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by Cynthia Lindner, MS, CH

Why do people seek out a Professional Counselor or Hypnotherapist for help? There are many reasons a person may seek help. Some people would like to understand themselves better, while other may have a particular issue or self-defeating behaviors they want to address...


Editor's Note from Cynthia Lindner: Understanding the stages of change can help a person to be patient with the process and themselves.


by Norma-Jean Strickland,
ATH Asst. Editor of Therapeutic Storytelling

What do you do when you feel like you’ve lost your way in life? There are many ways of seeking help if you find yourself in this situation. One way is to “speak the unspeakable” which can be accomplished through creative therapy using art, music, dance or words...


Editor's Note from Norma-Jean Strickland: People dealing specifically with therapy may find this article useful, whether they are the professional or the client.



Therapeutic Storytelling

by Melanie Marquis for Tarot Reflections

You probably wouldn’t expect a man who had once been in a band called the Stockholm Monsters to moonlight in an academic holding library, but then again, Nigel Jackson is not exactly what one would call orthodox. An intensely gifted visual artist, this England native could professionally execute just about any kind of artwork, but he doesn’t—he’s always focused on his passion, esoteric art and ancient talismanic symbology...


Editor's Note from Lynda Martin: The Rumi Tarot is one of the most peaceful, beautiful one's I've seen. Be sure to check it out! This insightful interview with its creator delves into his spiritual worldview and artistic approach. We'll share more of the conversation in future posts. The interview took place in 2009, just before the deck was published.



by Mary Ellen Coulter MD, CCH

Anxiety, which seems to be increasingly prevalent, affects approximately 40 million Americans. Of these, 6 million have been diagnosed with panic disorder, anxiety that is more severe, frequent and difficult to control. The more common symptoms of palpitations, light-headedness or dizziness, nausea and a feeling of impending doom, are common and may not help with the selection of a specific homeopathic treatment...


Editor's Note: Mary Ellen presents the distinguishing features of 9 homeopathic remedies for acute episodes of anxiety or panic attacks. As always, if these symptoms recur and are hindering a person's wellbeing, he or she needs to consult a professional homeopath for constitutional treatment which can be highly effective.



by Bliss Cavanagh

1. What was the inspiration for Sensory Delight?

Drawn from my personal experience of living with Tourette syndrome, Sensory Delight marks the professional development from my Bachelor of Fine Art Honours work ‘Sensory Overload...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: I LOVE Bliss Cavanagh's story! As both an art therapist and an artist, I view her use of art and the creative process to deal with her Tourette syndrome, as a profound validation of the power of art to heal and enlighten. Her story is a perfect example of mythologist Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey - a descent to her deeper self, her return bearing gifts and knowledge of benefit to both herself and the wider community. Bliss's transformation via art is also a story of self-acceptance, of learning to use and work with her Tourrette's rather than continually trying to 'fix' herself of something that has emerged, via her art, as her greatest gift.


Arts & Art Therapy 

by Emily Malone

Sprouting is the process of soaking grains and beans so that they germinate, bringing them to the beginning stages of becoming a plant – crazy, right?  While I would love to offer you my own well-worded take on sprouting, I find that it is best to leave it to the professionals...



Healing Recipes

by Dawn Bodrogi
I’m going to confess something here that I have never heard a professional astrologer confess before. And I’m going to do it right at the top of our journey through this blog together. I have intermittent crises of faith...







Editor's Note: This is a professionally done video with great color and variation. The therapist's voice is clear and she has good hands for massage and always has contact with the client's body.


Massage & Bodywork

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