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by Doctress Neutopia

Wholistic Gaia science is not only a foundational world view for the investigation of "the details of how all organisms exchange gases and other chemical compounds with the water, atmosphere and soils of Earth." But, from a cultural standpoint, what I am seeing is that Gaia is also a foundation for a planetary religion, a benevolent new way of living with and revering the Earth. Gaia shows us the way to create evolutionary new habitats so that we have not only the scientific technology, but the philosophy to peacefully penetrate deeper into the mysteries of the Universe using both science and art.

by Mary Jennings

I have personally received healing and balance in my life as a result of using Essential Oils. As a lover of dogs, particularly my own three dogs, I have seen the effective results of using Essential Oils on my K-9 family members. There are three basic oils that I recommend for use on dogs...


Editor's Note: The therapeutic and emotional benefits of aromatherapy can be shared with our animal companions. Essential Oils can help with separation anxiety as well as natural ways to stop dogs from licking post-surgical areas – therefore, creating a calming atmosphere for yourself and your pets.



by Prima Sarkis Demirdjian

From Natalie Duhamel: I personally know the healing power of oregano. In fact, oil of oregano is the first thing I  each for in my natural healing cabinet at the first sign of a scratchy throat or sniffly nose. So what could be better than fresh, fragrant oregano? This sounds like a delicious and healing side dish. Prima tells me this is a great side for a meat main course. I suspect it might also be great next to some chickpea or lentil cutlets...



Healing Recipes

by Michael Bloch

There's nothing quite like the scent of a eucalyptus forest after an extended dry spell is broken by rain - everything smells so clean and fresh!


Eucalyptus trees, more commonly known as gum trees locally, are the predominant genus of trees in Australia. Australia has over 600 species; comprising nearly 75% of our flora.

by Dylan Jawahir, LAc, LMT

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child from unprotected, well-timed intercourse over the course of a year.  Given that definition, there are many people who try for only a few months before they decree themselves barren and seek outside help from a specialist...





by Dr. David Stewart

Aromatic science is a new field of research that is rediscovering the many health benefits of aromatherapy once lost in antiquity but are now being verified and refined by modern studies...


Editor's Note: Doctors and scientific experts alike promote the medical benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils are a powerful adjunct for supporting health and vitality, and are a pleasurable, practical addition to every lifestyle.



by Dr. Will Elsass, MD

What does it mean to “grow” and “change”? We hear those words all the time but they seem so nebulous it is hard to know just how to go about growing and changing.  In order to truly “grow” we have to understand what it is we are working with and we need a framework of understanding. What is it that grows and changes? Many people might give many different answers, but I’m going to boil it down simply, it’s our nervous system...





Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: In this interesting video of Ayurveda: Balance and Bliss, Lissa Coffey has greatly ascertained Ayurvedaas a science of life which originated in India more than five thousand years ago! She discusses with Karen Osburn, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, that Ayurveda is recognized by World Health Organization as it promotes balancing practices of yoga and meditation and the calming as well as Vatta balancing effect of oil massage techniques. Lissa calls Ayurveda therapy as art of living in harmony with nature! Lets have a look.


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