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Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Dr. John Douillard is a world renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner who focuses on the Ayurvedic principle of optimizing digestion to prevent disease. Ayurveda uses food as medicine and has a rich herbology component that includes whole herbs and herbal preparations. In this video, Dr. Douillard discusses the potential dangers of super potent extracts, unregulated herbs in the US market, and the difference between using synthesized and processed herbs versus whole herbs. An intriguing and informative discussion for all.




Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: This is a great video about 'Secrets of Ayurveda' which details about the balancing of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha doshas for general well being. Also, Kumudini Shoba tells us about Ayurveda herbs and foods that help greatly to live healthy. Self understanding is an important concept emphasized by Ayurveda which is beautifully shared by the Ayurveda practitioner. Have a look...


by Chandana Deekshith, BAMS, MD (AM), FCR (India)

Country Borage/Indian borage/Mexican mint/Cuban Oregano is biologically known as Coleus aromaticus and is a member of Laminaceae family. This evergreen shrub, regarded as Queen of herbs is credited with many medicinal uses...


Editor's Note from Chandana Deekshith: Do you want to stay cool this summer? Then, learn this delicious sauce of Country Borage. Good news is that you can grow this beautiful plant in a pot and can maintain it indoor, too (in winter).


by Susun S. Weed

I'm so glad I'm finally old. Sadly, many of my friends don't like me to use that word. They say they don't want to be "old". I think what they really mean is they don't want to be the kind of old that's infirm and dependent. I agree. Vigorously old, excitingly old, sensuously old, daringly old - those are the adjectives I like to apply to myself as an old woman...


by Christopher Hobbs

Women have known for thousands of years that physical and emotional symptoms related to their menstrual cycle occur. They recognize that the mood swings, depression, sweet cravings, bloating, headaches, and other cyclic symptoms definitely have something to do with hormonal changes that occur during the cycle...




by Dr. Samm Pryce

Garlic is one of those herbs that is always in my kitchen, and I seemingly try to incorporate it into all of my dishes whether it calls for it as an ingredient or not. I have all different types of garlic in my refrigerator and my pantry–I could probably start my own garlic store, but my favorite is definitely FRESH garlic...


Editor's Note from Dr. Samm Pryce: This article describes all the little known health benefits that you can get from just one little garlic bulb. It also gives the link between Dracula and why he hated garlic.



by Merry Lycett Harrison, RH (AHG)

We have been cooped up in the house as each one of my family members has taken a turn with the nasty flu. When well enough to resume normal life, we have been cooped up at school or the office...


Editor´s Note from Milan Perry: Our home, "the haven from the wind" the one place we can go and shut out the world. Unknowingly, we often let in unwanted germs which cause harm to our immune system in the process. Mill Creek Herbs offers wonderful tips on how to make our home environment clean and fresh naturally without using harsh chemicals. After all our skin is the largest organ on our body, so whatever touches it can be absorbed into it. Protect your temple!




by Jaime De La Barrera

Green tea continues to impress medical scientists. One of the latest result of trails conducted at the Mayo Clinic shows the effectiveness of Green Tea in treating chronic lymphocytic anemia.


The major constituent of Green Tea, epigallocatechin gallate, is a flavonol with many properties. It is also an excellent antioxidant. This and other studies show the benefits of using Botanical medicine in chronic conditions; one more reason for us to drink Green Tea.


I enclose the Mayo clinic study and others for all to read.


Mayo Clinic Study


American Society of Clinical Oncology

American Society of Clinical Oncology

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