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by Caroleanne Wright
Cross-posted from

No need to bypass all the health perks of fresh superfoods this winter — simply grow them inside on a sunny window ledge...


Editor's Note: Superfoods aren't just for outdoor growth, according to Caroleanne Wright, author for Waking Times. One's windowsill is the perfect location for growing nutritious power foods during the winter. Stay healthy during colder months with a nutritious mini-garden indoors that could include arugula, cilantro or oregano as close as a sunny window ledge.


Holistic Nutrition

by Michael Berman

The Buddhist parable that follows reveals the transformative power of water in such that even a single tear has the power to move mountains...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: This month, author and shaman Michael Berman continues his reflections on the power of water through a Buddhist parable.


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Michael Berman

Invite your learners to each pick three questions that interest them to ask the person they are sitting next to, and then to report back what they find out to the rest of the class...


Editor's Note from Michael Williams: In this month's offering, storyteller Michael Berman turns to the “power of water”. Using quotes from a variety of sources, he suggests questions which teachers and trainers can use to stimulate discussion about the ebb and flow of life on our planet. A useful warm-up or stand-alone exercise...


Therapeutic Storytelling

by Kristin Wartman

Over 5 million children ages four to 17 have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the United States, and close to 3 million of those children take medication for their symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control. But a new study reported in The Lancet last month found that with a restricted diet alone, many children experienced a significant reduction in symptoms...


Editor's Note: Great article on the foods we are feeding our children and the diagnosis of ADHD. I found it highly applicable, especially given that we are in the holiday season and foods we indulge in may be adding to the problems associated with ADHD.


Family & Parenting

by Michael Wolfstar

1. Uranus squares the U.S. Mercury on the 24th but is a major influence all month, as it was last month. Since Mercury opposes Pluto in the U.S. horoscope, the square from transiting Uranus creates a highly polarized political climate, with plenty of fast-paced developments, and a high level of mental anxiety. Opinions may be based more on emotional, gut-level feelings (Mercury in Cancer) than facts.





by Katy Lowe, MH

Happily the summer in WNY has been beautiful!  This means numerous activities have been happening outdoors.  Yay!  Now of course this will mean we may have a few issues we don't deal with during the cooler months, IE bug bites, sunburn, heat rash, and good old poison ivy or poison oak...


Editor´s Note from Milan Perry: If we reflect upon our grandparents and how they endured illnesses it always brings me back to natural, safe home remedies. There is so much in our home that can be used as a life saver in a pinch. Without hesitation we should look to theses simple solutions in our home unless it is a lifesaving issue. Everything has it place!



by Mari L. McCarthy

of CreateWriteNow

Are you travelling this summer?  Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the mountains or a month by the shore or a dream excursion in the South Seas, journaling your adventure is a sure way to make its pleasures last...


Editor's Note from Blaze, aka Barbara Lazarony: Oh the places you may go this summer! Mari McCarthy shows you how to make your vacation last throughout the year by recording key moments in your journal.



by Miranda Castro FSHom, RSHom (NA), CCH

I was asked recently whether there were any circumstances where homeopathy might be contra-indicated for pregnant women. The question centered on a woman in her first trimester (3 months pregnant) who had been involved in a car accident and was in a state of partial shock...


Editor´s Note: Here's a great testament to the homeopathic remedy Arnica (and its close counterpart Bellis). As well as discussing when both remedies are indicated in pregnancy, Miranda demonstrates its amazing usefulness in her own experience of injury. As always, the choice of remedy is based on the individual symptoms, the hallmark of Homeopathy.



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