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by Sue Ingebretson

When looking for healing treatments, do you think of putting pen to paper? Maybe you should! As a proven stress management tool, journaling may be a great resource to add to your arsenal of healing activities. Journaling has been shown to decrease pain and fatigue associated with chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. Journaling also boosts the immune system while improving cognitive function...


Editor's Note: Allow yourself to go on a healing journey, grab a journal and start writing!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by David Lauterstein

Perhaps the biggest health secret humankind needs to hear is being carried by the bodywork profession! What do you think it is?

Ever since Ida Rolf stressed the important of verticality and the role that fascia plays in that – we have seen, in essence, the final step in human evolution...


Editor's Note: Many of us, including me, have heard of Mayan Abdominal Massage and wondered about it. What is it?  Is it exotic? This article by leading massage educator David Lauterstein presents his down-to-earth view of abdominal massage. The article originally appeared prior to a workshop on Mayan Abdominal Massage in order to educate people about the benefits of this type of bodywork.


Massage & Bodywork

by Brigette Mars

Headaches are one of humanity’s most common afflictions. Vascular headaches result from dilation of the blood vessels in the head, and non-vascular (psychogenic) headaches result from stress. Many headaches are caused by neuromuscular/skeletal imbalances. Low blood sugar can be factor. If one feels worse when bending, it may be a sinus headache. Headaches are considered a heat disease where Liver chi (energy) rises when the liver is congested...


Editor´s Note: Getting a headaches doesn't have to be debilitating if you have the right tools in place. Focus on finding the cause of the pain by keeping a journal when you have an episode. Next step after finding the culprit trigger, eliminate it for long term healing. If this doesn't solve the problem seek medical attention for any serious conditions undiagnosed.



by Jenny Park

There are certainly no guarantees in life for perfect health, but practicing the yoga lifestyle can truly make a difference. When it comes to cancer prevention, there are preferred foods, meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama), and postures (asanas) that do wonderful things inside us that support and strengthen the immune system and major organs...


Editor's Note: Yoga’s restorative benefits and injury prevention have long been studied and documented. It’s meditative effects on stress and calming of the mind have been praised by both wellness advocates and doctors alike. This yoga instructor discusses the revitalizing benefits that yoga has on it's practioners.



by Dr. Dennis Barker

It is not news to anyone that most headache sufferers turn to medication for relief. Unfortunately few are aware of how devastating this approach can be. Since the cause of death is not always linked to these medications estimates range from 4000 to 16000  deaths from bleeding every year.  One of the other problems is chronic daily headache which is a condition of daily unrelenting headaches and its number one cause is regular use of medication...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: Stop covering up your headache symptoms with medications and address the cause of the pain. A chiropractor can help you change your diet, reduce your stress and most importantly correct spinal misalignments. Combined, your headaches are likely to decrease in frequency and duration because the root cause is being addressed under this holistic health care model. Lifestyle changes along with regular chiropractic care will help you live a longer life free from pain and disease.



by Delia Quigley

The Buddha taught that we “mistake suffering for happiness.” Humans invariably find a way to ease the pain of lost pleasure, if only temporarily. We get hooked on things or use some form of chemical prop to keep pace with our stress-oriented culture...






by David Servan-Schreiber
Cross-posted from

Has your physician ever asked you to write about the worst day of your life? Probably not. Yet the Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a clinical study showing that writing can have a big impact on physical symptoms...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: "Prescribing story writing for medical purposes is a time-honored way of treating post-traumatic stress disorder and depressive conditions." Here is some up-to-date research info on the health benefits of writing.


Writing & Poetry Therapy


Editor´s Note: This informative video explains the NADA protocol, which is a very effective treatment for addictions. The protocol is a set of five acupuncture points on the ear that are used to curb cravings, reduce stress, and normalize the body's system. Fantastic!



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