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Family & Parenting

by DeAnna L’am

My Mom first put me on a diet when I was about 8 years old. None of my photos show an overweight girl, though I wasn’t skinny either. Rather, I was an average-weight girl with the body type of her Mom, and her Grandma, none of whom were scrawny...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: Beautiful article written about a mindless parent not thinking about the outcome of her decision based on being caught up in the cultural diet craze and the effects it had on her daughter. To all of us parents, that's why we believe Intentional Conscious Parenting is so important! Everything we say to our children has effects and consequences no matter how mundane we may think it is.


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: Ever feel like you’re no match for your child’s meltdowns or conflicts in your personal relationships? In this video you’ll learn the best ways to practice conscious parenting and how staying centered despite outer chaos can actually be achieved.



Family & Parenting

by Bruce Lipton, PhD

While the “thinking-self” nature of the conscious mind evokes images of a “ghost in the machine,” there is no similar self-awareness operating in the subconscious mind. The latter mechanism is more akin to a jukebox loaded with behavioral programs, each ready to play as soon as appropriate environmental signals appear and press the selection buttons...


Editor's Note: This is the third part of a series of excerpts from Bruce Lipton's chapter on Conscious Parenting in his wonderful book, The Biology of Belief. In the previous excerpt he explained the nature of the conscious and subconscious mind and why the messages we give our children are incredibly powerful subconscious imprints. In this section, clarifies that our subconscious mind cannot be battled with and we must reprogram it. More reason to be aware of what we are communicating to our children!


Family & Parenting

by Genevieve Simperingham

One day when my daughter was about eight, in expressing to me all the reasons why she really appreciates me, she said “because when I’m angry and I tell you to go away, you stay with me and keep looking after me”...


Editor's Note: Genevieve reminds us that anger is the first layer often revealed when a child is experiencing stress. Her techniques are valuable and show parents how to move past the hurtful words and reactions kids sometimes use and get to the root of the issue.


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note: The secret of happiness right here. I hope this gives you a great laugh as well as fantastic information as to how to truly live happily ever after.


Family & Parenting

by Kristin Wartman

Over 5 million children ages four to 17 have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the United States, and close to 3 million of those children take medication for their symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control. But a new study reported in The Lancet last month found that with a restricted diet alone, many children experienced a significant reduction in symptoms...


Editor's Note: Great article on the foods we are feeding our children and the diagnosis of ADHD. I found it highly applicable, especially given that we are in the holiday season and foods we indulge in may be adding to the problems associated with ADHD.


Family & Parenting

by Kathy Parra

What is dolphin reiki? How is it shared from you to another? And can anyone perform dolphin reiki? The word reiki, pronounced ray-kee, comes from the Japanese word rei, meaning a higher power, and ki, meaning life force energy. With dolphin reiki, the dolphins are the higher power...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: We have been huge avid fans of dolphins our whole lives. Kathy Parra's article grabbed our attention. Dolphins are here to aid in the healing and awakening of humanity. We fully believe in the power of dolphin energy and when you combine human and dolphin energy healings can take place.


Family & Parenting

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