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Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Are you so full of your every day life that you have forgotten how to be giggle or to have your eyes become huge saucers dancing with excitement? Living a full life means appreciating the wonder and awe that surrounds us at every moment. Take a few minutes to watch this uplifting video on reigniting that state of wonder.



by Mada Eliza Dalian

Our mind is a gift from the Universe. It sets us apart from animals, trees, and flowers. Though a blessing to the human race, the mind is also our greatest challenge. Having focused on it for centuries, it has gradually taken control of our lives and has taken us away from the truth of our inner being and the joy of being in our hearts...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Mada offers a beautiful heart focused meditation that can be utilized throughout the day. Share this meditation with friends and family.  It's simple steps like these that inspire and nurture a heart based global community.


Sacred Living

by Donna Davidge

Yoga, currently practiced by 15 million Americans, has also become a multi billion dollar business. At its roots yoga is a tool to help the body become more cleansed and balanced by physical asana, or poses, as well as techniques for breathing and meditation, mental focus, clarity and well being...




by Dr. David Hanscom, MD
Guest Editor of Integrative Medicine

Being a victim is the ultimate “passive aggressive” stance. Though they insist that they are powerless, victims are actually quite controlling! Even though you may have good reason to feel angry, betrayed by life and legitimately hurt and in pain, the truth is that you actually reap some major advantages by remaining in this angry mode, including...





Integrative Medicine


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Good video and accompanying article here specifically on how to do this meditation. Anmol stresses for beginners to go easy on this one. Experienced meditators - have at it and have fun...



by Russel Bruhn

Try harder, work smarter, strive to be the best! It’s a dog eat dog world to get to the top! These messages are sent to us regularly in the society that we live in. Most of us are in such a rat race that we never stop to consider whether our goals are possible or that they even are our goals...


Editor's Note from Eden Kozlowski: Being the best and being successful truly happen by just being you. Read on...



by Jeff Kober

The type of meditation I teach is Vedic meditation. It comes from a tradition that stretches back into the mists of pre-history. I did not choose it for the long-livedness of its existence; rather, after trying many other forms of meditation and/or mind-soothing, mind-control or concentrative techniques, this was something that actually worked...


Editor's Note: All of us have our own story to tell about the spiritual path we have found ourselves following. Jeff Kober, a teacher of Vedic Meditation in Los Angeles, CA has decided this year to share his path with readers everyday in a 365 "Vedic Meditation Thought for the Day." These reflect on the Vedic worldview that "All is One" and while that seems heady stuff, the series is infused with a sense of humility and humor.



by Sheila Ramsey

Here is a story that was told to me by a participant in a leadership seminar I facilitated. This is true and only modified to insure anonymity...


Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: What it took for me was a life that was out-of-balance and not knowing how to self-correct it. Working too much... doing lots of things that were unhealthy or unnecessary...just doing "too much." I also realized I was desperately in search for something bigger than myself. What about you? Have you started your quest to look inward? To really get to know you and what makes you tick. If you have, what kick-started you?



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