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by Dr. Stephen Gangemi

Recently several school cafeterias have hired food behavior scientists to hopefully help improve kids’ lunch choices and battle the ever-growing problem of obesity in the United States.  They’re using tactics such as hiding the ice cream and other snacks and offering salads with regular meals...

Note:  Dr. Gangemi gives some insight into the mysteries of the Food Pyramid.  Follow his advice and you will be well on your way to better health.


Holistic Nutrition

by Cynthia Chatfield

If we can learn to communicate with our bodyminds, we can tap into our body’s own language to better understand and facilitate healing. Pert has come to believe that emotions are the key to coordinating all the parts of us into a harmonious and healthy whole.


Science tells us that Earth created very particular and important sensitivities, perceptions, and skills in women. The wisdom of a woman living a healthy, safe, and fulfilling life is a cosmological event. When women are allowed to be fully human, population falls, families stabilize, and local economies thrive. When she is not allowed to be fully human it is not only a humanitarian crisis but a cosmological crisis. A unique aspect of the world is squelched...


by Denise Wickell, LMT, CA, RA 

Aromatherapy has become a very popular and commercialized word, but what is really meant by the term “aromatherapy?” Authentic Aromatherapy is a comprehensive healthcare modality that utilizes therapeutic plant extracts called “essential oils” to evoke the body’s own intrinsic healing power...


Editor's Note: This is the same article that you will read when clicking "Introducing Aromatherapy" at the top of the Aromatherapy home page. It's so comprehensive and well-written that we wanted you to be able to find it here just in case you missed it above. Enjoy!



by Sharon McRae

From Natalie Duhamel: Sharon, a fellow graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, sent me this fabulous-looking recipe for pizza hummus. So if your family balks at the idea of hummus, try this delicious twist...





Healing Recipes

by Diana Fox

Along with yoga, candles seem to offer a ready solution to the pressures of modern life. They promise a quick mood change: workaday to romantic, harried to harmony...

Editor's Note from Margaret Marchuk: This article gives an overview about the different types of wax candles on the market. Knowing the ingredients will help you make the wisest, healthiest and safest choice for you and your home.


Eco Products & Services

by Simon Paul Harrison

In a world of cell phones, computers and technology, our children have become increasingly separated from nature. With every step away from the earth a real sense of identity has been lost. Peace, joy, creativity, and a true sense of connection to all life have been eroded...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: This is just one tiny little taste of Simon Paul Harrison's blueprint for reconnecting humanity by teaching children about their powerful connection to nature. If you are searching for a new way of thinking or new ideas Simon Paul Harrison's book The Truly Alive Child For Those Who Seek A Grander Vision For Our Children is the one you are looking for.



Family & Parenting

by Dr. Phil Maffetone
The key issue being left out of the continuing health care discussions – not only by the media but by almost all involved – is the question of who’s really left behind. This question is not addressed by making sure most people have insurance – it actually makes it worse. Just as serious a problem is who’s NOT left behind...




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