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by David Pratt, LMT, BA

It is easy to assume Breema is just bodywork when we see photo- graphs of practitioner and recipient moving in perfect ease and balance. If you’ve already received a treatment, you probably know what a transformational effect it can have. However, Breema is more succinctly a practical teaching including bodywork, self-bodywork and nine universal principles, supporting recipients and students to have the experience of bringing mind, body and feelings into harmony...

Author's Note: “There’s not an artificial way of doing Breema that has to be over-come,” said Jon Schreiber, Director of the Breema Center, when I talked to him for this article. This new way of using the mind and body provides us with profound support to experience that freedom really is in this moment. Breema helps us again and again to move from complication to simplicity. When we have a taste of that, it is clear that this is what we have been searching for.


Massage & Bodywork

by Jennifer Garza

As children, we are taught to share. We are taught this in school, in the home, and in church. As adults, we learn about compromise. Both are wonderful lessons, but can be devastating when sharing and compromise turns into unhealthy sacrifice...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: "Selfishness" is ongoing theme in my classes. Great example... many of my new students express guilt about taking the opportunity to learn meditation and therefore allotting time to get deeper with themselves. Hence, I LOVE to share this article. You must give to yourself first – as selfish as it may sound. That way, you have the energy to give to others and can also expand what you give! And, Jennifer also discusses ways to find balance or to check in.




Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: The best teacher is a teacher who loves the students. Dogs love unconditionally. Yori, a service dog to autistic students, helps his mom teach her students and show the children love – helping them learn.


Animals & Pets

by Dr. Donna Rockwell, PsyD, LP

I meet all sorts of people who’ve had all sorts of experiences and they’re still confused and not doing very well in their life. Experiences are not enough. My students learn that if they have so-called experiences, I really don’t care much about hearing about them...


Editor's Note from David Pratt: In this short interview, Charlotte Joko Beck emphasizes the simplicity and one-pointedness of meditation. She tells us that meditation isn't about being special, but simply being aware of what's going on - aware of what is. (This is the first installment of an interview Donna Rockwell did with 4 well-known meditation teachers. In each one, she asks some of the same questions.)




Editor's Note from Nicole Spigner: In this video, Leeann Carey gives a variety of chair-based modifications to the traditional Sun Salutation. This is a great video for those desiring a quick office break during their workday, yoga students with limited mobility, and anyone desiring a new way into a familiar set of postures...



Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: Six years ago a chiropractic student at the time created an international competition for other chiropractic students. The goal is to get students working on their health talks and practicing the chiropractic story. This video features Life West Chiropractic College student Brett Jones giving his passionate and inspired talk on basic chiropractic principles. This is a perfect example of how fired up students are about the chiropractic story! Imagine the world if every man, woman and child had their spines checked for subluxation... it would be a beautiful and peaceful place. Share this with your children and plant the seed of them becoming a doctor of cause...a Doctor of Chiropractic!




by Carna Manthey, BM, MT-BC

Occasionally we have students for whom we instinctively make a connection and know we have made a positive difference in their lives. I would like to report on two such individuals...



Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Silvia Mordini

I can't recall exactly when I started using teaching stories to share yoga on the mat but I do know that these moments of sharing something personal to highlight a key learning point changed the impact of my teaching on my students...


Editor's Note: I love how the author talks about your yoga mat as your mirror. It's one place where you can see if you're helping or hindering your personal growth. How do you react when you've achieved a new pose...or better yet, when you've fallen out of a pose? She goes onto describe the mat as always telling the truth. When looking honestly in the mirror (or during time on your yoga mat), notice ways in which you, not anyone else, can revolutionize your life!



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