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by Janet Gillett, PsyD
ATH Co-Editor of Books for Healing

Everywhere you look these days, you are sure to find adult coloring books.  This trend delights me because I would be that person who brought out the coloring books during get-togethers and parties.  In college, I would hold coloring parties, but we mostly had children’s coloring books available to us...


Editor's Note from Janet Gillett: The coloring trend is not only a great way to relieve stress.  Adult coloring books are also guides to inner healing and provide much needed nuggets of wisdom.  Barbara Evans's coloring books "Coloring for Joy" and Connecting Through the Heart" are sure to bring you loads of playtime and tons of inner growth!


Books for Healing

by Sara Calabro, LAc

Holidays, whether fun or stressful, are nothing if not distracting. With them now past, people may notice the return of emotional symptoms that surfaced just before the holiday season began. The biomedical community calls this SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, a condition that describes mood shifts associated with changing seasons. Acupuncturists call it normal...


Editor's Note: Many people react strongly to seasonal changes and often feel better when someone explains to them that according to Chinese medicine, these are natural changes in mood and not necessarily a sign of dysfunction.



by Nathan Wei, MD

The holidays (Thanksgiving through New Year’s) are a stressful time for everyone. One important activity that often gets overlooked is exercise. During most of the year, setting a regular exercise program is doable. During the holidays, it's more difficult. Whether you exercise outdoors or indoors, here are some useful tips for you to follow...


Editor’s Note from Bess Coble: Holiday weight gain may seem unavoidable and squeezing in exercise time impossible, but incorporating a few of Dr. Wei’s tips will help avoid those seasonal pounds. One fun fact: According to one fitness expert, shopping on Black Friday for 2 hours burns approximately 300 calories.


Exercise & Fitness

by Dr. Darnise Martin

After a very stressful morning, I sat down on the floor yesterday to play with a girlfriend's seven-month-old little boy. I found myself relaxing with each of his little coos. Every time I rolled his small foam ball toward him I felt the prior hours of anxiety slipping away. I became present to his gummy grin and the sweet smell of his bald little head. What was even more surprising than the ability of this small child to so quickly bring me into a place of peace, was that I felt like God was in the room...



Sacred Living

by Dr. Kathy Gruver, PhD, LMT, RM

In learning to change our minds, I’ve found one of the simplest and most effective techniques is using affirmations. Some experts estimate that we have around 60,000 thoughts a day and that 50,000 of those are negative. That’s 80% negative thoughts, which translates to me as 80% negative results. It’s so easy, especially with what’s happening in the world today to let our thoughts go to fear, worry, and fatalism...


Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: Affirmations hold the power of turning Stress into Success, let Dr. Kathy Gruver show you how...



by Meenakshi Joshi, BAMS, PG PPHC, PGCPK

Oil massage is advised before any other ritual. According to Ayurveda, oil massage is bahy snehana bahy. Outer sneha means oil and love, too... to wrap and nourish the body with love that is the application of oil. It is basically vata shamak or pacify vata dosha so the best anti ageing, anti stress methods if done daily...


Editor's Note: Bathing is a daily ritual to cleanse the body. These days with the advancement of the leisure industry this ritual has become more than a mundane daily washing. There are more lines of products with fancy names than ever before. The technology and advancements have surely given us lots of choices and options, but with all this array of good products there comes a trolley full of unavoidable confusions, too...



by Katherine Graf, MFA

The term “aromatherapy” was first coined in 1928 by the French chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé. However, essential oils have been used to scent both our body and environment via incense and perfume by ancient civilizations for thousands of years for religious, medical, and cosmetic purposes. Today, essential oils are being used to fragrance homes and businesses, for ambiance, relaxation, energy, stress relief, and productivity...




by Hayley Rose Horzepa

I have an anniversary fast approaching: the anniversary of my switch to a vegetarian lifestyle. I say "lifestyle" because it truly is a lifestyle change that can effect every aspect of your life -- including your personality, your health, and even your relationship with yourself and others...

Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: Being aware of your diet during this holiday season- both in what you eat and drink- can make a big difference in how you feel during these stressful couple of months! While you may not want to become meat and alcohol free, just being aware, keeping it in moderation, and eating healthy when you can will help you feel better.



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