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by David G Arenson ND
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living

We are born of the Earth, neither of the East nor of the West.

Wisdom is everlasting, never-ending and always changing. The wisdom of the ages is to be cherished and venerated, yet if we cannot filter it through our own internal resources, then we can be easily misled...

Editor's Note from David Arenson: What did the Buddha mean by the “middle path” and how is it relevant to our living philosophy? How can we incorporate "balance" into the rhythms of daily life? How can we understand and reframe the Eastern versus the Western approaches for spiritual evolution in a modern context? What is the purpose of our life within a framework of "dharma?" If every person sang their song as Divine particles and instruments of God, the universe would vibrate ecstatically. Imagine this world – or better, create it.


Sacred Living

by from FoodTank

Every day, plant species across the globe are disappearing. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports that approximately 75 percent of the Earth’s plant genetic resources are now extinct, and another third of plant biodiversity is expected to disappear by 2050. Up to 100,000 plant varieties are currently endangered worldwide...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Eating local extends in every land. Here's a list of interesting, delicious, and definitely beautiful fruit to try.


Organic Living

by Christina Roy, LAc, MSOM

In Boulder & all over Colorado right now road races, crits & time trials are in full swing. Including training times, a mind blowing amount of miles are being chewed up & elevation conquered.

While training to improve sprint speed, climbing power & overall endurance, the muscles are being broken down while tendons & ligaments are being stressed...


Editor´s Note from  Julia Sanfilippo: A must-read for any athlete! This article explains the physiology of activity and rest, and the importance of giving your body the time and resources to recover from a strenuous workout. Chinese medicine is discussed as a great treatment tool for sports performance and injury prevention.




Editor's Note from Marie' Sakai: There is a certain type of artwork that embodies both the concepts of traditional painting while at the same time embodies the current art concepts of graffiti artwork on the body. Since the beginning of time, art has been rendered through looking at the human figure, now for the first time art is not only being drawn on a person, but then photographed to keep its timelessness. Some body artists talk about the ideas of traditional values and ceremonial meanings for each symbol that is painted on the human being. In this trailer, you will discover the inexhaustable resources that art can be and the healing of the artwork itself that lends itself to a new era that is dawning in the art world, The World of Body Paint.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Tracy Adler

Every April 22nd, when Earth Day rolls around once again, we see the public renew its interest in protecting the environment and finding practical solutions for sustainability. There are benefit concerts, clean-up days, and eco-rallies; all dedicated to spreading the word on ways everyone can help preserve our planet's natural resources. However, one way we can all help is right there in front of us, every day. It's the food we choose to eat, and how we choose to eat it...


Think Green

by Leo Babauta

I’ve been trying to change my life for the better for awhile now, including simplifying, getting fitter and healthier, and trying to get greener — and in the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of researching into reducing my carbon footprint as well.

And while there are hundreds or even thousands of things we can do to reduce the resources we consume and the emissions we produce, I’ve been focusing on three areas that have the biggest impacts...


Exercise & Fitness

by Diane Cesa

Happy Yoga Month everyone! Unfortunately, when I started my yoga journey, there was no Yoga Month. I had little in the way of yoga awareness, so I had to unleash my curiosity and hunt around for information...


Editor's Note:  This is a wonderful guide to online resources for Kundalini classes and information...



by Bret Glass, MA

Scratching behavior for cats is a natural form of self-expression that satisfies multiple needs associated with health and well-being. Scratching provides a natural manicure that strips the outer sheath, or layer of the claw, for hygienic purposes; allows stretching of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons for health and vitality...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Almost half of all pet cats in the United States are declawed. Bret Glass offers a fabulous fortress, education and alternative resources to help cats keep their claws. Join Bret's Go Pro-Paw Movement, or add a suggestion for 100 ways to keep from declawing your cat.


Animals & Pets

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