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by Christian Leeby

Standing poses should be the foundation of all yoga practices because they safely prepare the body for the next poses to come. As well, the standing poses teach us how to practice all of the other types of poses...


Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Christian Leeby shares with us how the correct alignment for warrior l prepares us for backbends. Learning the correct way to practice bending backwards can help to avoid injuries, and protect your lower back from getting compressed.



by Shakti Gawain

Having a beautiful body starts with following the natural flow of your energy. Trust yourself. Express yourself physically in ways that feel good. Sleep as much as you need to. Stay in bed if you feel you need more rest. Eat what your body truly desires and follow your heart. If you’re willing to trust your body, you’ll learn what’s best for you...


Editor's Note from Jodi Chapman: In this article (excerpted from the book Living in the Light – 25th Anniversary Edition), Shakti Gawain shows us that learning to trust and love our bodies is an essential part of living consciously and happily.



from LD

The good news about learning disabilities is that scientists are learning more every day. Their research provides hope and direction.

If parents, teachers, and other professionals discover a child's learning disability early and provide the right kind of help, it can give the child a chance to develop skills needed to lead a successful and productive life...


Editor's Note: This is Part 2 of a 6 part series on Learning Disablities. Read part 1: What is a Learning Disability?.



Integrative Medicine

by Melanie Webb

Remember when you were in elementary school, and learning about the planets was exciting? So far 2012 has been full of astronomical happenings – the Mars rover just landed in Gale Crater; the first of three eclipses occurred in May; the transit of Venus moved like a speck across the Sun...


Editor's Note from Melanie Webb: When was your last outdoor fitness vacation? This article captures one of my 'morning musings,' times when I'm outside exercising and Mother Nature shares her wisdom with me. May we all have more of them!



Exercise & Fitness

by Kristin Fraser

So perhaps it’s time for a new era of indulgences. A time where “you can have your cake and eat it too” - so to speak. It’s about learning to love the foods that love you back...


Editor’s Note: Holistic Nutritionist, Kristin Fraser gives us some tips towards a holistic nutrition diet.


 Holistic Nutrition

by Christy Whitman

A good friend of mine has a 15-year-old daughter who is just learning how to drive. As we were talking the other day, my friend Sam told me how excited and nervous her daughter becomes when she is behind the wheel...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: Christy Whitman compares learning to master the Law of Attraction with learning to drive a car. When we feel overwhelmed with the details of the learning curve, we might like to stop, pull over and have a good cry. When things are not going smoothly for me, I can relate to this line, "nothing ever works out for me." This article is filled with encouragement and suggestions to keep going and understand that learning requires practice and patience. Onward and upward!


Sacred Living

by Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund

Last year I began learning about a Japanese company that works with magnets that heal called Nikken. Isamu Masuda who had a sickly son started this company 30 years ago, having a desire to help others and also to find a way to increase his financial flow. Mr. Masuda discovered a way to help people using the power of magnets. Thirty years later, his wellness marketing company has grown to become one of the most successful in the world, spanning 40 countries...


Energy Medicine

by Tom Cowan, PhD

These weeks around the winter solstice are undoubtedly the most nostalgic season of the year. (Except for maybe summer.)  The trappings of this season remind us of all the trappings from previous years:  holiday songs, candles, trees, lights, ornaments, tinsel, gifts, wreathes, and the cookies...


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Shamanic experiences in non-ordinary reality happen outside of linear time and ordinary space. Tom Cowan brings that understanding of existence into the cyclical realm of the feelings that many of us often have around the many holidays associated with the winter Solstice. Some feelings and memories may be wonderful, or… not so much, but whatever they are, we can become more self aware of ourselves and our relationship with the rest of the natural world by paying attention to them. Learning from the past is crucial to a more conscious Now and Future.



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