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by Carter Phipps

WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT: It seems like every day we learn something new about the universe, with incredible pictures of distant stars, strange nebulae, or colliding galaxies that dazzle astronomers. If we take a bird's-eye view on the subject of cosmology, what is being revealed about the universe we live in...


Interviewed by Allysyn Kiplinger

ATH Editor of Cosmology

Betty-Ann Kissilove

Here’s a great example of one woman’s artistic expression of the new cosmology. I first met Betty-Ann at a retreat about the new cosmology with Dr. Brian Swimme in California in 1999. Her playful wit and intense curiosity about the nature of the universe are beautifully presented in her new book called “Great Ball of Fire! A Poetic Telling of the Universe Story” (Mearth Press, 2010). I was recently able to speak with her about this newly published epic poem, as well as inquire about her inspiration and her thoughts about cosmology...




"We Are All Connected" was made from sampling Carl Sagan's Cosmos, The History Channel's Universe series, Richard Feynman's 1983 interviews, Neil deGrasse Tyson's cosmic sermon, and Bill Nye's Eyes of Nye Series, plus added visuals from The Elegant Universe (NOVA), Stephen Hawking's Universe, Cosmos, the Powers of 10, and more. It is a tribute to great minds of science, intended to spread scientific knowledge and philosophy through the medium of music.


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This is part 2 of Sonia Choquette's interview regarding intuition.  I like how she teaches us how to use our discernment to determine what's our intuition and what's our imagination.  She reiterates what many of us Intuitives already know, which is that everyone has an "intuitive muscle" - you have to use it to strengthen it.  Sonia's friendly, down-to-earth nature comes through as she explains how to nurture and develop your intuition. See Part 1.


Intuition & Symbols


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: Robert Moss interviewed on Vancouver news show.


Dream Medicine

by Sandra Miniere, MEd

What does it take to become an active and vibrant 100 year old adult? Why is that important? If you are curious about what it takes to have optimal health and well-being, centenarians have much to teach you. Researchers are interviewing active centenarians from diverse cultures around the world, and they are uncovering life-enhancing patterns that others can follow...



Sacred Living

by Stella Stepney, MS, ATR-BC, LCAT
Self-actualization has been described as person’s desire for self-improvement, or the drive to make actual what he or she is potentially. Creativity is the ability to bring something new into being or to produce work that is both novel and useful. The stages of creativity include preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification...


Editor's Note from Erica Curtis: The first in a series of interviews with leaders in the field of art therapy, board certified art therapist Stella Stepney discusses the role art plays in building resilience and reaching personal potential.


Arts & Art Therapy


Editor´s Note from Julia Sanfilippo: Katie Dillon of and I discuss migraines, pain, health insurance coverage, and the importance of maintenance acupuncture sessions in this short interview at my practice in La Jolla. Enjoy!



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