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Editor's Note from Karen Adler: Art can do amazing, unexpected things for people. 'Traumatic Brain Injury patients at UW Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center in Seattle often work with art as part of their rehabilitation therapy. For some patients, the therapy becomes a passion, even a career. This video includes interviews with four TBI patients - Bret Hart, Michael Carlos, Carol Wessberg and Stacy Rosevear - and with Dr. Kathleen Bell of UW Medical Center.'


Arts & Art Therapy 


by Derrick Jensen

Nearly everyone in the country (if not the world) is familiar with Joe Camel, the cartoon camel used by R J Reynolds for ten years to sell cigarettes - especially to children, critics said. In response, Lasn's Media Foundation gave us Joe Chemo, a bald camel lying in a hospital bed with ivs in both arms...

Editor's Note: Derrick Jensen is an esteemed author and activist with a primary focus on how our civilization is ruining the planet through numerous avenues which must be addressed. No matter how ugly those issues look, they need to be put to a halt...




Editor's Note from Thomasz Czepaitis: For most people that are sent to prison, life effectively ends. Yet for poet Dwayne Betts, getting sent to jail for eight years when he was still a high school student was the start of a remarkable journey to become a writer, speaker, and poet. We had an opportunity to interview Dwayne while he was speaking at the Virginia Piper Center for Creative Writing. His story is inspiring and a great reminder of the power of your dreams – writes Christina Cooper, editor of this video.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Bethany

I’m a proponent of chiropractic adjustments and try to visit my doctor every three weeks or so for regular spinal alignment maintenance...


Editor´s Note from Abbey Denaro: If you've been hearing more and more about pediatric chiropractic, you're not alone! Families are understanding the importance of healthy spines and nervous systems in children who may not even be in pain. This interview summarizes many of the frequently asked questions about pediatric chiropractic.




Editor's Note from David Arenson: Have you ever wondered about how the universe really works? How we fit in? Do you feel, or instinctively know that everything truly is ONE?


In this interview by Jamie Janover, scientist Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project gives an overview of the unified field theory. Learn about Nassim Haramein's lifelong journey into the geometry of space-time, which has lead to a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure and dynamics of the universe and our existence in it. This will take you on a journey into the true nature of life.


Sacred Living

by Michael Forrester

As a society the center of our interest related to the human body is on disease care. We have misplaced our focus on figuring out all of the ways to defeat disease that we have forgotten our natural state which is health...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: In this excellent article, spiritual counselor Michael Forrester explores how you are the number one cause of your health as well as the number one cause of disease. Regardless of what therapeutic modalities are used, energy medicine is ultimately about your thoughts and beliefs. This fascinating and provocative article includes a video where Dr. Mercola interviews Bruce Lipton PhD., who explains how your thoughts, and the thoughts of those around you, can directly influence the state of your health.


Energy Medicine

An Interview with Len Worley, PhD

What happens when you bring men together for a weekend and they commit to keeping all conversations private and speak only from the heart?

Editor´s Note from Doris Helge: My clients discover the magic of self-awareness and other-awareness when they stop trying to apply BandAids™ to the gaping wounds caused by misunderstanding men. Enjoy Part 2 of this special series. Click HERE to read part 1.






An Interview with Len Worley, PhD

What happens when you bring men together for a weekend and they commit to keeping all conversations private and speak only from the heart?


Editor´s Note from Doris Helge: My heart hurts when I hear comments like, "Men are insensitive. At least, they're good for taking out the garbage." Even when men appear to wear a protective coat of armor, my male clients are sensitive and caring. They also usually intend to be excellent providers for their children and other loved ones. When men trust women, they share how disrespected they often feel. It's time to heal the wounds caused by misunderstanding men and their needs and intentions.




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