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Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: A Yoga instructor has a novel way of mixing the holiday spirit and Yoga practice for her kids class. You can tell by looking at the kids faces they are thoroughly enjoying this class. Yoga can provide children an inner peace that they can carry through out their life time.



Family & Parenting


Editor's Note: A beautiful comparison of a variety of parenting styles through history as read by a 10 year old girl. Powerful and thought provoking this video will reinforce gentle parenting and the realization of how far we have come in raising our children.


Family & Parenting

by Lorna Sophocleous

Over the course of the last 15+ years working in the field of Exercise and Nutrition, I have repeatedly seen the stress of people as they fall prey to temptation during the holidays and the pounds start to creep back up...


Editor´s Note: The holiday season is the perfect time to get in touch with ourselves, connecting not only body to mind but also mind and diet. According to Lorna Sophocleous, founder of Lorna Wellness, staying focused and being mindful about the food we eat may benefit the body bringing in the New Year. Tuning into what is on the plate, eating slowly and putting the fork down between bites are excellent tips on how to appreciate and feel gratitude towards ourselves, spreading holiday cheer without the pounds.


Holistic Nutrition


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: The Perfume of Peace offers us a look at what naturally arises in the absence of untruth. Francis Lucille unveils the magnificence awaiting us in each divine moment. The spirit of the message is so well captured in the title.


Sacred Living

by Michael Wolfstar

1. The Sun and Venus are octile on the 14th, and cast their romantic, sweet vibe into social affairs from the 7th through 21st. Generally fostering peace and harmony in personal relationships, this combination often prefers friendship over sex and intimacy since Venus is in the networking sign of Aquarius. Expression in social media is favored, along with meeting in small gatherings, and enjoying what life offers.





by Jean Campbell

A few weeks short of ten years ago, in September of 2001, I wrote to a group of fifty precognitive dreamers, saying: "So, if you believe that we can dream the future and you believe that the future is not fixed, but that we might be dreaming it up as we go along, how would you like to join me in dreaming up some peace?"



Dream Medicine

Deborah, from HeartMath
Cross-posted from

Often, we define peacefulness by the absence of stress — a neutral, inactive, state. However, is peace really just a passive state?...


Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: This article reminds us that inner-peace is only a few moments away, if you're willing to embrace a more active version of mindfulness.



by Dylan Charles, Editor of Waking Times

Cross-posted from

Yoga has many benefits to the body, mind and spirit and can help one to heal from many types of traumas.  Our nation’s military personnel who have served in combat zones are one of the most traumatized segments of our population and as such it is wise to find new ways of helping them to return to normal lives.  Yoga has the power to help...


Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Yoga has the power to heal symptoms of combat stress from deployed military soldiers. The practice of hatha yoga improved anxiety and emotional stress levels from a controlled group. The peace and relaxation that most yogis enjoy should definitely be spread out where it's needed.



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