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by Ginger Schenck

Mexican Loteria cards are cards that are used with Mexican Loteria. There are little riddles or sayings that go with each card. I recently learned that there are actually different sayings depending on the region of Mexico. I am posting the ones I know of, along with my interpretations of what the cards might mean in a reading...





Intuition & Symbols

 by Christine DeLorey

You can tell a lot about you and your relatives from the common name you share. The family number represents an important lesson you chose to learn together, and it can be a difficult lesson, until you accept its presence in your lives. Knowing the nature of your family's energy can bring harmony to these precious relationships and can even help to heal the wounds that are often incurred simply from being so closely related...

 Intuition & Symbols


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: Marianne Williamson, spiritual activist, author, lecturer, and founder of The Peace Alliance, aptly explains how relevant and life-changing the power of forgiveness is, as only she can. She shares how important it is to forgive ourselves and others to allow more love into our lives.


Intuition & Symbols

by Marc de Bruin

The other day I received an email in my inbox from a renowned coaching school, in which one of their tele-seminars was praised. It was going to be a 7 week course on "how to jam-pack my teleclasses and to use them as a means to make money and gain clients". "Good grief", I thought...


Editor's Note: An interesting concept of 'doing nothing' appeals to me - what about you? I like the concept listening to your "emotional guidance system." Take a moment to read what Marc has to say, apply what he suggests - enjoy. 


Intuition & Symbols

by Rachel Zuses

Numbers are energies.


Numbers represent the spectrum of creative forces that shape the universe, governing both the form of the material world and our experiences in it. These energies are at work on all levels, from the macro to the micro, the physical to the spiritual. They teach us about the cyclical nature of life, how we all emanate out from a singular source and back again...


Intuition & Symbols

by Anne Eyres

Hypnosis happens when we daydream, or when we “go into trance” where the conscious mind switches off for a while and allows that peaceful state of just being. It’s those unconscious thoughts that relay messages, the thoughts that ‘pop up’, as we leave the house: “is the iron switched off, have I locked the back door?...”



Editor's Note: I first met Ann through a friend of mine who was interested in any technique to quieten her mind in order to take advantage of her developing intuition. Ann suggested self hypnosis as a way of 'removing' her conscious mind for a moment or two - allowing my friend's intuition to shine through. You too, can benefit from self hypnosis if you find your analytical mind is 'too' powerful at times, more so when reading tarot, number, interpreting dreams, etc.


Intuition & Symbols

by Pauline Edward

More and more people are taking on the challenge of orchestrating and directing the shape of their lives. We're applying all manner of clever plans, living with purpose and focusing with intention. Yet, a natural consequence of this self-determination is that people are feeling not only increasingly responsible for the outcome of their lives, but also pressured to prove they are equal to the challenge...


Intuition & Symbols

by Lynn A. Robinson, MEd

You feel excited. He just called for the first time and left a message asking you to join him Saturday night to catch the latest act at a new club in town. You’re attracted to him, and a little nervous. You don’t know him that well. Can you trust him?...





Intuition & Symbols

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