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by Rebecca McClary, MA, MT-BC

One of the highlights of visiting distant lands is learning about unique local customs and indigenous music, especially those with a healing heritage. In my recent travels to Kauai and Australia I had several serendipitous musical adventures that illustrate the powerful spiritual connections inherent in the music of many cultures...



Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Christina Sarich
Cross-posted from

I am not the only one who has been delivered shocking and upsetting news. Sometimes our karma seems to come back to bite us so strongly that we can’t imagine what previous thoughts and deeds led to the culmination of this moment...


Editor's Note from Brooke Nisbet: Use asana, pranayama, meditation and silent communion with your God (whichever your religion) to help minimize your current karma and change your future karma. If you stay stuck in the negative emotions which accompany the experience of past negativity, then you will forever aim at the same, unpleasant experience. You owe it to yourself, and your spiritual development to choose more wisely.



by Barbara Rodriguez

Every mommy wants her children to be healthy and happy, and this is accomplished in so many ways. We make happy kids by building their self-esteem and letting them know how much they are loved. We surround our children with books and games that develop their mind. We take them to the doctor for regular check-ups. But, how often do we think about the food that we are feeding our children every day?...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Check those labels. Learning what goes in what we eat is a constant process of education.


Organic Living

by Dorinne S. Davis

Your child leaves for school with a hug and a kiss, a balanced lunch in his lunch box, his homework done, and a feeling that the day will be a good one! Or at least that is what you hope happens. Each of us wants the best for our children, but sometimes we worry that once in school we don’t know what struggles occur that impact their day, which in turn affects their learning, development, wellness, and overall vitality. Perhaps your child doesn’t always listen well to the teacher’s instructions, or has difficulty with his reading skills, or has difficulty staying focused or on task, or has difficulty making and maintaining friends, or finds handwriting tasks difficult, or needs to move around a lot versus staying in his seat...


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Elizabeth M. Wisniewski, DC,

ATH Co-Editor of Chiropractic

Recently, I went to the ballet and I was able to truly enjoy it. I am setting aside being upset when I go to things that are super visual and learning to embrace them in a different way. Listening to the music and feeling the energy was amazing...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: My purpose in this world is to show others how to take their challenge and make it an asset. In this article I discuss a recent experience I had and how I was able to enjoy it without being able to see! This is part of the chiropractic lifestyle, living a life that is from the inside-out. Only then can you connect with your genuine self and live the life you have imagined. 



by Joanna Young

Journaling can reduce anxiety in children and provides a way for them to express themselves when the spoken word may not be sufficient (or safe). By learning to write their feelings and deepest thoughts on paper they are learning to tune into themselves...



Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Many of us remember our first journal, that special place that we could write down all of our feelings and wishes free from parents and teachers. Where we could spill out everything to crisp blank pages to our trusted confidante, our journal. Consider sharing the gift of journaling with another generation, your children, grandchildren or others; and encourage them to write and scribble to express themselves for fun and healing too.


Family & Parenting

by Scott White

There are so many reasons why proper form and posture are important when you are working out. Most exercise professionals won't even let clients begin an exercise routine without learning about the basic form for each particular exercise..





Exercise & Fitness



by Anne-Marie Botek, Editor 

Cross-posted from

There used to be this great game show on TV: “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”

The premise of the show was to determine whether or not the average adult could answer questions based on a typical elementary school learning curriculum...


Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: You may be younger than 100, but age doesn't always tell the truth. Take this survey to find out if you are healthier than a 100-year-old.



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