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by Dr. Samm Pryce

Garlic is one of those herbs that is always in my kitchen, and I seemingly try to incorporate it into all of my dishes whether it calls for it as an ingredient or not. I have all different types of garlic in my refrigerator and my pantry–I could probably start my own garlic store, but my favorite is definitely FRESH garlic...


Editor's Note from Dr. Samm Pryce: This article describes all the little known health benefits that you can get from just one little garlic bulb. It also gives the link between Dracula and why he hated garlic.




Editor's Note: Rickvanman explains the basic principles and procedure of preparing an infused oil with herbs and also states the difference between Essential Oils and Infused oils. He makes it easy.




Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Dr. John Douillard is a world renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner who focuses on the Ayurvedic principle of optimizing digestion to prevent disease. Ayurveda uses food as medicine and has a rich herbology component that includes whole herbs and herbal preparations. In this video, Dr. Douillard discusses the potential dangers of super potent extracts, unregulated herbs in the US market, and the difference between using synthesized and processed herbs versus whole herbs. An intriguing and informative discussion for all.




Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: The thyroid is quickly becoming the epicenter of focus in the medical community for metabolic health. Hypothyroidism, characterized by an underactive thyroid, can produce an enlarged thyroid gland referred to as a goiter. Thyroid dysregularion is challenging to treat and best addressed when diagnosed and treated by a physician and a vaidya, if possible. This video on goiters demonstrates some external Ayurvedic treatments for reducing a goiter and briefly discusses the role of iodine to the thyroid and some dietary examples of iodine-rich food. 



by Jackie Rive

Is your dog itchy? Suffering from itchy skin and constantly scratching. Natural Remedies could be the answer. Natural remedies and herbal treatments can offer a gentle, non invasive solution to this problematic  condition...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: 60-80% of most conditions seen by veterinarians deals with skin. Itchy, flaky, dry, shedding skin. Which one affects your dog?



Animals & Pets

by David Brochstein, LAc, OMD

There has been growing public interest in Chinese medicine as more people experience relief from illnesses using acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  This article describes how and why Chinese medicine works...





by Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Inflammation is perhaps the most common cause of pain. Inflammatory reactions are major contributors to Alzheimer's disease and to Atherosclerosis, including coronary heart disease. Free radicals and C-Reactive protein are the chief lab tests indicating an inflammatory response. Inflammation may occur because of an infection but also is a reaction to trauma and toxins. Anti-inflammatory drugs are increasingly being touted as useful in treating pain, as well as for preventing Alzheimer's and coronary heart disease...


Integrative Medicine


Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: Dr. John Douillard describes 10 proven tips to loss stubborn weight healthily. This video goes into the new research that supports time tested techniques of the ancient Ayurveda science. Herein, not only Dr. John stresses on the significance of weight loss, but also explains about the importance of having water, spices and herbs, grape fruit, raw honey, Trikatu (a mixture of dried ginger, black pepper and the Ayurveda herb of Pippali) and vinegar etc which would be highly effective to relieve your stubborn fat.


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