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by Marilyn Muir

Egypt’s revolutionary activities of the last few weeks have captured the attention of the world. The citizens of Egypt have just managed (with no real outside assistance) the reasonably peaceful re-birth of their nation while ousting their 29-year dictator Hosni Moubarak. The news coverage has been phenomenal and the use of modern communication methods pivotal...




Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: Need a quick break? This video may be just the thing, lovely images and peaceful music. It was my healing balm on a busy day.




Editor's Note from Michael Williams: A couple of years ago, my friend and fellow storyteller Raphael Rodan teamed up with Arjen Barel and Inger Lise Ourlich to found the International School of Storytelling and Peace in Amsterdam. Each year they invite numbers of young people from Israel and Palestine as well as from across Europe to come together to share their stories and to use storytelling and drama to explore conflict resolution. This video gives you an insight into the philosophy and practice of this ground-breaking endeavour. It was filmed, directed and edited by Rodan's storytelling partner Anastasis Sarakatsanos.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Tias Little

The aim of a yoga practice is to reduce suffering. To do this we practice postures, recite incantations and study sutras. A yoga practice should necessarily involve working with pain. The asanas are good to reduce lower back pain, shoulder pain, sacroiliac pain and the like. At the same time, a well-rounded yoga practice should address what my Tibetan teacher Tsoknyi Rinpoche describes as “mind pain”...


Editor's Note: This article explores what it is to think we are alive while unknowingly attached to the golden bars of our own "problems." That's the ego at work, and Tias gives clear insight into how much our conditioned minds feed on fixing and searching for trouble to fix. I really enjoy the lines: "The idea that complete peace or happiness can be realized by the ego is like attempting to feed a stuffed animal to bring it to life. It is just not possible." Here is another bell ringing to help us wake up from what we think we are in order to experience what we really Are.



by Jennifer Summerfield, DVM, CPDT-KA

Picture this.

It’s a beautiful summer morning.  You’re out on the sidewalk, leash and poop bags in hand, enjoying a peaceful stroll with your dog.  It’s early, still cool and gray.  Quiet.  The very best time to be out, before the world around you is awake.

When suddenly – off to the side, not half a block away – you hear it. The familiar creaking whine of a screen door opening. A neighbor steps outside, oblivious, with her little dog on a leash beside her. You tighten your grip instinctively, but it’s too late.  Your dog has seen them too.


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Calm to crazed in zero point two seconds on the leash may be an emotional problem rather than a training issue; and there are tricks to help your dog cope.



Animals & Pets 


Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: As hard as it is to watch this crying baby with colic, hang in there and watch till the end. This poor baby was crying straight for 2.5 days and nights. There was clearly interference to the nervous system and with just one much-needed adjustment, harmony and peace was restored!



by Dr. Bradley Nelson

What's the number one thing you can you do to reduce stress in your own life? Find peace through forgiveness...


Editor's Note: Is there someone that you need to forgive today?  Let's get you started now...







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