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Minnie Rose Lovgreen, a Seattle-area farmer for over 60 years, was an expert at the art and science of raising chickens.  At the age of 86, she dictated to a friend what became a charming book called Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens. As interest in chicken farming soars, the book has outlived Minnie as a classic instruction on the very current practice of “chickening.”

To see if your municipality allows chickens, go to: Municode.com
Check out the Article: Chicken expert Gail Damerow answers newbie questions

Adapted by Andrea D’Amore

A delicious vegetarian delight. Give these wonderful Stuffed Cubanelle Peppers a try and your tastebuds are promised to be pleased...






Healing Recipes

by Cheryl Tallman

Food courses in Thai meals are eaten "in harmony", or all at the same time. This method is perfect for families - it provides variety and everyone can sit at the table to enjoy the meal together. Traditionally Thai dishes are artistically garnished, so add a fresh flower or fruit garnish for an authentic presentation..


Editor's Note: Some simple, fresh Thai recipes. Make your products organic to increase the "healing" potential of this meal.


Healing Recipes

by Cheryl Tallman

Soups take the chill off winter and tastes oh-so good when you have the sniffles. This recipe for chicken soup has full Thai flavor and is sure to be a hit with the whole family, even the pickiest toddler. If you have a baby in your household, scoop out a little soup and purée it in the blender. It will be a nice consistency for the baby...


Healing Recipes

by Matt Frazier

From Debbie Zambetti: Knowing that many athletes struggle with keeping a vegetarian lifestyle and that many vegetarians struggle to be athletes, Matt Frazier writes a book on how to train for and run a marathon on a vegetarian diet. He sees opportunities and says, "Yes." Did I mention that he and his wife cook up some delicious, whole foods meals? Meals that will fuel you whether you're running a 10k or errands? Get ready to be just a wee bit inspired...

Healing Recipes

by JoAnne Romanelli

1 cup quinoa, rinsed
2 chopped cucumbers
4 scallions...


Editor's Note from Natalie Duhamel: Quinoa is a great, high-protein, gluten-free substitute for bulgur wheat in this traditional Middle Eastern salad.



Healing Recipes

by Nina Nelson

One of my favorite things about the internet has been finding other moms who are living life how I want to, albeit a few steps ahead. But I think that’s the best part. I’ve been able to learn so much from them and, in turn, share it with others...


Editor's Note: Nina comes through yet again with a great list of nine moms who are super inspiring. You'll learn about natural living, organization, money management, minimalizm, and find some great whole foods recipes too, as you explore these incredible moms and their blogs and sites. Enjoy!


Family & Parenting


from Gerry McCarthy, Leyden House Ltd.

Here's a lovely recipe for a Lavender & Rosemary Milk Bath. With just about 5 minutes of prep time you can have an aromatic and healing bath. Enjoy!...


Editor's Note: Muscle-relaxing magnesium will be absorbed from the Epsom salts while the buttermilk and powdered milk soften the skin. This aromatherapy blend is good for a morning bath, as Rosemary and Lavender stimulate the body by increasing circulation and assisting the lymphatic system in eliminating metabolic waste products that may accumulate in the body overnight. Inhaling Lavender and Rosemary in your steamy bath may also help relieve lung and sinus congestion.



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