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by Pamela Bitterman

Why did I choose to write my own true adventure/memoir Sailing To The Far Horizon: The Restless Journey and Tragic Sinking of a Tall Ship, a quarter century after the disaster? No one else had and I feared no one else would...

Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Pamela Bitterman asks, "How do I survive surviving it?" after a tall ship for which she was in a secondary position of command, sank. So how do you survive it? I encourage you to pick up your pen and journal and write, just like Pamela has here.


Writing & Poetry Therapy


Editor's Note from Janet Gillett: Sara Avant Stover talks about her new book "The Book of She: Follow Your Heroine's Journey to Reclaim Feminine Power & Wisdom."  Learn more about the divine feminine and embracing your femininity!


Books for Healing

by Linda Yael Schiller, LICSW

Let’s start with story. Our dreams usually come though with some kind of story line.  It may be a very short story of a sentence or two, or at times a full-length narrative. We can examine our dream story both for it’s personal meaning (for healing, problem solving, spiritual questing, etc.) but also as a story in and of it’s own right.  What is the major plot?  The dynamic tensions between the characters?  The sources of conflict, and how/if they are resolved?  Is there an inner or outer journey involved?  These types of questions and use of other literary devices can both provide the basis to turn our dream story into art, and to re-create the story of our own lives as metaphor or road map...


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: Linda Yael Schiller, as a psychotherapist and long-time dreamworker, brings an enormous wealth of knowledge and skills to the art of working with dreams.  In this article she gives examples of some psychotherapeutic techniques which can be used to uncover deeper layers of our dreams.


Dream Medicine

Editor's Note from Marie Sakai: Beautiful and provoking, these images speak of another world altogether full of beauty and visions. Julie Hoyle's artwork speaks volumes to the concept of finding your way, your path, and entering into the dream world or the Shaman's way. By merging soul to body in colorful hues, Julie Hoyle is able to capture the essence of our souls and where we are meant to journey. Breathtaking and full of vitality she holds deep conceptions of our world in art.


Shaman Woman


Arts & Art Therapy


by Sandra Ingerman

I started practicing shamanism in 1980 and my own personal practice led me to explore with the spirits the issue of reversing environmental pollution.  One of the most important messages I was to receive over my twenty years of journeying on this was it is who we become that changes the world and our environment not what we do...


Editor's Note: Read Part 1 of this series, Shamanism: A Brief Overview, and Part 2: Soul Retrieval: How Shamans Heal Trauma.



by Sylvia Poareo, MSW

My clients often say, “I know, I know you always say I need to take care of myself too” because it is an essential component of parenting that I address repeatedly. Yet what I have realized is that often my encouragement toward self-care is heard as yet another thing to do, something else to add to the already huge list, which can increase the overwhelming feelings so common to life as a parent...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: Practicing self-presence throughout our days as parents is often easy to forget. Yet it is one of the most important subtle shifts you can make which will benefit the whole family. Our children need us to be present for ourselves so we can be truly present for them as we grow and learn together in this parenting journey. I hope this article is helpful to you!


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: A beautiful synergy between music ['Healing Begins' by Tenth Avenue North], imagery and words, this video s a powerful illustration of both the damage wrought by rape/abuse and the journey back to healing and wholeness. Please also see interview coming soon on ATH with Lynne McGuire, a sexual assault counsellor in Australia, who uses the arts and creativity with her clients. 


Arts & Art Therapy


by Mada Eliza Dalian

Breath is always the key to experiencing and strengthening your witnessing awareness. No matter how far you have traveled on your healing journey, you will always need to watch your breath. Breath awareness is the simplest way to break through all the veils of illusion...





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