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by Matthew Zorn

Have you ever wondered where the qualities that most of us aspire to incorporate into our lives exist? Where does love reside? What about serenity, peace, and forgiveness? Are they out in the world waiting to be discovered or happened upon, or are they within? Why do some people have these qualities in abundance and others appear not to have any at all?



Sacred Living

by Sonya Green

I stretch and relax my body then settle comfortably lying on my bed on my back. I breathe deeply and slowly and tune my awareness into watching the inhalations and exhalations moving through my body. I remind myself to detach my awareness from all external influences and encourage myself to float and drift peacefully downwards into a deeper state of relaxation. It is just a casual observation of my breath and the serenity, which flows through me...


Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of 3 in this series. Click HERE for Part 1.


Energy Medicine

by Healing Living Editors Care2

Does the color of some rooms make you squeamish? Itchy? Antsy? Does the color of other rooms make you soft? Calm? Wonderfully wobbly and weak in the knees?


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: We live in a technicolor world. But, we may not be aware of how much color truly affects us. For example, some colors like blue or white evoke a sense of serenity and calm, while firery colors like red or orange possibly enhance anger or rage. Ayurveda views color as an influential source that can affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Choosing colors that will benefit our doshic constitution can create significant energetic changes and enhance our overall health. Vatas respond best to grounding colors such as earthy tones but may also be creatively stimulated by yellows and greens. Firey Pitta can be managed with cool blues and Kaphas require vibrant, bright colors to motivate and keep them active. This interesting article on color and Ayurveda discusses the spectrum in more detail with a unique eco-friendly paint line developed specifically with the wisdom of Ayurveda. After reading it, I'm sure you'll never look at color the same way again. Namaste


by Coach Cary Bayer

People want to work with you because of the work that you do with your hands.  That much is obvious. What's less obvious, however, is that they also want to work with you because of the work that you've done on yourself emotionally and spiritually. That's because many clients tend to see their massage therapist as a healer who helps them relieve their own stress...



Massage & Bodywork

by Deborah Lindholm, MACP

As the world becomes more and more complicated, our pasts catch up with our present, and both interfere with our future, wouldn't it be nice to clear it all away and focus on what is truly important to you?...


Editor's Note from Melanie Channell: Serenity Vibration Healing is a form of simple prayer that can assist you in clearing negative experiences from your past and in letting go of limiting beliefs and negative vibrations. This can free your personal energy, empowering you to live your best life now and take charge of your future.


Energy Medicine

by Cary Bayer

People want to work with you because of the work that you do with your mind and your hands.  That much is obvious.  What’s less obvious, however, is that they also want to work with you because of the work that you’ve done on yourself emotionally and spiritually. That’s because many clients tend to see their healer as one who helps them relieve their own stress.  The last thing a client wants is a stressed-out therapist or healer...


Editor´s Note from David Burrows: In choosing a Massage Therapist or other Holistic Practitioner, look for a serene presentation.


Massage & Bodywork


Editor's Note from Karen Stabley: Part of growing up is fighting with siblings. It is necessary for child development, but takes a toll on parents. Here is a fun activity to do with you children that has the added benefit of bringing more peace and serenity into your home. These calming jars are easy to make. Just follow the simple instructions in this video. When your children are angry or fighting, hand them the jar. Have them tip it upside down and shake gently. They will be mesmerized as they watch the contents spin and swirl around before floating back to the bottom. They won't be able to take your eyes off it! This is a wonderful way to calm and refocus an upset child. You may find that you want to keep one on your desk at work, too!


Arts & Art Therapy

by Dr. Judith Orloff

To be emotionally free you can’t remain naïve about relationships. Some people are positive and mood elevating. Others can suck optimism and serenity right out of you. Vampires do more than drain your physical energy...

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