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A Note from ATH Editor, Sherri Carter:  Another EXCELLENT TedTalk! Tony Wagner discusses the current educational system and how "the culture of schooling is radically at odds with the culture of learning that produces innovators" along with referencing his research and suggestions that TEACHERS become the innovators to create change within the current educational system.


Family & Parenting

by Janet Gillett, PsyD
ATH Co-Editor of Books for Healing

Four words can say a lot. In fact, four words can say more than a whole bunch of complicated rules and guidelines that many books are full of. Patti Digh provides four-word phrases full of wisdom in “four word self help.” These illustrated phrases cut through defenses and intellectualism, heading straight to the soul...


Editor's Note from Janet Gillett:  Four words can change your life. Let this illustrated book of four word phrases simplify and enhance your life.


Books for Healing


Editor's Note from Diane Renz: The Greater Good Science Center: the science of a meaningful life, is interested in how we can cultivate what is best in us, our compassionate, kind, caring qualities born in us as human beings and made visible in the extremes of tragedy and disasters, are waiting for a chance to be present more consistently. It is the day to day re-membering of what is good which will seed our fullest sense of well-being, letting the simple moments of a life then string together into complete awareness, by learning how to direct our attention...



by Kevin Eikenberry

Passion is great, but what do you do when you just aren’t feeling passionate about much of anything? Leadership and learning expert Kevin Eikenberry shares six ways to unlock this powerful paradox, both in your work and in the rest of your life...





Sacred Living

by Margarita Alcantara

When I first began treating patients with acupuncture as an intern in the clinic at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, I was eager to implement all the theory and knowledge I had been learning over the past six years. I was also looking forward to seeing how I could make a difference in peoples’ lives simply through my acupuncture treatments, as well as my interactions with them. I was quite pleased to learn that my bedside manner seemed to put my patients at ease, and a sense of trust seemed to establish itself, too.


 But what I did not expect was what I would receive back...



from the Organic Consumers Association

STOP spraying toxic pesticides on school property, playgrounds and in buildings, and convert to integrated pest management practices...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: School lunches need a make-over. These ideas will take our children far and set the standard for a higher level of learning.


Organic Living

by Steven Handel

We have a natural tendency to blame ourselves when something goes wrong in our lives. This is because we have evolved to experience emotions like shame and regret, especially when we behave in a ways that violate the expectations of ourselves and others...


Editor´s Note from Debbie Allen: Shame is at the root of many psychological problems. Learning self-forgiveness is a step on the path of removing feelings of shame. Steve Handel has looked at the research on forgiveness and offers some helpful tips about how to forgive oneself.



by Dana Layon

Everyone is doing it – this thing called yoga. Doctors are prescribing it as a natural therapy to reduce stress; physical therapists are recommending it to help patients rehabilitate; personal trainers are suggesting it as a complementary activity to cardio and weight training and schools are offering it as an elective in physical education courses – learning to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Simply put, yoga means “union” – uniting breath and movement, uniting mind and body – being present in every moment – not thinking about the next.



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