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by Sam Rafoss, RHN,

Kale is in season throughout the fall and winter months.  Most people don’t know what this strange-looking (green or purple, leafy or curly) vegetable is so they bypass it at the grocery store.  Many of my students have said, “What is it, and how do I cook it?”...

  For a great way to prepare Kale, check out Healing Recipes and the article, Kale My Signature Dish by Marc Lesser. ~Sam


Holistic Nutrition

by Rachel Assuncao

From Andrea D'Amore: If you are looking for a recipe that packs an antimicrobial punch look no further.  First, the onions and garlic together provide many antibacterial and antiviral compounds, useful in fighting colds, sinus infections, strep and other common contagious infections. And, as we have mentioned before mushrooms are wonderful for boosting your immune system, especially the Asian varieties listed here...


Healing Recipes

by Bernard Coogan

Raw maca is a superfood with many health benefits. It is and adaptogen and works to strengthen the whole body, particularly the endocrine and immune systems...





Holistic Nutrition


by Melanie Haiken, Caring.com Senior Editor
Cross-posted from www.Care2.com

It’s downright scary: More than 20 million Americans can expect to suffer from depression in the coming year. But you don’t have to be one of them if you’re alert to the events and situations that can turn the blues into something more serious. Here, the 10 most common depression triggers — and what to do to prevent them from dragging you down...




Editor's Note: I made these and took them to work for the ladies that I work with who are absolute chocoholics and they loved them. Like many healthy for your treats they did not believe me when I told them what was in them, but they are totally hooked! I put pistachios in mine, because they are my favorite, and they were awesome...


Healing Recipes

by Kelly Robinson

So now we’ve learned that butter is healing and most already know that herbs have all kinds of healing properties. Herb butter is a fabulous way to enliven dishes such as whole grain pasta, steamed vegetables, fish, crusty whole wheat bread, etc. Herb butter is easy to make and keeps well in your freezer. It's great to keep on hand for jazzing up those last minute meals. And if you are like me and just planted your annual herb garden – it’s time to start the fun...


Healing Recipes


Editor's Note: In my kitchen virtually no food "scraps" get thrown away. I usually take all of the ends, skins etc. and freeze them and then use them to make my own veggie stock. While I admit that's awfully ambitious, and as some have called me neurotic, I'm very anti food waste, so I try and do my best to not discard anything edible. I thought this was another creative, yummy way to use the part of the broccoli most people pitch in the garbage. When I made the recipe I tweaked it a bit and used some asparagus and a potato or two to give it a heartier texture and it came out very good!


Healing Recipes


Editor's Note from Natalie Duhamel: These lentil burgers look like a wonderful dinner idea. I would probably serve them with a side of baked sweet potato fries.

Healing Recipes

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