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Rick Hanson, PhD

Compassion is essentially the wish that beings not suffer – from subtle physical and emotional discomfort to agony and anguish – combined with feelings of sympathetic concern.

You could have compassion for an individual (a friend in the hospital, a co-worker passed over for a promotion), groups of people (victims of crime, those displaced by a hurricane, refugee children), animals (your pet, livestock heading for the slaughterhouse), and yourself...


Editor's Note from Diane Renz: The science of compassion research helps illuminate that the original "default" of our brain is to care and cooperate, born of our innate understanding that another person's happiness is relative to our own. However, without our intentional focus of attention to exercise this inherent capacity, we can fall victim to the speed and anxiety of a culture which points us toward aggression and competition.



by Janet Gillett, PsyD         

Co-Editor of Books for Healing

Sherrie Dillard offers you an invitation in the form of her book “Discover Your Authentic Self: Be You, Be Free, Be Happy.”  She outlines 150 lessons to learn about yourself and embrace your inner nature.  These lessons fall into topics regarding owning your gifts, your passions, and relationships by reclaiming what was lost and transforming to the person you are and want to be. 





Editor's Note from Janet Gillett: This book is full of valuable lessons and reminders for everybody.  No matter how long you have been developing your self, this book will be sure to add to your knowledge and development of your authentic self.




Books for Healing

by Irving Karchmar 

My wife grew up on a farm, and has an unerring affinity with nature in its most organic forms, with plants and animals and humans. Last summer, for instance, when she noticed that the bittersweet vines were extending their tendrils and choking off the rose bushes, she devoted many hours to cutting them away. The next day she looked at the roses for a moment and smiled, “They’re happier now,” she said...

Editor's Note from David Arenson: Irving Karchmar glimpses healing as a the result of walking the Sufi path - "at each step another drop is poured into the heart, and as love enters, one begins to see God in all of His creation."


Sacred Living

by Sarah Finlay

The Weather is raising Her vibration just as everything in the Universe is raising its vibration. At times, this feels extreme and the relationship between land and atmosphere is definitely changing, but there is no victimization of the humans in this process...


Editor’s Note from Peter Clark: This writing is channeled wisdom that came through Sarah from one of her compassionate Upper world spirit teachers. “Helen” is a spirit who is particularly connected to matters of the heart. She calls herself Pleiadian, meaning she associates with the energies of those stars in some non-ordinary reality way. The shamanic channeling process is an ancient form of direct communication from the spiritual realm.



by Marcy Axness, PhD

Imitation is the young child’s primary form of learning, which is why one of my first bits of guidance to parents coming to me for counseling is to cut down by at least 50% the sheer number of words they say to their young child. Children learn from who we are and what we do far more than from what we say. And credible leaders don’t yammer on and on...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: This is the first part of Dr. Axness' wonderful article. As someone who is passionate about supporting mothers in their emotional self care, I was thrilled to read this article! I say it over and over again, but here is wonderful support for the truth that a "happy, relaxed, and nurtured mom equals a happy, relaxed and nurtured child." It is in your child's best interest to get all the support you need!


Family & Parenting

by Mandi S. Babkes MNH, HHC, AADP, QRA

Something is happening, a shift more apparent, more poignant, and more sacred than anything that has ever happened before in my life. I am so completely finding completeness. Hard it may seem, to forgo those feelings that often encompass me with pessimism and hopelessness. I am choosing to free myself from this vicious cycle. I am resonating on such a different level that it almost scares me...


Editor's Note from Mandi Babkes: This is my story, how I found my true passion and helped myself heal in every aspect; physically, mentally, and emotionally, so that I can help others heal and be the happiest they can be.


Holistic Nutrition


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: Six years ago a chiropractic student at the time created an international competition for other chiropractic students. The goal is to get students working on their health talks and practicing the chiropractic story. This video features Life West Chiropractic College student Brett Jones giving his passionate and inspired talk on basic chiropractic principles. This is a perfect example of how fired up students are about the chiropractic story! Imagine the world if every man, woman and child had their spines checked for subluxation... it would be a beautiful and peaceful place. Share this with your children and plant the seed of them becoming a doctor of cause...a Doctor of Chiropractic!




by Narelle Scurr

The word psychic tends to get a hugely mixed response.  Some are totally sceptical about the existence of any kind of psychic ability, even though they will openly talk about following their hunches or gut feelings...


Editor's Note from Thomas Muldoon: I've known Narelle for many years and have admired her work and passion for guiding others to develop their intuitive skills. Take her quiz and see how you score, it's fun, informative and enlightening.


Intuition & Symbols

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