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by Heinz Insu Fenkl

Now, whereas psychoanalysis is a private matter with the narrative happening behind closed doors, accessible only to the patient and doctor, Shamanism is radically different. In a shamanic ritual, the narrative is performed; it becomes known to an extended family or even an entire local community...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: Mr. Fenkl continues to share how important story telling is for healing; so much so that Rita Charon, MD, PhD coined the term "narrative medicine" which is now a topic of study required for all second year medical students at Columbia University. Learn about the rich history and benefits of sharing and listening to stories for profound healing to occur. See Part 1.


Intuition & Symbols


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Here on the mediation page we will feature many articles/videos on mindfulness as it encompasses the basic concept of all meditation practices – increasing awareness and being in the present moment. This video is a beautiful example of how a school can teach kids mindfulness on so many levels. From teaching students how to grow and sell produce to local markets, how to make solar powered vehicles, and how to listen to each other with empathy and understanding. Waikiki School has it goin ON!



by Tzivia Gover

"What is Poetry?" I pose the question to my students, young women in their teens and early twenties. I am answered with silence. Seconds slink past. Finally, one student, who is meticulously made up from her mascara-ed eyes to her silver and blue polished nails offers, "I think it has to rhyme..."

Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Tzivia Gover shares her first hand experience in leading writing workshops that are indeed not a luxury, neither for her students nor for herself.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Melanie Channell
Asst. Editor of Energy Medicine

Chios (pronounced chee’ ohss) Energy Healing is a fairly new healing art that works to correct energetic defects and helps restore the auric field to its natural healthy state. Chios works to restore the body’s energy system using special tools and techniques that work on the chakras and higher layers of the aura...


Editor's Note from Melanie Channell: Chios Energy Healing is a powerful energy healing modality that offers both the healer and the recipient of the energy many remarkable benefits. Students fall in love with Chios because they can literally see and sense the energy working while they’re performing a healing.


Energy Medicine


Editor's Note from Diane Renz: Enjoy this quick upbeat reminder of happiness. A runner-up in the Greater Good Science Center's Human Happiness Student Video Competition. Produced by Kristy Kwak and Julia Parki, students in the "Human Happiness" psychology class at UC Berkeley.



by Sam Rafoss, RHN,

Kale is in season throughout the fall and winter months.  Most people don’t know what this strange-looking (green or purple, leafy or curly) vegetable is so they bypass it at the grocery store.  Many of my students have said, “What is it, and how do I cook it?”...

  For a great way to prepare Kale, check out Healing Recipes and the article, Kale My Signature Dish by Marc Lesser. ~Sam


Holistic Nutrition

by Jeane Rhodes, PhD

In Part One, we introduced the difficulty of attributing consciousness to the unborn child and newborn infant. To the neurologists, consciousness itself is only a manifestation of neurological functioning, so the debate involves establishing that structures are in place to account for consciousness. There is some evidence that the development of fetal organs, structures, and systems are coincident to use...


Editor´s Note from Nancy Burnett: Jeane continues her introduction to the field of pre and perinatal psychology in this second part of a two-part series. She connects the history to consciousness and the psychoanalytic field and targets health as the central concern of value. Students, practitioners, and everyday readers will discover wisdom in Jean's introduction. See Part 1.


by Mary K. Greer

15 The Devil

The right hand of the Devil is raised to the sky, the left points to the earth. Two persons are under him. He holds the torch as a sign of black magic. Fate, Shadow, emotion...


Editor's Note: This is the second half of simple notes made by one of Carl Jung's students as he dictated a description of each card in the Major Arcana. There's a bit about the 4 suits and Mary's take on how they relate to Jung's four personality types. The introduction and Jung's description of cards 1-14 is on ATH here.



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