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by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH

Hypnosis is well recognized for its effectiveness in smoking cessation, weight control, eliminating phobias and general habit changing. Interestingly, some of these issues pose the greatest threats to fertility. In fertility work the goal is to attain personal empowerment, which will let nature take its course through inner peace, and the ability to accept, appreciate and embrace life..


Editor's Note from Cynthia Lindner: Hypnosis is well known as an affective tool for issues like smoking, stress and weight, however this article takes you into the area of fertility and explains how the mind-body can resolve fertility issues when hypnotherapy is utilized.



by Monica Marie Kosiorek, MBA, BS

Resilience has been on my mind quite a bit these days. I thought I’d start at the beginning of what I think determines how we’ll go through or in some cases get through life! By definition in Webster’s resilient means buoyant, elastic...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: This article points out the importance of being resilient in times of self-discovery and stress. Monica shares how she is jump starting the next phase of her life and encourages you to dig deep, discover what you want and get your life on track. In any situation, your choices affect the outcomes that show up in your life. You are in charge of more than you realize.


Sacred Living


Editor's Note from Debbie Allen: Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of "The Mindful Child", has designed a way to bring mindfulness techniques to children which improves their capacity to focus, calm themselves, and manage stress. She explains a simple way of explaining mindfulness to children, "Mindfulness is paying attention with kindness, to yourself, other people, and the world around you." She takes seven concepts of mindfulness and applies them to the ABC's of attention, balance and compassion. Stopping, focusing, and choosing fall under attention categories. Quieting and seeing go with balance. Caring and connection go with compassion.



by Tori Hudson, ND

Fatigue, stress, depression and poor memory are some of the most common problems seen by practitioners. A little known herb, rhodiola (R. rosea) could be an excellent solution for these common problems of modern life...


Editor's Note from Rebecca Snowden: Dr. Tori Hudson is a foremost authority on women's natural health care. As a physician, educator, researcher, as well as author of Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, 2008 Edition, she shares with us her research and insights on a botanical called Rhodiola, shown to benefit both men and women.




by James R. Doty, MD

One day several months ago, I was leaving a lawyer’s office where I was engaged in a matter where a donation I have made to a non-profit was misappropriated for activities unrelated to my intent. I was quite chagrined and frankly disappointed. I had trusted the individuals who had solicited the donation and it had obviously been misplaced...


Editor's Note from Diane Renz: Our greatest suffering is our disconnection from our inherent goodness and from each other. This is no longer some marginalized spiritual belief, but measurable within our brains and biology. That is the power of science today, to bridge ancient wisdom to our modern daily lives. These lives moving faster and the speed spinning us into levels of stress that keep us in fear states of protection, continuing the sense of separation from our true evolutionary wiring for survival which is based in our original default of compassion, care, kindness, and collaboration...




Editor´s Note from Julia Sanfilippo: A news reporter gets acupuncture for the first time with licensed acupuncturist Kylie Roach. He puts the fear of needles at bay when he discusses the painless and relaxing experience of a typical  treatment. Kylie explains how acupuncture helps not only with chronic pain, but with stress, relaxation, and overall health



by Eden Kozlowski,
ATH Meditation Co-Editor

As a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, I am seeing more and more that any moments of awareness we can give ourselves during the day can be powerful and redirect us to a less stressed and more connected place. This can happen whether you commit to a sit down session of mindful breathing OR simply take a minute to notice what is around you with purpose and clarity. Big steps or small steps; they are all steps...





Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: What is an incredibly effective way of reducing your chance of depression and stopping it from recurring? Mindfulness! What is one of the best methods of reducing stress and anxiety? Mindfulness!! How do you change your negative thinking?? Mindfulness!!! Watch this video with Dr. Mark Williams of Oxford University and see what an eight year study has proven to be globally true.



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