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by Ted Suzelis, N.D.

As we move into the cold and flu season, there are many simple things you can do to boost your immune system and reduce or avoid cold and flu symptoms during the winter months. A cold is an acute respiratory infection caused by one of hundreds of possible viruses. It is not well understood why we get colds and why they are more prevalent in the winter months...



by Anthony M. Giovanniello, MSAc, LAc

Our Acupuncture Ambassadors are dedicated to sharing their knowledge of this ancient medicine with those in need by treating patients, setting up sustainable clinics and schools to train personnel charged with their care...


Editor’s Note: In January, ATH, showcased Mindful Medicine Worldwide.  This month, I’d like to bring the Holistic Health Community’s awareness to Acupuncture Ambassadors. Their mission is to “organize sustainable Acupuncture treatment clinics and training programs worldwide to care for refugees, victims of violence, war, international conflict and the poor.” Thank you Mr. Giovanniello for your passion and commitment to bringing effective and affordable medicine to all.  For all your L.Ac.’s out there wondering “how else can I help?” I recommend you read this article for inspiration.


by Sandra Miniere, MEd

When you find yourself in dark, challenging times, you may wonder, “How am I going to get myself out of this.”  You might even ask yourself whether you can do it alone or whether you need help.

Three months after I moved to California, I received a breast cancer diagnosis...


A Note from Supervising Editor, Sherri Carter: Author, Sandra Sandra Miniere, offers how she found the magic and connection to Universal Good, even in the dark times of life.



by Penny Hoff

Fitness-wise, I can't think of anything to write about except my sister-in-law, Dori. She's been my personal trainer this week. I visited her in Atlanta these past few days and she's helped me discover muscles I never knew I had.

I got the call a month ago from my brother. "Chemo to the brain," he told me. "Put her on the phone," I asked. When she came on the line, she complained that she was bored and wanted to get up and walk the hospital corridors...


Exercise & Fitness

by Susan Lutz,

ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living

He’s left. Or you’ve finally ended it what you knew was coming on for months. How to survive these next few weeks, months, years? No reason to leave the organic game plan. Taking the time to grieve for a few days can be done without sending your health entirely out the door. Start with number one the moment you are officially single again and work your way to number 10...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Ending a relationship can be very difficult time in everyone's life. There's no reason to stop the organic life style when our hearts are broken. Take the time to grieve, but doing it organically will give your body and soul a bit more strength for the new life ahead.


Organic Living

by Christine Logel

In a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, women who wrote about their most important values, like close relationships, music, or religion, lost more weight over the next few months than women who did not have that experience...

Editor's Note from Sue Meyn: We are always looking for ways to lose weight. And most reading this page like to write---so it's an interesting piece. You may even feel called to read the whole study!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Thomas A. Kruzel

Earaches or otitis media are commonly seen in children from as early as 6 months of age until 7 years. These can be broken down into 3 types of earaches; serous, infective and external. Both infective and serous otitis often follow upper respiratory infections, but are also seen in children who bottle nurse while lying down and those who have been exposed to cold, windy weather. A strong association with chronic earaches and food allergies has been made, especially milk, dairy products and wheat. Breast fed children have less incidence of ear infections than do those who received formula or cows milk.




by Cathy Ives

I am not a wine connoisseur, I generally buy wine based upon price, the pictures and or the name (ie Mad Housewife)! About six months ago, I switched all my wine purchases to organic wines...


Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: If you like drinking wine, now you can feel even better when you indulge knowing it is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides. Plus, you are supporting the farmers growing grapes in this manner.


Eco-Products & Services

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