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Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Ayurvedic cooking gives us the freedom to choose light, sattvic (wise) foods for our bodies evertime we eat. Foods that are bitter and astringent like leafy greens, vegetables and whole grains can help detoxify the body a bit each meal. This lovely video has Seema Chandra demonstrating how to make a modified, modern jowar medley while she hosts an ayurvedic interview with Anurag Sharma Director of the Baidyanath Group. It includes a mix of fresh vegetables that incorporate the shad rasas (6 tastes) of ayurveda and is well balanced. Note, traditional ayurveda prefers cooking with ghee for the most nourishing meals. Enjoy!



by Linda Otto

I suppose I should start by saying that Integrative Hypnosis, to me, means that I have the freedom to do whatever works. It's an umbrella, under which I combine ideas and processes from Classical and Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral and Energy Psychology and whatever else comes to me in the moment with a client. I think it's also about an integration of all aspects of the body/mind...


Editor's Note from Seth-Deborah Roth: Melissa is extremely skilled in her use of language patterns and thought patterns. An author to be on the lookout for!




by Bernice Chu

Music therapists work all over the world. In the spotlight today, a music therapist from Australia, Maybelle Wei, shares parts of her wonderful journey...


Editor's Note from Bernice Chu: I had the exciting opportunity to interview one of my dearest colleagues and friends, Maybelle Wei, a music therapist in Australia. She shares parts of her own journey as a music therapist and offers advice to anyone who may be looking to become one! If you have any questions, feel free to post on our forum!


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Jodi Chapman

 Carol Woodliff

"In the introduction to the book, I describe feeling like I was missing something big, something important.  I had been searching for answers for a long time and wasn’t any closer to finding them.  I threw my hands in the air and asked the Universe “What do You Want Me to DO?” like a bratty child.  It was a not-so-elegant moment of surrender..."

Editor´s Note from Jodi Chapman: In this Soulful Interview, Carol Woodliff talks about her new book, From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life.




by Jadda Miller
from Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet

My grandparents live on a farm where they grow beans and raise sheep. They’re doing what people used to do in the past, grow food and eat food. What I want to do is introduce urban communities to rural communities and harmonize the two. A city cannot survive without the country...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Most restaurants receive their food from a truck that unloads boxes of canned goods and corporate farmed vegetables. Arthur Potts Dawson, a famed chef, restaurateur, and author works in several areas teaching restaurants the techinques of becoming sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly. This interview gives an insight on how it is possible to become eco-friendly in the world of dining out.


Organic Living

Jerry Wennstrom
Jerry Wennstrom is a New York born artist who after producing a large body of work, at age 29 set out to discover the rock-bottom truth of his life. For years he questioned the limits of his creative life as a studio painter. After destroying all of his art and giving away everything he owned, Jerry began a life of unconditional trust, allowing life to provide all that was needed. He lived this way for 15 years.


This interview, given by Marié Sakai, ATH Co-Editor of Arts & Art Therapy, explores with Jerry why he destroyed his work and how that act changed his life, his art, and his relationship with himself and the world - and how his story has captured the hearts and imaginations of a generation.


This conversation is not to be missed... by coming into contact with Jerry and his soul-lived wisdom you could be moved to begin a transformation of your own. 

by Sara Davidson

In February of 1999, I drove up the long spine of the San Fernando Valley to the town of Sierra Madre to seek out the Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. I was a pilgrim, desperate for a cure. I'd heard she was an "energy healer" but I had no idea what that was...

Editor's Note: This is a nice interview of energy healer Rosalyn Bruyere. I've studied with Rosalyn Bruyere and found her to be a great teacher and inspiring pioneer in the field of energy healing.  Enjoy!


Energy Medicine

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