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by Nitin Unkule

Though we are talking big-big things that world is shrinking, global village, open market system & world is coming close; man is going 'away' from each other. And we think this is the main reason why peace of mind & happiness has become rare commodity on mother earth. And this is the way we are inviting all germless diseases called 'Diseases of Modern Civilization' which are having hardly any tonic in modern medicine & they are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression; to mention few...




by Julie Defina

If we can recognize our inner battle, we can find a place of understanding and inner peace, within ourselves and with the world.

What if the battles we have in the outer world are merely battles within ourselves?...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Julie's article speaks about getting to the heart of your thoughts. Meditation is a wonderful tool for this. It teaches you to really connect deeply within yourself... to listen so intently to your thoughts (sometimes even more than you thought possible), your body and your heart. Then, you can change your world and your battles.




Editor's Note from Karen Stabley: Part of growing up is fighting with siblings. It is necessary for child development, but takes a toll on parents. Here is a fun activity to do with you children that has the added benefit of bringing more peace and serenity into your home. These calming jars are easy to make. Just follow the simple instructions in this video. When your children are angry or fighting, hand them the jar. Have them tip it upside down and shake gently. They will be mesmerized as they watch the contents spin and swirl around before floating back to the bottom. They won't be able to take your eyes off it! This is a wonderful way to calm and refocus an upset child. You may find that you want to keep one on your desk at work, too!


Arts & Art Therapy

by Valley Reed, CDT

When we have a love for something we strive towards in our everyday life, we may find in dreaming, we can connect with the greater experience and presence of those who have passed on, but their legacy remains. I have dreamt and worked as an activist toward peace and justice for more than 10 years. It is often difficult and thankless work, but clearly needed in order to create change from a culture of violence toward one of peace with justice...


Editor's Note: Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and sometimes we dream with famous people who have an inspiring affect on our waking and dreaming life. We can also dream others in a mutual dream where it is possible to meet up in the dream space with other dreamers for wonderful adventures. Read more find inspiring dream adventures leading to a more peaceful world.


Dream Medicine

by Annie Leonard

The fact is that many of us already share a Big Idea for a better world. Instead of a wasteful, growth-at-all-costs economy that fails both people and the planet, hundreds of millions of us want a new economy that puts safe products, a healthy environment, and happy people first...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: The Story of Stuff keeps pushing the envelope on creating a better life for our planet. The new movie, The Story of Change, brings much of Annie Leonard's work together. The voice of unity, she claims will bring our planet to a place of peace, less toxicity, and more awareness so we can continue moving optimistically ahead for the generations to come.


Organic Living

by Elizabeth Reninger

Walking Meditation is a wonderful way of transforming something that we do every day into a deeply healing, deeply nourishing and enjoyable tool for our awakening. It is a practice found both in Taoist and Buddhist traditions. When we practice walking meditation, each step of our journey becomes the destination - becomes peace and joy...




Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: We all know to keep harsh, chemical cleaners away from children. But could using them so freely, as is so often advertised, cause us damage too? Women's Voices for the Earth presents this short animation that gets us thinking about what we spray in the name of "killing all those germs." Plain old soap, vinegar, and things like Borax can keep all those bad germs away just effectively and with a greater sense of peace of mind.


Organic Living

by Ally Hamilton

There’s a lot of pressure in the yoga community and in many spiritual circles to “be positive!” and to “think positive thoughts and positive things will happen!”...


Editor´s Note: Watch your thoughts because they very much become reality. If you're often having negative thoughts about yourself, your health, situations, your job and so on...then your body is listening and the Universe is too...and giving you more of what you focus on. Choose postitive thoughts and gratitude to help you mind and body tune into what will help you feed your sould and fine peace. Read more for Ally's thoughts.



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