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Christianna E. Capra

The recent past has witnessed a steady increase of troubled adolescents interfacing with the law. The phrase “at risk youth” refers to an adolescent who struggles with moderate to severe emotional and behavioral disturbances, often leading them into areas which threaten their future - such as gang culture, violence, petty/felony crime, substance abuse and incarceration....

Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Some things just don't need words. At SROL, horses teach kids things the kids could never hear/learn from an adult. Let's see what it's about in New Jersey.


Animals & Pets

by Dr. Perie Longo

 Poetry therapy is gaining ground as a way to treat a range of mental illness, from schizophrenia to depression to substance abuse. In therapy, reading poems by other authors provides a structure for patients to evoke associations, connect with their emotions and realize they are not alone in experiencing such feelings. In their own poetry, patients find an outlet for subconscious thoughts or images and express what is difficult to articulate...



Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Karen Adler, ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy,
Diploma Transpersonal Art Therapy, Grad Dip Material Anthropology

“[God] is before all else the Great Creator, the Great Artist. Art is perhaps the most godlike of human activities. For out of the apparent chaos of life the artist evolves order, symmetry, grace, movement, as out of the void God evolved the worlds spinning rhythmically in space.’’
Thomas MacGreevy...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: I have a great deal of admiration and respect for people who have survived addictions and mental illness and embarked upon their recovery journey. STIGMA is an Ohio-based multimedia exhibition designed to challenge the misconceptions of mental health and substance abuse disorders and   features works by artists from around the world, myself included. I heard about the exhibition last year via a Facebook group called Sydney Recovery. I approached the exhibition orgainiser, Kyle Schalow, about writing an introduction for the exhibition catalogue from the perspective of both an art therapist and a curator. This piece of writing is the result.


Arts & Art Therapy 


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: From youtube - 'WINK News interviews Collier County's only comprehensive, not-for-profit mental health and substance abuse treatment facility serving children, adults and families, David Lawrence Center, about a new creative, expressive art therapy program designed to help clients access their innermost selves. The program is being used in the Crossroads adult residential substance abuse treatment program and was featured in the Community Gallery at the Collier County Sheriff's Office Administrative Offices.'


Arts & Art Therapy

According to Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), in the United States alone there are 40 million citizens, aged 12 and over, who meet the clinical addiction criteria for nicotine, alcohol and other drugs. In addition, they report that another 80 million people can be considered to be in the category of “risky substance abusers” — that is, people who use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in ways that can threaten the health and safety of members of the public...


Integrative Medicine

by Bess Coble,
ATH Co-Editor of Exercise & Fitness

Melanie Webb

"Sports can be credited for much of my ability to rise above a sad situation at home, to not yield to the old familial bad habits of substance abuse and emotional unavailability. I know my self-esteem suffered in those years, but being able to identify with all of the positive aspects of team sports and being an athlete, developing the discipline required to be really good at something, those things helped me get through it..."


Editor’s Note from Bess Coble: To help you to get to know us better and learn how our individual gifts can better serve you, we will be interviewing each other and posting those interviews on the Exercise & Fitness page. Today’s interview is with Melanie Webb, Assistant Editor. Later on Melanie will be interviewing me for an upcoming post and together we will interview our Guest Editor, Kathy Smith, for an insider’s update on the goings on in her life.


Exercise & Fitness


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day (CHMHAD) is a national event which complements events occurring around the country that are focused on raising awareness about children’s mental health...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski, ATH Supervising Editor: I just connected with Susan Corrigan, Executive Director of the American Art Therapy Association, and wanted to share this wonderful event as they are the leading sponsor.


Fine Arts

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