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by Michael Wolfstar

1. The New Moon on the 1st is a Solar Eclipse and is being metaphysically shaped by close aspects to Saturn and Neptune. It begins a month-long phase that attempts to reconcile the practical, hard-nosed realities of Saturn with the nebulous, idealistic, imaginative qualities of Neptune. On the political scene, we can expect a disheartening number of scandals to plague the presidential candidates. For many, health and work-related issues need attention. Are you satisfied with your job? How can you improve your health?





by Amy Herring

Stephanie writes:
My son Silas is almost 20 months and seems to be having a harder time than most children his age at verbally communicating his wants and needs. His pediatrician even suggested that we get him into speech therapy, just to help us help him and to ward off any negative behaviors...



by Victoria Girard

As summer comes to an end you be thinking about how much time your skin spent in the sun; maybe a little too much sun exposure during those oh so enticing months...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Summer is slowing being tucked away for yet another year. The sun has had its way with us, how did your skin fair? What better way to find a path to better skin than someone who is passionate about it - just makes our job easier. Read these great tips and get ready! The winter dry season is not far behind!


Organic Living

by Amy Herring

Erin writes: The terrible twos seem to have come early to my son, Javeth. It started I'd say a month ago and I have NO idea what sparks it. He'll be perfectly happy and then suddenly throw himself, very dramatically (but carefully so as not to hurt himself, so you know it's for show) and will carefully bang his head on the floor. There's also occasional throwing objects...



by Ihor Basko, DVM, CVA

Energetically, foods have an effect upon the physiology of the body. In winter, people drink red wine, brandy and hot apple cider with cinnamon because these foods stimulate a response that is “warming” in the body. The same is true for meats such as Lamb and Chicken, and spices such as Garlic and Rosemary...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: I think it's normal for most of us to want warming, filling foods as we move into colder months. Hard to believe sometimes, but the same is true for our pets. Dr B has prepared a fabulous winter stew – meant for the fur family member - but good enough for all. The ingredients are warming, balanced, contain blood and yin tonics to warm us, and are totally delicious. I know I’ll be dipping in!! (Hope my dogs don’t mind sharing.)


Animals & Pets

by Kathy Smith

With months of warm weather and sunny days ahead, there is no better time to develop a running habit. If you have never run a step, or have been away from your trainers for a few too many seasons, have no fear. Getting to know, and love, running is a simple matter of making a plan, suiting up, and putting one foot in front of the other. To make it even easier, I’ve included a sample plan for a ten week progression. Follow this to go from 0-30 (minutes!)...



Exercise & Fitness

by Caroleanne Wright
Cross-posted from

No need to bypass all the health perks of fresh superfoods this winter — simply grow them inside on a sunny window ledge...


Editor's Note: Superfoods aren't just for outdoor growth, according to Caroleanne Wright, author for Waking Times. One's windowsill is the perfect location for growing nutritious power foods during the winter. Stay healthy during colder months with a nutritious mini-garden indoors that could include arugula, cilantro or oregano as close as a sunny window ledge.


Holistic Nutrition

by Michael Berman

The Buddhist parable that follows reveals the transformative power of water in such that even a single tear has the power to move mountains...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: This month, author and shaman Michael Berman continues his reflections on the power of water through a Buddhist parable.


Therapeutic Storytelling

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