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Integrative Medicine


From the Nova Web site: "How does the "intelligence" of an ant colony or the stock market arise out of the simple actions of its members? Scientists describe emergence, a science that studies how complex patterns and behaviors arise from the actions of individual units acting independently."


Editor’s Note: This YouTube is a wonderful, whimsical expression of Christmas Love, sung by Jars of Clay from their 2007 album, "Christmas Songs." The song, "Love Came Down at Christmas" is from poet Christina Rossetti and was first published in 1885. Rossetti was an Englilsh poet who was known for her children's poems and her long poem, "Goblin Market," her love poem, "Remember," and for the words of the Christmas carol, "In the Bleak Midwinter."




Editor's Note from Debbie Walhof: I strongly recommend viewing the newly released documentary by Susan and Alan Raymond called a Journey into Dyslexia. Visit this link to see the home page of movie which also contains a plethora of information on the subject. Dyslexia affects over 10% of our population and is often very misunderstood in our culture and education system. Please forward to friends and family so that as a culture we begin to better understand that all individuals need to be valued for their gifts and not tossed aside when they don’t fit into our man-made boxes. This documentary premieres on HBO2 on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 8pm.


Integrative Medicine


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: What a great documentary. Very eye opening and - of course - I love, love, love that it showcases acupuncture, nutrition and meditation as brilliant adjuncts to classic western treatments because they work! These methodogies tap into our bodies' own will and desire to heal without medication, surgery, etc. And, as the movie states, they are also effective because 70% of medical issues are related to lifestyle! Yowza, what an incredible stat.




Editor's Note: Getting out in nature and observing the many wonders of nature can be healing on many levels. Remarkable events happen all the time, but every once in a while, something seems to astound us.  This is the case with the many starlings who are featured in this YouTube uploaded by dylanwinter1.  Filmed in 2007, the footage shows starlings that once roosted in the wetlands reserve of Otmoor located near Oxford, England.



by Ron Nilson

We humans love spectacular. The bigger the spectacle the better. From big budget action movies to mile high burgers - from  monster trucks to monster amusement park rides. But what passes for spectacular and extraordinary in popular culture is mostly artificial - synthetic creations - soon fading like fireworks in a night sky.

Awesome is a word frequently associated with the spectacular. It's a word that gets thrown around carelessly today...



Inspiration & Wisdom

by Melanie Webb

It’s that special time of year, where Christmas songs play on the radio, the local TV channels play our favorite old-time movies, and we have party after party of savory treats to look forward to. Wait! Savory treats – isn’t that what we’ve worked all year to avoid, to burn-off, to replace with whole foods prepared with the highest levels of care and consciousness?...


Editor's Note from Melanie Webb: Sharing a few ideas to help you enjoy Happy, Healthy Holidays this year!


Exercise & Fitness

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