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by Susan Lutz
ATH Editor of Organic Living

At times, I pile the bags of food in my car after spending a boatload of money and feel lost. With all my research and knowledge of the world of organics, I should radiate confidence. Instead, I doubt my choices and wonder if I even make a difference in what I feed my family...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Buying food can be a confusing experience. Finding peace with our daily food choices was a mission I dove into to keep food on the table and peace in my mind.


Organic Living

by J. Stewart Dixon
ATH Co-Editor of Meditation

Hey everyone- I’ve always been a fan of Paulo Coelho and Richard Bach- Here’s my best attempt at their brand of spiritual parable writing...

Editor's Note from J. Stewart Dixon: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!!!- I’ve always been a fan of Paulo Coelho and Richard Bach- Here’s my best attempt at their brand of spiritual parable writing.  This is a holiday spiritual awakening parable. Peace and Happiness...




by Doctress Neutopia

Wholistic Gaia science is not only a foundational world view for the investigation of "the details of how all organisms exchange gases and other chemical compounds with the water, atmosphere and soils of Earth." But, from a cultural standpoint, what I am seeing is that Gaia is also a foundation for a planetary religion, a benevolent new way of living with and revering the Earth. Gaia shows us the way to create evolutionary new habitats so that we have not only the scientific technology, but the philosophy to peacefully penetrate deeper into the mysteries of the Universe using both science and art.

by Martha Lee Hornberger

The return of the light, as symbolized by the Christmas story of Mary, Jesus and the gift of the Magi, weaves astrologers into one of the most holy stories of all time...


Editor's Note by Patricia Lantz: The article that follows was is excerpted from a longer article written for The Atlanta Astrologer in December 1997 by my friend Martha Lee Hornberger. Martha Lee, an AIDS hospice nurse, passed away in 1999. She was only 37. I use it here with love and remembrance for a woman who dedicated her too short life to serving those in pain and dying. Martha Lee lived her life with spirit and purpose then passed peacefully knowing that the hands she held out to serve others would forever be on those whose lives she touched.



by Genevieve Simperingham

When children are upset and unsettled, they need empathy and connection before solutions or suggestions.  They need to get their feelings out and to see that we’re noticing and caring about those feelings...


Editor's Note: Sometimes it's the hardest thing to do but keeping calm and composed while our children are grumpy is a challenge. We have all been there and felt that moment of frustration and annoyance but Genevieve reminds us to approach these situations with love and calmness and stay focused on peaceful parenting rather than react with anything but sweetness.


Family & Parenting

by Leonard Jacobson

Being present is immensely worthwhile. It opens you into the truth of life. It opens you into peace, love, truth and Oneness. It releases you from the pain of the past and anxiety about the future. It empowers you to be yourself and express yourself fully...


Editor's Note from J. Stewart Dixon: Here's a quick simple list of suggestions from Leonard Jacobson that will help with your own awakening process. I really like the first suggestion.  Awakening does not require perfection.  Awakening invites us to embrace and love our IMperfections....our shadow...our wounds...our limitations.  It all gets absorbed in loving presence...




Editor's Note from Michael Williams: A couple of years ago, my friend and fellow storyteller Raphael Rodan teamed up with Arjen Barel and Inger Lise Ourlich to found the International School of Storytelling and Peace in Amsterdam. Each year they invite numbers of young people from Israel and Palestine as well as from across Europe to come together to share their stories and to use storytelling and drama to explore conflict resolution. This video gives you an insight into the philosophy and practice of this ground-breaking endeavour. It was filmed, directed and edited by Rodan's storytelling partner Anastasis Sarakatsanos.


Therapeutic Storytelling

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