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by Emma Seppälä, PhD

Our culture has become one of compulsive overworking. Although this habit “get things done” – the tendency to push themselves further and harder often, over time, comes at a steep cost...

Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Are you overworked or under constant stress? It may seem necessary or unavoidable, but is this really beneficial for you or supporting you in achieving your goals faster? This article will show you a new and different perspective on how to be exceptionally productive. Enjoy the read!



by Meenakshi Joshi, BAMS, PG PPHC, PGCPK

The 20th century saw the uprising of Agricultural India with slogan "JAI JAWAN, JAI KISSAN." Now, the 21st century brings to us "JAI CORPORATE, JAI MNC’S." The corporate world is expanding and contributing to the growth of the country as did farming and arming in good old days...


Editor's Note: This article will give insight to corporations about how to get optimum performance from your work force without adding up stress levels. In Ayurveda each individual is blessed with a unique body type or prakruti and appropriate synchronisation of work with that prakruti will bring out the best in that individual's creativity and performance. Read on to understand the thoughts behind.



by Dr. Darnise Martin

After a very stressful morning, I sat down on the floor yesterday to play with a girlfriend's seven-month-old little boy. I found myself relaxing with each of his little coos. Every time I rolled his small foam ball toward him I felt the prior hours of anxiety slipping away. I became present to his gummy grin and the sweet smell of his bald little head. What was even more surprising than the ability of this small child to so quickly bring me into a place of peace, was that I felt like God was in the room...



Sacred Living

by Amanda Gore

OK, you've done the preparation.  It's Christmas day, you're driving to the 'event'.  What can you do?  


First, play something pleasant on the cd in the car - a comedy or calming music.  Say positive things to yourself...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Christmas Day, or any special holiday/celebration, can arouse many emotions. You may feel excited and happy to share traditions with family and friends. You might be apprehensive about seeing people that, in the past, have been less than supportive of you. Whether you approach the holidays with joy or fear and loathing, your expectations may not mesh with your fellow celebrants, which is stressful


Energy Medicine

by Lisa McCourt

All this Christmas decorating has got me thinking about Jesus. I’m a big fan of Jesus, but also of Buddha, Krishna, and many other spiritual messengers. This greatly distresses my grandmother, who would prefer that I reserve all my devotion for the one-and-only master (to her mind) Jesus Christ...





by Rochelle Hanson

You’re totally stressed out. It’s been a crazy week. The boss is getting on your last nerve. Your friends are irritating. You’re family’s driving you up a wall. It’s winter. It’s cold. You just wanna feel warm and fuzzy inside. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Why not take advantage of the benefits of music therapy...


Editor's Note: Rochelle Hanson shares health tips on her blog, Simply Natural Ideas. Here she shares a few thoughts on the healing qualities of music.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Michael B. Ellner

The National Mental Health Association lists several reasons as to why people experience negative stress in the form of depression. Some of the more common reasons are loneliness, or seasonal depression in and around the holidays. These can range from the anxiety of family tensions, work issues, financial stress, or getting over a break up...


Editor´s Note from Cynthia Lindner: Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD is more common in parts of the planet that receive reduced amounts of daylight during those shorter winter days. As wintery storm clouds block the sunshine of many climates, some people who are sensitive to the lack of light notice a change in how they feel.Along with the use of light boxes, many people find that using self-hypnosis and other mindful techniques helps to alleviate the "funk" of SAD.




Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Are you feeling stressed? How much power does your mind have? How do your beliefs energetically impact your wellness? Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal presents insights about how your beliefs about stress have a bigger impact on your health than the actual stress itself. Kelly relates that it’s not the stress that’s harmful to you. It's your beliefs about the stress that determines whether or not this energy is harmful to you. Watch the video and gain a healthier perspective about stress.


Energy Medicine

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