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by Arvick Baghramian

The idea that childhood experiences come to bear on who we are as adults has now been accepted as common knowledge. One of the therapies that attempts, in a very explicit and direct manner, to achieve mental and spiritual health by addressing and healing childhood experiences is Inner Child work. This work suggests that the human psyche has child-like aspects and that these aspects or parts can be accessed and communicated with to facilitate healing...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Arvick Baghramian's article explores the opportunity of bridging inner child work and shamanic journeying. Arvick provides insight on how directly interacting with the inner child can restore our connection to the wisdom, power and grace that comes from reintegrating this core aspect of ourselves.



by Michael Erlewine

In a very real sense, these outer planets’ cycles are of a duration longer than an average lifetime. For sure, the 84-year cycle of Uranus is now within range of the average lifespan, at least here in the West, but that was not necessarily true when it was discovered. Neptune and Pluto’s orbits are, of course, well beyond any one person’s lifetime. We don’t personally live that long...


Editor's Note: You can find the entire Astro Shamanism series by entering Michael Erlewine in the search function above and selecting astrology from the drop down menu.

by Michael Erlewine

...These outer planets are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and the three together have been called the following: Out-of-Body Planets, Transcendental Planets, Metaphysical Planets, After-Death Planets, Planets of the Unconscious, Spiritual Planets, Impersonal Planets, Psychic Planets, and other names. Why these names? What are these outer planets all about?...


Editor's Note: You won't want to miss this part for Michael's Shamanistic description of the first Saturn Return as "a major initiation" ~ then catch up by entering Astro Shamanism in the search function above and selecting astrology from the drop down menu.

by Michael Erlewine

As a counseling astrologer, you want to be able to determine which of the chakras your client is currently living and learning in. It is not that difficult, and here are some general rules that have proved helpful to me in figuring this out...


Editor's Note: You can find the entire Astro Shamanism series by entering Michael Erlewhine in the search function above and selecting astrology from the drop down menu.

by Michael Erlewine

...the KEY idea presented in these pages is that THE INNER IS THE KEY TO THE OUTER. We must learn to take from within ourselves, discover and bring what we find there out, and manifest our good intentions (inner) in this world. We go in to get out...


See Part OnePart Two, Part Three, Part Four

by Michael Erlewine

Before we get into the specific chakras and how to recognize each of them and which one you are in, let’s take one step back, and make sure you have all the background you need to understand what I am pointing out here. This will be a digression....


See Part OnePart Two, Part Three.

by Michael Erlewine

In this part of the blog, we will start by examining the astrological planets as they relate to the system of subtle internal energies called the chakras, a branch of esoteric astrology. Also called occult or secret astrology, esoteric astrology is by definition somewhat difficult to study. It is occult (hidden) or secret, not because it is some deep dark secret, and not because someone or some group is trying to keep it from us, but because it is, by its very nature, subtle and hard to grasp with the mind. It might be more helpful to say, as the Tibetans do, that it is self-secret. It hides itself from us. We can’t grasp it.


Stay tuned for Part Four on 8/28! See Part OnePart Two


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