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by Nan Moss & David Corbin

This past weekend we presented at the Common Ground Fair, an annual agricultural event celebrating organic farming and sustainable living – located in Unity, Maine, an inland big-sky rolling hills realm, just outside of the coastal humidity zone with its hubbub of tourists, summer migrants, and locals....


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: This article gives a brief introduction to shamanism and specifically, weather shamanism. Weather is about the movement of energy and elements in our atmosphere. But one could easily broaden that to simply consider weather as the movement of energy - in our atmosphere, in our bodies, in our Earth, in our minds, in our Sun, in our hearts.




Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Shamanic healing is strictly on the spiritual level - at its essence it is not mental, emotional, or physical. But in the paradigm of the shamanic worldview, the spirit of something, anything, anyone, from human to ant to galaxy and beyond, is considered to be fundamental and core. As a result, shamanic spiritual healing can have profound ripple effects on other aspects of self. When a therapist uses shamanism in conjunction with more generally practiced psychological healing, the results are often quite spectacular. Persistent mental and emotional pathologies that had stubbornly remained under conventional therapy can melt away with the assistance of helping compassionate spirits.





It's been three hundred years since people in the remote land of Khakassia in Siberia adopted Christianity, but they still cling to many pagan traditions. Their ancient culture believes strongly in the mysterious healing powers of shamans.




by Michael Wiese

It was my search for a cure for Parkinson’s that led me to the Amazon and Ayahuasca. I got a whole lot more than I had bargained for...





Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Michael Wiese has had some incredible experiences with the spirit and physical effects of Ayahuasca, as well as with Don Jose Campos - the Peruvian shaman and guide into the realm of the transformative power of Ayahuasca. This article is a small window into his experience.



by Chris Kilham

"Chris Kilham sheds light on a current phenomenon among spiritual seekers: the drinking of ayahuasca for self-understanding, spiritual development, and healings of all kinds.  At the top of his field of herbal medicine, Kilham is a credible guide.  He focuses in this book on the mysterious hallucinogen of South American origin aptly called the “vine of the soul...






by Nan Moss & David Corbin

This is the time of year that the abundant stories of violent active weather give way to the quieter, almost insidious influence of the “heat wave.” Slowly it builds, stealthily moving in, staying for days, perhaps weeks, seeming to smother all in its path, with no relief in sight...


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Weather shamanism as Nan and David practice and teach it is about the establishment and nurturing of relationships with the spiritual intelligences of the weather. The intense summer heat and humidity might be considered the flip side of wild violent storms. But digging deep into the possible spiritual side of summer heat may lead to similar conclusions... Check out the Moss-Corbin weekly weather blog, as well as parts one and two of an earlier article posted on All Things Healing on this topic.



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