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by Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

ATH Asst. Editors of Family & Parenting

Carol and Stacy: How important is it for you as a mom to instill a love for nature? And can you tell us about the day you made your nature mandala shared in the above picture?

Jessi: For me it is absolutely crucial to instill a love for nature in Sonora. It’s also something I think comes really naturally to children if given the chance. I think it is monumentally important for a child’s (and adult’s) mental, physical and spiritual well being to be in communion with nature.


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: Today we have a special treat for you! We wanted to share with you a mother who is on a quest to raise her daughter with a deep connection and appreciation to mother earth. We are always so inspired by the daily stories and experiences she shares on Facebook. We invited Jessi Elizabeth to join us on our Intentional Conscious Parenting blog to share a glimpse into her conscious parenting world.



Family & Parenting

by Genevieve Simperingham

You know that you love your child and your child knows that they are loved.  When most of the below needs are met more often than not, your child’s likely to feel loved and secure...


Editor's Note: Wonderful checklist of the basic needs of children. Fantastic insight on what attributes we want our children to have and how as parents we can help them achieve these by our gentle parenting style.


Family & Parenting

by Joyce and Barry Vissell

When you ask someone a personal question, do you sit back and listen to their response without any interruptions? Or do you fill in the waiting period with more questions and other talking? Most of us would right away say that we are like the first type of person or at least we want to be. Oddly enough, most people are like the second and don't realize it...


Editor's Note: I love this simple reminder of the power of deep listening. I know this is very true for me with both my partner and my son who respond so much better when I am patient. I hope you find it helpful!


Family & Parenting

by Papa Ed

The joy of being grandpa. Sharing with your granddaughter the thrill of fishing.
Knowing she will someday share this gift with her children and grand children...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: My husband Ed shares his thoughts about fishing with our granddaughter. He is filled with gratitude and joy for the opportunity to share with the next generation. He knows how important every moment is and strives to take nothing for granted. ~ Stacy Toten


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: With Summer upon us we thought this is the perfect teaching video to learn about city birds and what they sound like. It's important to teach your children about nature the creatures we all share the planet with.



Family & Parenting


Editor's Note: A beautiful video demonstrating the Montessori tools for babies. Perfect ideas if you have a young one in your family or on your gift list for the holiday season.

Family & Parenting

by Dr. Laura Markham

Parents often tell me they don’t know where to begin to have a “real” conversation with their child.  These questions will get you started.  Rather than badgering your child with them, use one as the jumping off point for a two-way conversation...


Editor's Note: Beautifully constructed conversation starters to inspire a whole new level of connection among families. Going beyond just small talk, Dr. Laura Markham provides some great topics that are incredibly relevant and interesting to inspire you and the discussion around your dinner table tonight.


Family & Parenting

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