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Editor´s Note: Now is the time to turn back the clock with food. Healthy, leafy greens boosted with some baby grasses, quality protein and knowing the right oils to cook with prove to reverse signs of aging. Certain fruits help plump the skin and achieve that nice healthy glow, but watch those grains. Whole grains, not refined, are crucial to reduce inflammation in the body, the key to keeping beautiful skin.


Holistic Nutrition

by Alex Duncan, PhD

Gandusha (gargling of the mouth) should be done frequently, using cold water. Gandusha removes Kapha, thirst, dirt and cleanses the interior of the mouth. Gargling with comfortable warm water removes Kapha, loss of taste, dirt, diseases of the teeth and bestows lightness of the mouth...

Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Oral care for teeth, gums and tongue begins with regular daily cleansing. But, there are some simple Ayurvedic practices that you can add to your oral care regimen that further benefit in your health. Cleaning the srotas throughout the day via water gargling known as "Gandusha" will help remove excess Kapha from the mouth and throat. Also, the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling known as "Gandusha Snehana" helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Vaidya Alex Duncan discusses both techniques for optimal oral health. Namaste



by Candace Newman, MAT LMT

True Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of therapeutic grade essential oils. It is an ancient art and science that has been around since human beings started interacting with plants. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids extracted from various parts of plants and trees. Their natural medicinal chemistry makes them among the origins of medicine, and their powerful and pure aroma makes them the origins of pure perfume...



by Jeannie Plowman

Aromatherapy is as a fragrant substance in bases, such as oils, candles, soaps, and water based sprays. The aroma comes in many forms such as an aroma of cookies or bread baking, which triggers the smells of home on a wintry day and promotes calmness...



Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: Aromatherapy is a well-regarded therapy but some may not know it is also used with Reiki and Chiropractic treatments. In this article, Jeannie Plowman discusses how Reiki uses oils for emotional releases, while Chiropractic may use the same oils for physical releases.



by Avery Elizabeth Hurt

According to an article in the Washington Post, we are in the midst of a boom in home vegetable gardening not seen since 1975. With gas at an all-time high and food prices soaring, it is not hard to see why. But if the motivation is simple, the benefits are more complex. The current boom in home gardening will, we are told, improve our collective health, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and help reverse global warming...



Holistic Nutrition


Editor's Note from Kyana Miner: Essential oils help cleanse, energize, and rejuvenate the body. They are used in this video along with energetic techniques to align the chakras and the client's emotional and physical well-being. This form of massage is a powerful way to stimulate the immune system and clear blockages from the central nervous system.


Massage & Bodywork

by Dr. Baljot Bharaj

Postnatal period ushers a whole new world for a woman.This period  is a potpourri of happiness & contentment, on one hand and physical & mental fatigue due to delivery, on the other hand. To overcome these highs and lows, Ayurveda has described ‘Sutika Paricharya’ i.e. Postnatal Regimen. In this regimen, Abhyanga or Ayurveda Massage has a significant role...


Editor´s Note from Sonica Krishan: The mode of action as described in Ayurveda is - it helps in fast penetration of oil deep into tissues. In this article, Dr Baljot Bharaj, the author lays emphasis on the importance of Abhyanga or the Ayurveda massage therapy.



by Jillian Finker

Despite popular belief, canola oil is not good for us. It’s hard to understand this because in most health food stores canola oil is a staple ingredient. Unfortunately, almost all types of canola oil are considered a GMO or genetically modified organism...






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