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by Julian Winston

The late, extraordinary homeopathic historian, Julian Winston, presented a visual construct of 'what is homeopathy and what is not' within an historical context.  It is republished here courtesy of his wife, homeopath and Chairperson International Council for Homeopathy – Gwyneth Evans...





Editor's Note from Christine Breen: Healing remedies for common complaints during pregnancy from best-selling author and homeopath, Miranda Castro. Safe for pregnant women.



by Christine Breen, ISHom

With a BsC in Biology and a PhD in Physiology, and a thorough understanding of statistics and scientific evidence Adrianna says “homeopathy works for me”. She explains in her youtube video that in her professional and personal life she is "very critical of everything she encounters."  Adrianna’s first experiences with homeopathy came in her early 20’s when she suffered with recurring urinary tract infections...



"When you listen to me without interruption or anything that feels like a judgment, you allow me the time and space to get more in touch with the many facets of me. Thank you for never playing with my words, getting a laugh or recognition at my expense..."


~ Bennett Kilpack




by Robert Field RSHom (NA), CTHom, APH (Nevada)

Inspire Your Body to Heal with its Own Innate WISDOM

We hear so much about alternative medicine today, in the news, through friends, and in health magazines like this. But as a Classical Homeopath, I find there are many misconceptions about Homeopathy...


Editor's Note: In parts of the world where it is not widely used--like North America--Homeopathy is unknown or misunderstood. People often confuse it with herbal medicine or home remedies in general. In his concise article, Robert provides a clear explanation of what it is that Homeopathy treats--the deepest (or highest, in his words) aspect of our being that is our Vital Force--and how homeopathic remedies work through resonance.



by Claudia De Rosa

The Director of Irish office of The British Institute of Homeopathy gives a thorough and insightful portrayal of Lac Caninum, a valuable homeopathic remedy made from dog's milk – one of oldest remedies in the homeopathic materia medica. She writes, "It is difficult to believe that a Dog’s milk can be a remedy. But once you have tried with good results, you wont’ be able to forget it: it will stick to your memory, it will get bound to your heart with bands of steel and you will realize how safe you will feel in its company."


Editor's Note: Also read ATH's Mammalian Remedies for further understanding of homeopathic remedies made from the milk of animals.



by Judith Hanna Doshi MA, CCH (Cand)

Homeopathy is an amazingly versatile system of medicine. It has so many varied applications—from the most minor first aid situation to deep seated chronic issues on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and everything in between. In each and every case Homeopathy, if applied correctly, is guaranteed to be a gently acting form of treatment without harmful side effects...


Editor's Note: Although acute prescribing is a great way to become acquainted with the tremendous healing power of Homeopathy, it has its limitations. Consulting a professional homeopath for whole person healing is the way to go for lasting health improvement and prevention. See my article HERE for more on healing the inner state.



by Fredericka Gladwin, MD

February 17, 1910, Mr. W. brought his son to my office. In the 11 preceding years he had taken his from one specialist to another and discouraged, had given up trying to have the boy cured; but some kind heart, in pity for the boy, had persuaded him to try once more...


Editor's Note: This 1912 paper by Fredericka Gladwin, MD demonstrates the wonderful healing properties of stramonium, a homeopathic remedy used after severe shocks to the nervous system. The young man in this paper was severely frightened and developed problems with stammering and anxiety. After eleven years of searching, these issues were finally resolved with homeopathic stramonium. The indications for stramonium in this 100 year old case are the same as those used in the present time.



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