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For over 20 years, the Music Therapy Institute has been the largest provider of professional music therapy services in the greater Westchester region, working individually and in small groups with over 2,000 children and adults each year. The Institute provides services onsite at the Music Conservatory of Westchester as well as throughout the county through the Institutes Outreach program...


Music Therapy

by Jaime De La Barrera
Aging to me means that I will be able to perform everyday task without a problem for as long as possible such as bathing, eating, dressing, shopping, cooking, taking the bus, walking a flight of steps or half a mile, lifting or carrying weight, meditate, reading, writing or handling small objects, help others.


Editor's Note: The contents of this article are for educational purposes only and in no way intended to substitute for the advice of a health care professional. I encourage Internet users to be careful when using medical information. If you are unsure about your medical condition, consult a physician or a medical herbalist.

by Arthur Rosenfeld

Recently I've been involved in creating and hosting a series of documentaries on integrative medicine. The three films are aimed at healthcare professionals. The first is about the science of tai chi, the second is about the science of meditation and the third is about the science of acupuncture. I've just wound up the last on-location filming (interviewing experts) for the acupuncture film, and am struck by how this ancient healing modality is blossoming in popularity across the country...

Editor's Note
: This article is a good introduction to acupuncture to those who have not tried the modality.




by Dr. Coralee Thompson, M.D.

Premum non nocere. Every health care professional knows this phrase well – first do no harm. Unfortunately, most health care professionals and even consumers don’t realize or consider that the current health care system can cause enough harm to outweigh the overall benefit that health care provides.

by Kalani Das, MT-BC

I often get questions from teachers, therapists, and music facilitators that have to do with helping their students, clients, and participants entrain to a pulse, otherwise called keeping a beat! With the recent rise in popularity of group drumming and drums as classroom, clinical, and recreational instruments, the need for strategies and techniques that help a group of participants find and keep that beat is on the rise...


Editor's Note from Melinda Wilson: Kalani Das, a board-certified music therapist, professional percussionist, and certified Orff-Schulwerk music educator, shares valuable tips on how to entrain to a rhythm and provide group instruction on keeping a beat.


Music Therapy & Sound Healing


by Kevin Sites

Phnom Penh, Cambodia– Rajana Crafts, a non-profit NGO in Cambodia gives rural young people with aspirations a chance to realize their dreams of becoming professional jewelry-makers, reviving the brass & silver work mastered as far back as the 8th century in Cambodia...



Eco-Products & Services

by Ann Bergeson, Certified Integrative Coach Professional

At some time in our lives we’ve all had the experience:  We set goals or promise ourselves we’re going to do ‘something’ to improve our lives on some level.


And then for ‘some’ reason, it all goes south.  Excuses, rationalizations and justifications start creeping in.  Some of them may sound familiar…




Editor's Note by Marie Sakai: Evelyn Glennie, a deaf percussionist gives a spell-bounding presentation on how to listen to the music with not just your ears, but with your whole entire body. A professional and international known musician, Evelyn Glennie, even with her deafness, proved that she too could play music in orchestras and what's more, changed the way music institutions in the UK thought about any physical limitations toward music.


Arts & Art Therapy

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