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by Mark Warrington

The holidays are something to look forward to. It should be a time to celebrate. A time to bond with family and friends. Instead, most of us dread packing on the pounds. True, the holidays mean lots of food and drink. It doesn't have to go to your waist and thighs, though...


Editor's Note: Through the month of December, we will be providing tips to help you stay fit through the holidays. ~Bess

Exercise & Fitness

by Dr. Dennis Buckley

With the arrival of the New Year comes the need to change. Health changes are usually high on the priority list. Usually these are the same changes we wanted to make last year and the year before...


Editor's Note from Beth Wisniewski: At the beginning of each year everyone makes decisions to be a bit healthier. Are you still sticking to your resolution and meeting your goals? Read this article by Dr. Dennis Buckley and get back on track to make this your healthiest year ever!



by Tracy Wasem

"No coffee?" I whined while staring at the obviously empty pot and shelf. "The Circle K is finished, Tracy" Brian stated while giving me a kiss while heading out to work at the hospital...


Editor's Note from Eileen Gonzalez: Tracy is genuine, caring and has a gift which she openly shares with others.  She has reached a level of awareness and peace which she emits to all she come in contact with.  Earlier this month, Tracy published another book meant to help kids fall in love with reading, "101 Sensational Story Starters for 5th and 6th Grade Students". 



by Rosie Kuhn, PhD

For the past fourteen months I have been on a healing journey, one that was unwanted, unanticipated and unplanned. All I knew was that it was time to stop the work I was doing for the work I felt compelled to do; I felt I was on a specific trajectory that would take me far beyond what I could only imagine to be the deepest fulfillment of my human spirit...


Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Join Dr. Rosie Kuhn as she shares her 'personal download from the universe' and what she knows to be true. All of these words and concepts came to her as she was doing the dishes, thankfully her computer was on hand to get everything down. What is the universe speaking to you? Are you ready to take notes?


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Brenton Harris

As I sat in the warm office, already hot in the suit I was unaccustomed to wearing, I tried to calm my nerves. It was my second interview since graduating from college a month ago and I wanted to land a well paying job and start my life as a responsible adult. I spoke with advisors, friends, and family throughout the week to prepare as much as possible, practicing my answers to potential questions...


Editor's Note from Sherri CarterWhat is your personal vision for the next five years? Personal visions give direction to your intentions, while being open to where the journey will take you.




Editor's Note: Have you been in a yoga class and you're suddenly practicing Breath of Fire? You're not sure how to do it, when to breath, what your stomach should be doing, etc. If you're new to Kapalabhati Breathing (or Skull Shining Breath), then this intro video will help.



by Nan Moss and David Corbin

Our theme for the past few months has mostly been about how unusual the weather has been – that is, if you consider snowstorms in May, 112 degrees just north of San Francisco, huge tornado outbreaks, and coastal super-storms as unusual!...


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Nan and David publish a weekly blog on the weather - most often from a shamanic perspective. In their introduction to this blog, they write: "To this end Weather Thor’s Day is a space for pertinent, provocative and celebratory teachings, anecdotes, factoids, current events and more regarding weather’s many manifestations, spiritual nature, and how weather and humans affect one another."



by Karen Adler, Transpersonal Art Therapist

ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy

Mental Health - Art Works!, an exhibition at Gosford Regional Gallery, is in its thirteenth year. The exhibition consists of paintings, sculpture, drawings, ceramics and photography by people in the Central Coast community whose lives have been affected by mental illness. This includes family and carers of people with a mental illness. An initiative of the Central Coast Mental Health Service, Central Coast Local Health District, to coincide with Mental Health Month, the exhibition has won several awards and has received recognition at local, State and National levels...


Arts & Art Therapy 

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