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Intuition & Symbols

by Michael Brine

Formal meditation should be seen as a valid tool to increase our understanding and connection with Truth, that which has no name - some call it 'God'. However, the concept of 'God' is beyond the mind's ability to truly understand, for 'God' is of the Heart and our Intuition. The practice of stilling the mind is the doorway that allows us to enter the Heart and feel the stillness that is All. To feel that stillness is beyond the mind and word formulations...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Introducing experienced Yukon traveler, new author Michael Brine, a man of many talents. Brine writes on human consciousness, mysticism and spiritual development.


Sacred Living

by Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C, CCDC

Two times in my life during profound transformation, the Bear has come to me in a dream. The first, when I began working as a spiritual empath. The first three years were the most intense; I barely slept and rarely went outside. My inner world was rich with new knowledge and experience but my body was wrought with fatigue...



Intuition & Symbols

by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 

In my work helping parents communicate with their unborn or not yet conceived children I am often asked this I am often asked this question. 

This excerpt from a reading will shed some light on this subject.






Intuition & Symbols

by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 

"This Dear One is a warm, sympathetic and sensitive soul. She has a great deal of untapped potential. Her problems with bringing a child into the world are lessons for her which will further enhance her abilities to care for the sorrows of others. Like many who are healers by nature she has had to learn to set boundaries so as not to be totally depleted..."





Intuition & Symbols


Editor's Note from CJ Wright: What's the difference between an icon and a symbol? How about an "index"? This short introductory film explains the differences.


Intuition & Symbols

by Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C, CCDC

One of the easiest and hardest things you will ever do is support someone you love with the loss of someone or something that they love. Losing a beloved human, pet, house, or job; are all profound and experienced differently by everyone. Grieving the loss of a beloved can bring an unsuspecting person to a crumpled pile on the floor. It often redefines the idea of devastation for the people experiencing it...


Intuition & Symbols

by Diana Raab

When I was ten years old my grandmother and caretaker committed suicide in her bedroom beside mine. It was Labor Day weekend and I knocked on her bedroom door to see if I could swim in a friend’s pool. With a child’s intuition, I knew something was seriously wrong and phoned my mother at work...


Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Diana Raab shares that "putting words on the page is a form of therapy that doesn't cost a dime and it is certainly a productive way to deal with the scars and dark places from our pasts." Loosing someone dear to us, like a Grandmother is certainly difficult, but writing in a journal can be one way to express the sadness and loss.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

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