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by Jeanine Byers Hoag

One of the things that is likely to happen with an intuitive gift marking is either being fully in touch with the gift and trusting your intuition or having shut it down and not trusting it...


 Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This is an excellent article for those of you who are naturally intuitive. Sometimes people fear the fact that they're intuitive and don't know how to handle the intuitive information they're given. This article helps provide clarity for just that. A very informative and important article for intuitives.


Intuition & Symbols

by Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C, CCDC

A lot of folks out there are just plain uncomfortable with the emotional responsibility of relationships, and it stumps me. I think of responsibilities in my life and relationships much how I expect my lungs to breath for me. I wonder if my lungs feel overwhelmed and crowded. Insecure about whether they are breathing deeply enough as to not disappoint me. Or if they had more time, would they breathe more deeply. Relationships are our breath in life...



Intuition & Symbols


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: A former Anglican priest, Zen Buddhist, mystic, and scholar to name a few of his accomplishments Alan Watts was a pioneer and vanguard when it came to the progressive and revolutionary thinking movement of the 1960's.  He was able to explain the Mystical in terms that Westerners could understand.  If you haven't been introduced to Alan Watts before enjoy this enlivening and enlightening video of one of his many lectures.  If you do know Alan Watts, then enjoy again hearing his infinite wisdom and re-learning the many truths he espouses and shares with us lay-folk.  Learn more about Alan Watts at


Intuition & Symbols

by Carmen Turner-Schott

I look back on a few key moments in my life when I was at a crossroad. I remember how one decision changed the entire course of my life. There are certain decisions that I made that were based on fear and ego. The decisions I made were not based on what I “felt” was right. I often ignored my intuition and that still small voice within...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Sometimes, I feel like a victim of circumstances. Yet, it's never the circumstance but my conscious or unconscious choices. This article reminds you lovingly that you always have the power of choice. How do you want to use your power?



by Dr. Kitty Bishop

For the past few weeks, I keep thinking of the magnolia flower. It pops into my head all the time. The image is so persistent that I finally decided to find out more about what it means...

Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This lovely article by Dr. Kitty Bishop reveals the symbolism behind the gorgeous Magnolia flower. Among the many, one of it's symbols is "...sublime, natural and shows love for nature. Magnolias are associated with the life force and are often presented at births."


Intuition & Symbols


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: Lovely Steffany Barton, RN shares how important it is for us to connect with our animal friends and how love transcends all species. This is a lovely story about connecting with animal spirits.


Intuition & Symbols

by Karen Horan

It’s almost a cliché: The telephone rings and you intuitively know who it is before answering.

Intuition often shows up this way, as a fleeting insight we'll probably dismiss as coincidence  — or write off as “just imagination.”...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: I always enjoy learning new techniques for strengthening my intuition.  Here are some simple exercises for doing so: one of my favorites listed is "red-light/green-light."


Intuition & Symbols

by Simone Wright

Learning to develop and trust our intuitive intelligence is more important now than it ever has been before. According to a recent UCLA study, we are exposed to a tsunami of information that amounts to over 174 newspapers full of data per day...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Our society has information overload. In the past, I often felt overwhelmed and confused by this overload, until I decided to tune into my intuitive intelligence to take a decision that felt right for me. My intuition helped me to let go of unhealthy relationships. Now, it guides me in all aspects of my life. Tune into your intuition to take the right choices for your life. Simone Wright's article explains you more with this natural wisdom that resides with you.



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