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by V.N. Mittal, MA

Tears are nature's way to allow you to react involuntarily to an overwhelming situation. The situation may be full of distress or joy, you seem to cry and shed tears...


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: V.N. Mittal states that tears are important to the emotional cleansing of our hearts. He delves into the process in which we physically cry and the powerful spiritual cleansing benefits that come along with it. According to him, crying not only benefits the individual physically, mentally, and emotionally but helps can help to awaken you spiritually.


Energy Medicine


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: As stated in the video... "Research shows that stress is a major problem in our educational system." This urban school in San Francisco decided to go outside of the box (yay!!!) and teach their kids to meditate with the implementation of "Quiet Time" in 2007. See the amazing results documented in this video. Also, truancy is an unexcused school absence.



by Martin Brofman, PhD

Each type of illness is associated with a particular way of being. There is a personality type associated with heart disease, there is another associated with cancer, another with nearsightedness, etc. The person’s way of being has had stress associated with it, and that stress has reached the physical level, manifesting as a symptom...



Energy Medicine

by Morgan Jones

Anxiety is often thought of as being tied to the stressful ways of modern adult life, but many anxiety disorders can first show up in childhood or adolescence. New research is exploring possible treatment for youth suffering from anxiety and methods to spot signs of the disorder at the earliest possible age...


Editor's Note from Jeanie Witcraft: This piece showcases the importance of catching anxiety disorders early and a promising treatment from an Israeli team.




Do you live a life full of stress and anxiety? Are you looking for a way to ease those stress filled headaches and tense muscles without having to shell out for a masseur? Then why not look at meditation. This form of mental relaxation has been around for many thousands of years and has been used by people in the east for generations. We often wonder how it is that the people of Chinaor Tibet live well into their nineties; well, meditation has a lot to do with it...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: You are doing meditation right... if you are doing it. Yes, indeed, it can be quite a struggle. As I told a student this week, try not to see it as work but as an adventure. Adventures aren't typically all planned out, can have ups and downs and can be hard, easy, wonderful, trying, crappy, glorious... 'tis the same with meditation. More in this article...



by Sylvia Poareo, MSW

Here is a story about how children (and we) can use water to intuitively heal or destress, that I wrote after watching one of my favorite muses….


Editor´s Note from Sylvia Poareo: We try so hard to help our children with everything we can, and yet, they have their own journey. There are always places where we (often necessarily) fall short.  The good news is that they know how to heal and grow themselves.  Here is a story about a time my daughter helped me to remember this!


Family & Parenting

by David Jockers, DC

Over 25 million female American women are losing their hair and suffering the emotional distress that comes with this process. The latest research has shown that hormones seem to be the major player in this embarrassing condition. Fortunately, there are solutions in both nature and nurture that support hormone balance and a return to normal function...

Editor's Note from Shawn Tassone: The main cause of hair loss in women is transient and related to stress, but here is an article that describes other causes and how you can try supplements and hormones.


Integrative Medicine


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: Co-founder of Girls, Gals and Gurus, Dr. Liz Anderson Peacock, discusses how stress is part of life. How you interpret and adapt to these stresses, will determine the quality of your life.



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