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by Sam Adkins

Like eczema, asthma is an inflammatory disease. In asthma the airways become constricted by swelling, making it difficult to breathe. In developed countries 1 in 4 children have asthma as opposed to 1 in 18 people 40 years ago. Homeopathic medicines can be a viable alternative to steroid medications. They can be given as an acute treatment in place of puffers but more importantly, professional treatment–working with the whole person–can cure asthma entirely...



by Prof. Stephen B. Palmer, MD, PhD, JD

Regardless of scientific data showing certain alkaloids to be toxic, they do not always factor in that the extracted alkaloid may be thousands of times more toxic than the plant itself, and that many parts of the plant routinely used contain little or none of the toxicity; also that the experimenter may set up the lab tests knowing the results before the test is run...


Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: Prof. Stephen B. Palmer has submitted a wonderful article Comphrey the Miracle Plant in which he provides with optimal benefits of the herb which is popular not only in the ancient medicine of Ayurveda, but also in various other medicine systems like Alchemy, Allopathic [Dentistry and Osteopathy] , Chinese Herbalists, Homeopathy, Kempo [Japanese Traditional], Naturopathy, Shamanic, Traditional Chinese-Mongolian-Tibetan and Unani.



"The solution to anything is to slide into a feeling of peace instead of thrashing around to find the answer."

~Erich Schiffmann




by Oonagh Taeger

A lot of attention has been given to the psychosomatic link between emotions and illness. This is an intuitive connection for many people to make because when we feel bad emotionally we also feel bad in our bodies, and in many cases we notice clear physical symptoms from negative emotions. These may be tense muscles, headaches, stomach upsets – but truly, any symptom which your body has become practiced at producing you may notice becoming active when you are in the midst of strong negative emotion...



by Dr. Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D., M.S.W.

Delia, age 47, had short red hair and blue eyes and was about 75 pounds overweight. I first saw her on 9/14/93. Her story was as follows: “The reason I came is that I’m having trouble with uterine fibroids (2). My uterus is pressing on my bladder...


Editor´s Note from Bharti Nathani: In this Article author has beautifully described a case of women suffering from uterine fibroid and has narrated the mental and physical state of the patient through expressing her fears, dreams,and her relations which is affecting her this is how mental affects physicals leading to a disease form.




Editor's Note: In Part 2 in his video series on Depression (see part 1), Luc talks about the different kinds of depression and who can be affected by it. He compares the allopathic treatment approach--based on a flawed theory--with the homeopathic one that treats every case as an individual. He talks about the terrain of a person--a really important concept in Homeopathy!




Editor´s Note: Luc De Schepper is a tremendously skilled and prolific homeopath who has influenced a great many practicing homeopaths of today. In the first installment of his series on Depression, Luc presents a superb overview of the discipline of Homeopathy, including its origins in Hahnemann and what differentiates it from western or conventional medicine. His discussion of similar and dissimilar diseases--the backbone of Homeopathy--is particularly good because he makes it so easy to understand! Stay tuned for the next episode!




Editor´s Note from Bharti Nathani: In this video you will see 3 important homeopathy remedies that can be used in Emergency as a Homeopathy kit.



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