareness. Sometimes we may not be as motivated to develop a personal practice at home. Here are some tips to help get you there...



by Mastin Kipp

The way that I see it is that without self-acceptance your spiritual path is 'spiritual entertainment' at best. I mean you might as well watch a movie and just observe someone else going through a transformation. It's so true...


Editor´s Note from David Arenson: Founder of The Daily Love, Mastin Kipp shares with our readers his down-to-earth eclectic and lived spiritual experience regarding self-acceptance. Always provocative and sure-to-be transformational, Kipp openly reveals truths we hold about spiritual growth that may challenge our beliefs. "The Path is not so much about changing or fixing ourselves as it is accepting ourselves..."


Sacred Living


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This is a wonderful video about transformation and how opportunities come especially when we're mired in darkness and negativity.  It reminds us that all we have to do is just ask for angelic and divine assistance and it comes.  A beautiful reminder of how spirit is always with us!


Intuition & Symbols


by Lynn Hayes

As humans, we tend to think that happiness is better than sadness, that good luck is better than bad. We may avoid difficult confrontations and pursue more comfortable situations. When tragedy strikes our well-protected lives, we shout out to our god of choice: "How could you do this to me??" We believe that our birthright is the pursuit of happiness, and we spend our lives trying to protect ourselves from sorrow.  The soul, however, has a different journey...



by Andres Vergara, LAc, MAc & Michele Collins, RH (AHG), MPH

In Chinese medicine, the spleen and kidneys play an important role in metabolism. We are not referring to the literal and anatomical kidneys and spleens alone. These organs are actually the gross manifestations, two of five of the essential processes or functions our whole selves cycle through on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The spleen represents the function of transformation and digestion and it, working in partnership with the pancreas and stomach, are responsible for converting food and water into fuel and energy that the body can use to sustain itself...


Editor´s Note from Julia Sanfilippo: This is a great article that explains metabolism and weight gain from a Chinese Medicine perspective. The functions of different organ systems are discussed, along with herb and food recommendations to nourish and balance the body.




This fifth installment in Arthur Rosenfeld’s tai chi series discusses the links between shamanism and tai chi practice, and addresses ideas about meditation and practice.

Editor’s Note from Bess Coble: A martial arts master and philosopher, Arthur Rosenfeld is a contributor to national magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Parade has been seen on Fox News and other networks, and heard on numerous national radio programs. He has a national show on PBS on the spiritual dimensions of Eastern thinking for a Western world. Previous videos in the series include "Transformation”“Benefits”, “Daoist Philosophy” and "The Straight Sword".


Exercise & Fitness

by Robert Bruce

After discovering Body Awareness Tactile Imaging - KINESTHETIC FEELINGS - based energy work, I started keying into my heart Chakra and it absolutely BLEW MY MIND how powerfully it responded...

Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Robert Bruce takes a look at the shared qualities of heart and healing energy in order to show us that powerful transformation is available in our lives when we bring our awareness to and connect deeply with the heart chakra. He also reminds us that our hearts are truly in charge.


Energy Medicine

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