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by Andrea Fox

There’s just no way around this: Whether you’ve grown up in a dysfunctional home or in a Leave-It-To-Beaver-esque family, when you have kids you will do things like or despite the way you were parented...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: Andrea Fox does a tremendous job addressing an issue all parents face, which is parenting from what you where taught as a child or parenting from a conscious state that we call intentional conscious parenting. We love how she shared her personal experience that occurred with her five year old daughter. She had to stop and ask herself how she was going to handle a certain situation. Enjoy!


Family & Parenting

from LD

The good news about learning disabilities is that scientists are learning more every day. Their research provides hope and direction.

If parents, teachers, and other professionals discover a child's learning disability early and provide the right kind of help, it can give the child a chance to develop skills needed to lead a successful and productive life...


Editor's Note: This is Part 2 of a 6 part series on Learning Disablities. Read part 1: What is a Learning Disability?.



Integrative Medicine

by Susan Thixton

Unfortunately, finding a healthy pet food is easier said than done. Walk into any pet store and you'll find dozens of dog foods and cat foods in a variety of price ranges, all claiming to be healthy. How do we know what is the best food for our pet?...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: The biggest thing we do to our pets is feed them. Day in and day out, that's what we do - Susan's life mission is to protect our pets' food supply. All pet parents can know what is REALLY in their pet food; our pets deserve it.


Animals & Pets

by Hank Wesselman, PhD

Those who have read my books and essays about my encounters with ‘the supernatural’ on the shaman’s path may at times find it difficult to reconcile these accounts with what we have been taught about the world by our parents and friends, teachers and religious authorities...




by John D. Blomquist

The Holiday Season brings its owns set of challenges and emotions to parents separated from their children. The separation may be temporary in situations such as divorce or in instances of military deployment. More heart wrenching are separations resulting from parents whose children may have died or, for whatever reason, they may be distanced from...



Family & Parenting

by Amanda Gore

A typical 'family' get together these days consists of step mothers, step fathers, step children, direct in laws, step in laws, separated but not remarried singles and parents, angry children, and confused animals! Not to mention step uncles/aunts, second marriage relatives etc...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: The holiday season may be hazardous to your health, especially your heart, according to a study  published in Dec. 14, 2004 issue of Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.  Researchers examined records for 53 million deaths from natural causes over a 26-year period (1973-2001), excluding suicides, homicides, and accidents. The study shows death rates peak during Christmas and New Year's, with coronary issues leading the cause of death, i.e the "Merry Christmas Coronary" or the "Happy New Year Heart Attack."


Energy Medicine

by Laura Markham, PhD
Many children experience the holidays as a time to create lists of all the material goods they covet, and toy companies spend fortunes on TV ads designed to induce cravings for more, more, more in our children. It’s our job as parents to protect our kids from this assault. Instead of excessive presents – which always leave kids feeling unfulfilled -- fill your child’s deep longings with family connection...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: Dr. Laura wisely states that although children clamor for presents and candy this season, ultimately what enriches their lives are not material things. Instead, she offers us a number of enjoyable and alternative ways to capitalize on the holidays as a time for meaningful action...


Family & Parenting

by Sandra Miniere, MEd
ATH Asst. Editor of Sacred Living

Holidays give you an opportunity to look at the bright side of things, give thanks for the blessings in your life and cherish the loving relationships that fuel you, including your relationship to a Higher Power...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: The holidays can be challenging for those who are dealing with a life crisis, such as, the loss of a job, death of a loved one, a health crisis, conflicted relationship, and more. This article shares four ways I coped with the death of my parents just weeks before Christmas one year apart. I allowed the holiday spirit to lift me out of my grief at times and surround me with love, peace and comfort. If you are coping with a hardship this holiday season, invite grace into your life and receive your special blessing!


Sacred Living

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