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by Lisa McCourt

Imagine how different your life would be if you truly did not worry about what anyone else thought of you. Taking any comment or action personally puts you in a position of reactionary judgment –you feel judged by someone so you judge that person back by being offended. Judgment never feels good (the giving or the getting of it) so I developed a meditative exercise to help my Juicy Joy students break the reactionary habit of taking things personally...



Sacred Living

by Pamela A Pappas MD, MD(H)

Classical homeopathy differs from conventional medicine in both philosophy and practice in five distinct ways...


Editor's Note from Christine Breen: In addition to her private practice, Dr. Pappas facilitates well-being in health professionals as their health impacts the medicine they offer others. Having developed popular mental health services for medical students and residents, she writes and speaks on physicians' own healing journeys. She maintains her own inner practice of Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian process of problem solving and stress release she has learned from Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Mabel Katz, and others.



by Tara Kipnees

As the daughter of Bulgarian immigrants who came to this country to escape communism, Tara Kipnees was taught to cherish freedom of thought and creative outlets at a very young age. In high school, she traveled to China to teach English at a secondary school, where she was astonished to witness the degree to which the government stifled expression and its impact on the students...


Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: The time has finally come, Voices in Space is the easy way to share your short stories and poetry on the web and receive feedback from others; it's like being in a virtual writing group.


Writing & Poetry Therapy


Editor's Note from Beth Wisniewski: On November 16, 2012 14 students from 5 U.S. chiropractic colleges spoke at the first ever "Step into the future" event at Life Chiropractic College West. In this video Life West student Brett Jones describes his journey through a 7- day water cleanse. His message will inspire you to truly trust in your innate intelligence.



by Laura Yeh

Kids who learn to play a musical instrument gain an outlet for their creativity that can bring them a joy for a lifetime. They also reap tangible benefits that can help them as students and throughout their lives...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: This article takes a closer look at the advantages your children can gain from learning how to play a musical instrument. The arts are a dying field in today's society. This article is an excellent reminder of how important the musical arts are and what they can teach children of all ages.


Family & Parenting

by Gregory Shepherd, PhD

As a student of the public school system and, later, as a university professor, I failed to question the authoritarian nature of education systems and the methodologies they employ. It wasn’t until I began researching the writings of Paolo Freire for a project unrelated to my field that my eyes began to open. His work, while certainly calling attention to the colonial mechanisms that have driven pedagogy, primarily empowers students and teachers with healing solutions...



Sacred Living

by Deborah Quilter

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is the leading occupational disease in the United States, yet very few Yoga teachers know how to offer a safe lesson for injured students. Symptoms of RSI can appear in the neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists, and many Yoga postures can make them worse. RSI can be severely disabling, leading to unemployment and chronic pain or weakness. Common risk factors for RSI include computer or other intensive occupational or recreational hand use. Warning signs of RSI can be extremely subtle, and should be taken seriously. Yoga, if expertly modified for the person’s injury, can be enormously helpful for people with RSI; however, the wrong âsana practice can make matters significantly worse.

by Shelley Adelle

Sick Yogi thinks a lot, works a lot, and has an abundance of energy for her tribe at her expense; light and love for her students, her lover, her family. Yogi is not self centered. Thus, dis-ease creeps in. Like a lobster in a pot water gets hot, slowly, until the instant it is boiling and there is no time for escape…if you are a lobster...


Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Being a yogi requires balance, and an abundance of energy. Sometimes a yogi even needs life support for sustenance. Find out why some of our most seasoned practitioners and teachers breakdown and reach a state of crisis.



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