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by Luc De Schepper MD, DI Hom, CHom, Lic Ac

Some people never get relief at all, suffering throughout the year from sniffling, uncontrollable sneezing attacks, burning eyes and a nose that runs like a faucet. Many of you wake up in the morning to a salvo of pitiful sneezes. After the "machine gun sneezing" you feel as though all the blood was zapped out of your system, leaving you more tired than when you went to bed. While the air is full of singing birds and bees sucking on the sprouting flowers, you forget the joy this season is supposed to bring you...





Editor's Note from Christine Breen: Tineke Verkade from New Zealand has written books on homeopathy for animals. Through her work more and more Kiwi farmers walk the path towards cleaner and greener farming, and alternative farming practices like homeopathy are being explored and adopted.


by Glen Dupree, DVM, CVH

All seemed well with Little Bit until she settled into her new home. It was then that her new family noticed her excessive thirst and frequent urination; however, Little Bit was such an active, playful pup that they didn’t pay much attention...


Editor's Note: Homeopathy can be extremely and quickly effective in animals who don't often complicate their issues with over-analysis or obstacles to cure...



by Christine Breen, ISHom

Use of homeopathic medicine for self-care to treat sports injuries is on the rise. Pharmacies and health food shops around the world sell remedies over-the-counter. They are safe and effective...







"Unless the inner nature of the remedy corresponds with the inner nature of the disease (patient) the remedy will not cure but simply remove the symptoms [for a while]."

~James Tyler Kent



by Lia Bello RN, FNP, CCH

Wouldn't it be nice if the common problems that arise in your family every year just didn't happen this year? In this scenario sinus infections, recurrent colds, prolonged flus, hayfever, stomach aches, indigestion, headaches, menstrual cramps, strep throats, bronchitis, ear infections and the tendencies toward other health problems and diseases, like asthma and allergies, would take a year (or more) off and have the option of staying away...


Editor's Note: Lia's article examines homeopathic constitutional (whole person) treatment, which she considers to be "the most deeply preventive and curative medicine." We see how treatment works from both the practitioner's as well as the client's perspective. Lia walks us through Jeremy's case, where we see that a common childhood ailment--ear infections--must be treated by individualizing the symptoms to find the remedy that ultimately heals.




Homeopathy Just Good Medicine: a brief and powerful introduction to homeopathy and the research supporting it. One of the best short videos–concise and informative.
Visit the National Center for Homeopathy




Editor´s Note: In this short video, we see two powerful testimonials to the efficacy of homeopathic treatment in very serious disease conditions. Homeopathy is not magic--as the gentleman refers to it--but its results can certainly feel like it when a person is relieved of years of suffering. It's no wonder that in India, a country with greater access to homeopathic practitioners, over 10% of the population--that's over 100 million people--use Homeopathy exclusively!



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