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by Veno

Venus is the brightest planet in the night sky. It shines like a silvery star. Venus is a planet that inspires great hope, love and desire. It is the planet of beauty. It is the force of attraction in the universe thus bringing things together to form a perfect whole. This force is Love.







by Doctress Neutopia

When I say love, I am not only talking about the biological elements that cause chemical attractions, what has been called the "science of love" such as the study of dopamine and pheromones, the physiological components to mating. But I am also concerned with the metaphysical components of lovemaking, the poetics of the science of love. This poetics not only connects one’s lover in a mind, body and soul with the other, but also to the cosmos, biosphere and noosphere giving us a profound meaning for union.


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by Kelly Robinson

We started our organic garden in early May. This being the fourth year I’ve tried a small raised-bed garden, you’d think that I’d have it down, but each new season brings new challenges. This year we’ve had 14 days at 90 degrees and above and certain plants have just dried up no matter how diligently we water. One thing that has thrived is two lovely rows of hot peppers. Peppers add great taste to favorite dishes. You might not know that in addition to adding a little spice to your life, organic peppers are superior healing agents and promote good health...


Healing Recipes

by Coach Robert Dos Remedios

As a coach running dozens and hundreds of athletes through their motions every day, I see a lot of common problems that people tend to have using equipment and doing exercises correctly...


Editor´s Note: Coach Dos does a great job of explaining why these ten mistakes can cost you results and precious time. We can all use more time, right? Take his advice and you just might find yourself in better shape and spending more time doing the things you love!


Exercise & Fitness

by Paula Grainger BSc (Hons), MNIMH

I was excited to come across this stall at the Farmers’ Market last weekend. Medicinal honeys! Bee Humble Apitherapy are collecting honey from their bees and infusing it with herbs, to create some really interesting products.


Editor's Note: Medicinal herbal honeys are effective and tasty. Children love them and a prettily wrapped jar would make a great Christmas gift for family and friends.


by Debra Lansdowne

I am currently a student of Transpersonal Art Therapy in Sydney, Australia. My working life has covered 40 years of various twists and turns all taking me to the point where I stand now, in my mid 50’s, feeling I have many life experiences to share with others in my community. I was looking for a new direction in my working life that would be creative, joyful and assist others to find their joy...


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: Debra Lansdowne is studying Transpersonal Art Therapy and gaining immensely from the experience. I asked her to write an article for ATH about designing a ritual to enable her to deal with any left-over 'stuff' from her adolescent years. Debra's story is a lovely example of the additional insights which can be gained by incorporating the arts and the mind-body connection in a creative way. Working with all our senses, honouring the wisdom of our body and creating meaningful rituals for ourselves can lead to profound healing which may not always happen via more conventional, mainstream methods.


Arts & Art Therapy 

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