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by Bobbi Emel

I was sitting on the patio at Starbuck’s the other day passing time before I met a friend for lunch. I had a book with me and was trying to read it but, to tell the truth, my mood was down and I felt distracted from reading by my inner melancholy. Having lived with depression for a long time, my mind resorted to its gamut of self-recriminations...


Editor's Note from Jodi Chapman: I am learning more and more that the present moment carries all of life’s magic. The tricky part is to stay in it. And articles such as this are great reminders to help all of us do exactly that.



by Steven Handel

Our minds can be incredibly stubborn when they cling to old beliefs and perspectives.
This is because everyone’s beliefs are susceptible to a range of cognitive biases, or distorted patterns of thinking, which can hinder our learning and knowledge of how the world really works...


Editor´s Note: Cognitive Dissonance is an area of psychology that may help to explain why people sometimes ignore the advice they may actually need the most.



by Dylan Charles, Editor, Waking Times
Cross-posted from

In the ancient practice of Tai Chi, one learns to recognize the subtle energy of the universe and to move within its natural flow to develop both defensive capability and extraordinary health...




Exercise & Fitness

by Silvia Mordini

We use the poses to declutter the mind. And once we remove the clutter that has been molding our physical health, emotional stability, and mental sanity we can clearly set our course for being free from pain and suffering. This is why I don't want anything we do in yoga class to be more distracting than how you live outside of class...


Editor´s Note from Brooke Nisbet: This piece, written by a yoga teacher, is a good reminder of why we need to pause long enough to still our minds. The clutter and mind chatter we walk around with everday is heavy and draining. Do yourself a favor and begin to learn how to calm and quiet the mind. Read more for a deeper understanding.



by Jennifer Summerfield, DVM, CPDT-KA

Years ago, when I was a senior veterinary student working as an extern with OSU’s clinical behavior service, I saw a case that stuck hard in my memory and has never faded. The patient was a beautiful three-year-old female German shepherd I’ll call Heidi.  She was a lovely dog in most respects – friendly and gentle with people, very bright, and a quick learner.  Heidi had one flaw, and unfortunately it was a serious one – she was intensely, violently aggressive towards other dogs.


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: I know a pit bull named Roscoe who is sweet as pie - until another dog comes near him. Then, he gets a look on his face of sheer panic; next instant, he attacks ferociously! Unfortunately, his owner doesn't know what the adverse negative single-event was - so, she keeps him away from other dogs. Quite a challenge!



Animals & Pets


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: A former Anglican priest, Zen Buddhist, mystic, and scholar to name a few of his accomplishments Alan Watts was a pioneer and vanguard when it came to the progressive and revolutionary thinking movement of the 1960's.  He was able to explain the Mystical in terms that Westerners could understand.  If you haven't been introduced to Alan Watts before enjoy this enlivening and enlightening video of one of his many lectures.  If you do know Alan Watts, then enjoy again hearing his infinite wisdom and re-learning the many truths he espouses and shares with us lay-folk.  Learn more about Alan Watts at


Intuition & Symbols

by Liz Vartanian

Ok, maybe it’s not fun as in the way a beach vacation is fun or even dinner out with friends, but falling is fun in the way that learning a new trick or a skill is fun...


Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: Why is it that we can fall so easily on the yoga mat, but off the mat, we have a hard time when we fail in something? It's all about courage, and facing new challenges is like food for the soul. Find out how falling in yoga can be a fun experience, and can push us forward in life, on or off the mat.




Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Training our bodies just doesn't happen on the sport's field; it takes place in the field of food. What a great idea to plant and spread the knowledge of organic farming at an age when activism and higher learning can ignite ideas to change the world, one plate at a time.


Organic Living

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