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by Elaine Grundy

I was inspired by Emoto's rice experiments and decided to try my own Reiki version! Two identical glass jars were sterilized by boiling water. I then put 2 tablespoons of cooked rice from the same batch into each pot and created one control, which was left alone for the entire time, and one 'Reiki' pot which received a 1 minute blast of Reiki every other day. Here are the results, pretty interesting, right?!

Editor's Note: This is the first of a 6 part series on the Reiki Rice Experiment. Stay tuned every Monday for the next few weeks for more related articles and video on this phenomena. Try this experiment for yourself and post your comments in the Energy Medicine forum.


Energy Medicine


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Ayurvedic Oil Pulling is an excellent way to draw toxins from the body via oral absorption. Traditional oils like sesame and coconut oil are thought to bind or chelate metals, chemicals and toxins stored in the fat cells and mucosa and remove them when swished in the mouth for 10-20min. Although more research needs to be done to scientifically explain oil pulling, Ayurveda has used this tried and true method of detoxification for 5,000 years. Listen to Dr. John Douillard discuss oil pulling and its merits in this video.



by Craig Sim Webb

Though perhaps not obvious, almost all nightmares and recurring dreams provide an extremely valuable service to the dreamer. If we block them, we are likely missing their immediate benefit; if we remember but ignore them, we miss their vital messages – both very unwise strategies indeed that serve to perpetuate or worsen the situation, much like putting a Band-Aid over the oil light on our car because we find it annoying or upsetting...



Dream Medicine


by Joie Power, PhD

Although no definitive "cure" has been discovered for CFS, holistic regimens emphasizing diet, moderate exercise, herbal and nutritional supplementation, massage therapy, and stress reduction have proven helpful in reducing symptoms and aiding recovery.


Aromatherapy is also an important component in holistic approaches to CFS and there are a number of essential oils which can ease symptoms and support healing processes in persons with CFS and related disorders...



by Llyn Roberts

Ipupiara, whose name translates to “Fresh Water Dolphin”, was born into the indigenous Ureu-eu-wau-wau – the “People of the Stars” – when the tribe numbered 2,400 in 1943. Because their Amazon rainforests contain minerals, oil, and precious resources the Ureu-eu-wau-wau have been severely exploited during Ipupiara’s lifetime and only 42 survive...


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Llyn Roberts was a long time friend of Ipupiara Peixoto. She had many amazing experiences with him, and this article recounts one of deep spiritual connection and shamanic healing. Ipu, also known as Bernardo Peixoto, was a multi-talented man whose impact was/is/will be felt in countless lives. A double PhD, speaker of many languages, consultant to the Smithsonian Institute, shamanic ambassador bridging several cultures, educator and healer, Ipu was cofounder of Native Cultural Alliance, an organization dedicated to the preservation and sharing of native cultures and wisdom.




Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Shirodhara is truly an amazing Ayurvedic therapy that can work wonders on disorders caused by Vata aggravation. Nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia and overstimulation, just to name a few, are all reduced with shirodhara. "Shiro" means "head" and "dhara" means "stream." In shirodhara, a warm oil stream is continuously poured over the "sthapani marma" (the space between and above the eyebrows) otherwise known as "the third eye," as it has a soothing effect on the hypothalamus. Shirodhara is thought to sync frenetic neurons and alpha waves to greatly improve mental clarity, create stability and impart calm.






Andrea Butje, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Editor’s Note: Andrea takes you for a walk through her Aromatherapy garden highlighting her Ylang Ylang Tree and Jasmine plant.




by Theresa Gould

Many people do not realize that there are alternative ways to treat common pet ailments instead of rushing to the vet (no offense DVMs!). Taking care of your pet’s health all goes back to providing a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. Too many products used today are toxic not only to the environment but to your health, not to mention the health of your pet...


Editor's Note from Michael Salewski: Essential oils are powerful medicine. They can be used orally, topically and through aromatherapy to achieve amazing results.


Animals & Pets

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