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Editor's Note from Marie Sakai: Sometimes it's easy to forget the simplicity that life is. It's easy to believe that we don't have everything. But this movie by filmmaker Louie Schwartzherg reminds us that life is a gift and most importantly our life, our world, each other-we are all part of this amazing creation that is art. Inspirational narrative spoken from Brother David Steindl-Rast will speak to your heart, as he says, "Open your Heart. Open your Heart to the World." And there, you will find the transformation you are yearning to become. We all have this deepness inside of us. Cultivate it. Nurture it. And we will all grow in the artwork of our dreams coming true. 2012 is all about seeing your dreams realized. Be blessed.

Arts & Art Therapy

by Brian Lucas

Why do you love being a raw chef? That’s simple, because it’s RAWmazingly fun creating RAWlchemy! I feel like I’m in my true element whenever I am making scrumptious raw cuisine. I love developing raw living inspirational artistry...


Editor's Note:  Inspiration for cooking raw can be found with Brian James Lucas aka Chef BeLive. Venturing into raw food cooking can be overwhelming at first start. Chef BeLive creates an amazing amount of recipes and is dedicated to making our first taste of raw cooking a delicious one.


Organic Living


by Andrew Cahner
Reviewed by Marie' Sakai, ATH Co-Editor of Fine Arts

Inspirational and to the point, “The Art Model’s Handbook” contains informative, concise, and simple directions and ideas for both the artist and the art model in expressing the human experience in all its quirks and beauty. Author Andrew Cahner, an experienced art model, shows through stories, quotes and personal accounts that there is a deeper meaning that the artist and art model fully participate in namely why so many artists draw the human figure...



Books for Healing

by Michael Carter

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste" -- such a profound and inspirational statement that speaks to us all.

And, yet, all too often we do just that, waste it, by cluttering it with thoughts of fear, anxiety, worry, resentment, anger, and expectations. The list goes on. This state of mind soon causes us to neglect our bodies; and, in a sad turn of events, we essentially waste both...


Exercise & Fitness


Editor’s Note from Ellen Mahoney: This beautiful song of love titled, "Some Children See Him" is from James Taylor's "A Christmas Album."



by Alan B. Jones

Any list of this sort has to be personal, and so what I am offering is a list of songs, some of which you may readily recall, some of which may just be on the edge of your recollection... but songs that have a lyric which will promoted reflection and possibly inspire action...


Sacred Living

Curator's Statement from Marie Sakai: Truly an inspirational artist, Sundara Fawn uses animals and the human figure to convey healing messages of artistic symbolism for the world, for mother earth, for mother nature. Inspired by the world around her, she shows a world that is blessed through the powers of nature, animals, and healers. Beautiful, colorful, and imaginative-her work is stunning! Her dream-like world captures your heart and soul and engages you to believe and think that we are all interconnected and we are part of a greater dream than can be fathomed.


Desire to Fly

© Sundara Fawn 2011


Arts & Art Therapy

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