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by Matt Frazier

This dish is loaded with vegetables: swiss chard, leeks, carrots, asparagus, snow peas, mushrooms, and herbs. In fact, it’s essentially a pile of vegetables with some sauce on the plate.  But what a delightful pile it is...


Editor's Note: MMM, MMM good! Mushrooms and tarragon is such a great earthy flavor combination and this is a lovely comfort food dish. Many of the recipes on here call for mushrooms and asparagus together and that's because, well, they really are a great pair...


Healing Recipes


Editor's Note: Dr. Maryam Mahanian takes us on a trip through a traditional chinese medicine store and explains some of the most commonly used medicinal herbs.




Editor's Note: Since I pack my lunch for work everyday and I don't have a way to heat anything up I'm always looking for something other than the usual salad that has become the mainstay staple of my lunch. This is a wonderful addition and of course great source of protein for those trying to cut back on meat consumption yet still get enough protein out of their diet. The fresh herbs and spices give this salad a great flavor and add anti-inflammatory benefits to the dish. Additionally, fiber from the beans protects our hearts by pulling cholesterol out of the body.

Healing Recipes

by Merry Lycett Harrison, RH (AHG)

Because Mother's Day always falls during the beautiful, fertile time of spring when we can cultivate our gardens, herbs make a perfect gift. Even if your mother is not a gardener, there are sure to be a presents of herbal products just right for her...


Editor´s Note: Who doesn't appreciate a wonderful gift that shows someone you were thinking of them. Sharing herbs in the form of starter plants is and excellent way to introduce your loved ones to our world. Herbalist Merry shares with us so many wonderful ways to offer herbs, essential oils, products such as scented soaps and if you are feeling creative DIY craft for a luxurious relaxing bath infusion.



by Dr. Sachin Nandedkar

Ayurvedic herbs  and medicines are very beneficial and useful also for the animals. Veterinary Ayurveda provides with a number of  great and safer options for this purpose. As we know that Ayurvedic medicines are safe, natural , provide longevity and well being and most of all these medicines offer a preventive approach...


Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: This is another informative article by Dr Sachin Nandedkar, Ayurvedacharya wherein the author recommends Ayurveda herbs and medications also for the pets and animals in general. This is great to know and understand that how the ancient wisdom science and therapeutic knowledge of Ayurveda comes to practical aspect to provide healing and health to the animals. Dr Nandedkar has also provided with case file and improvements based on his study.




Editor´s Note: Most people are familiar with the tall green Chives which are related to onions, but they then to have a much milder flavor. The slender, reed-like, and bright green stems can be snipped (always use kitchen scissors) over potato salad, stir-fry, egg dishes, soups, or vegetable casseroles. Once they are mature the pale purple flowers  aromatic flower heads can be gently taken apart and added as a garnish to foods or added to cooked foods at the end. Yes, they are edible too. It grew from the ground making it a whole food!



by Lynn Jaffee

I have lots of gardens in my yard; some are in the shade, some are sunny, and some are tucked into little corners that don’t get much attention.  I like to walk around my house and check what’s been growing, what’s flowering, and what needs a little weeding.  The other day, as I was checking out the green, I began to take stock of how many plants growing in my yard are actually Chinese herbs...


Editor's Note: Acupuncturist and author Lynn Jaffee writes an interesting piece about Chinese herbs found in the backyard. In acupuncture college we learn the herbs in a more esoteric way: identifying them in their dried and sliced form and learning the names in Chinese and Latin. Its quite removed from looking at the actual plant growing in the garden.




Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: One of the things that makes Ayurveda so special is the ability to make food to balance our doshic constitutions. Spices and herbs along with dense and light foods all serve a purpose to keep vata, pitta and kapha in check. This lovely video demonstrates a tridoshic ayurvedic recipe for dal to keep all three energies happy. Enjoy!



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