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Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Take a tour through an organic store with a professional. It helps clear the isles on what to buy and what perhaps to avoid.


Organic Living

by Anat Baniel

Whether you are a full-time mom, working mom, working professional, or college student, one of the biggest challenges to becoming fit is finding the time in your busy life. The good news is that this challenge may not be as difficult as you may think...


Editor’s Note from Bess Coble: Born in Israel and now living in San Rafael, CA, Anat Baniel has established an international reputation in ‘neuromovement’: using the brain to overcome pain and limitation and increase fitness and vitality. She offers workshops in vitality, anti-aging and pain relief around the country.


Exercise & Fitness

by Marc Gravelle

Do you know anyone, a friend, family member, co-worker or acquaintance who considers himself or herself a perfectionist? If so, have you ever noticed that they seem somewhat edgy, on guard or perhaps demanding?


We live in a very competitive world and it is important to have high personal and professional standards. However, when a person’s standard or goal is perfection, they may not realize that they are setting themselves up to experience more frustration, anxiety, and disappointment than is necessary. The goal of perfection is unrealistic...



by Meenakshi Joshi, BAMS, PG PPHC, PGCPK

Many of you might know of my intention behind writing this note at a very short notice. I was just shocked to see that we are not aware of what to do in case of accidental needle prick from an HIV infected source.

I will try to give all details at my level best so that in future this type of situation could not arise...

Editor's Note: I would like to wish our all of our readers a very happy new year. Here I am posting very useful information about AIDS for health professionals as well as the general public. This is one of the least talked about subjects but a very, very important topic as many of our doctors don't clearly know what action to take.




Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: This is a stream of testimonials from the world's top athletes. You don't need to be a professional athlete to benefit from Chiropractic as much as they do. We have spines and a nervous system just like them!




Editor's Note from Melinda Wilson: Increasing public awareness and acting as an advocate for music therapy is a big part of a music therapist's job these day! This video, which is the first of two, includes interviews with several music therapists and allied professionals who use their own words to respond to some frequently asked questions about music therapy. Many of these music therapists wish to promote an increase in the availability of music therapy in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, and more. If you still have some questions regarding music therapy, this is a great video watch!


Music Therapy


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: Beautiful! … I'm an Artist, tells the story of the often hidden children of our times-students with learning disabilities. The film follows several junior and high school students with autism, Down syndrome, behavioral issues and other learning disabilities who collaborate with their dedicated art teacher to create artwork for their first big, professional art gallery exhibition. The documentary also offers an inside view into the lives of children with special needs by following them to their prom, field day and senior trip...


Arts & Art Therapy 

by Jenn Schwartz

Health is obviously so much more than a disease-free state of being.  To be healthy is to have a body toned to its maximum performance potential, a clear mind exploding with curiosity, and a happy spirit.  In the 6 years I have worked in the fitness industry, the people most successful at managing their wellness and a busy life have spent the time to research, plan, and practice a healthy lifestyle...


Editor's Note from Melanie Webb: Entrepreneur Jenn Schwartz shares her insight on becoming your own health guru. Learned from life lessons as an athlete and fitness professional, Jenn's article will help you take charge and get the most from your exercise program.


Exercise & Fitness

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