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Interviewed by Allysyn Kiplinger

ATH Editor of Cosmology

Betty-Ann Kissilove

Here’s a great example of one woman’s artistic expression of the new cosmology. I first met Betty-Ann at a retreat about the new cosmology with Dr. Brian Swimme in California in 1999. Her playful wit and intense curiosity about the nature of the universe are beautifully presented in her new book called “Great Ball of Fire! A Poetic Telling of the Universe Story” (Mearth Press, 2010). I was recently able to speak with her about this newly published epic poem, as well as inquire about her inspiration and her thoughts about cosmology...



by Doctress Neutopia

When I say love, I am not only talking about the biological elements that cause chemical attractions, what has been called the "science of love" such as the study of dopamine and pheromones, the physiological components to mating. But I am also concerned with the metaphysical components of lovemaking, the poetics of the science of love. This poetics not only connects one’s lover in a mind, body and soul with the other, but also to the cosmos, biosphere and noosphere giving us a profound meaning for union.

by Sheri Ritchlin

The universe itself—sun, moon, stars, planets and "all things under heaven"—comes to us with a numinous quality and awakens us in our inmost depths with the tenderness of a lover. We think of it as something infinitely larger than ourselves, whether we receive it as beauty, a dazzling light, Nirvana, or the presence of God.




Drew Dellinger is a spoken word poet, professor, writer, activist and founder of Poets for Global Justice. He has inspired minds and hearts at hundreds of events in many countries, performing poetry and keynoting on justice, ecology, cosmology, activism, democracy and compassion. He has spoken and performed at numerous conferences--including Bioneers, the Green Festival and The Dream Reborn--as well as colleges, poetry venues, protests and places of worship. Dellinger has shared podiums and stages with luminaries such as Alice Walker, Cornel West,& Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,& Danny Glover, Ani Difranco, Billy Bragg, Michael Franti, Eve Ensler, Chuck D, Paul Hawken, Van Jones and many others.

Natalie Jovanic

Love connects us,
Freedom allows us to choose to walk together.

Love wants us to spend our life together.
Freedom tells us that we won’t know before the end of our days...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: In our relationships, we sometimes face difficult decisions. Is it time to leave a relationship? When I had to face this question, I had a hard time to find an answer... There was this conflict about what is loving for myself and what is loving towards the other person. I hope that this poem can help you to find your answer.



by Robert Romanbyshyn, PhD

Who am I to speak about so intimate a topic as grief? Especially as I do not believe that there are any norms by which the grief of one person can be made into a formula for another. At best each of us can be only a witness to those awe-ful moments of loss, giving as faithful and true account of the journey that grief impels us into...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wolfson: This beautiful article by Robert Romanashyn describes how the shock of losing a loved one and the journey of mourning may bring us to a new place in relation to the loved one, to the world, and to ourselves.



by Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman

This quiz highlights elements of what Dr. Gottman refers to as your "love map." In his workshops, Dr. Gottman discusses the step-by-step process of making sure that you nurture your friendship with your partner...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wolfson: Why do some relationships work and others don't?  Drs. John and Julie Gottman have been researching this question since 1972 by studying couples through videotape and date collection in a "Love Laboratory..."




Editor’s Note from Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten: "Nature is such a perfect teacher because she reminds us we have always been free." ~ Simon Paul Harrison.

This is a great video for parents and children to experience and connect with mother earth. It captures the beauty and the awe flawlessly. A visually enticing example of how mother earth provides everything for us and asks nothing in return. We hope this video entices parents and children to develop a life-long love affair with our planet.


Family & Parenting

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