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by Thomas Hobson

Have you ever seen one of those prepubescent beauty queens? You know, the ones whose moms dress them up like adult women, bouffant their hair, and give them make-up to make it look like they have 18-year-old heads on 5-year-old bodies? We're appalled...

Editor's Note: Why do we label young children with terms like "aggressive" or "violent" when they're simply exploring their world? Teacher Tom examines this topic in depth and I agree, let's stop labeling young boys as "violent" and allow them a healthy exploration of their power.



Family & Parenting

           by David Thorsteinsson

The image shows an elderly man sitting in a formal chair decorated with horned animal heads. He holds a scepter in one hand and a golden ball in the other. According to Wikipedia the Emperor may stand for Fathering, Stability, Authority, Power, Status quo, Egocentrism, Tradition, Inflexibility, and Conservative ways...


Editor's Note from Michael Santangelo: Continuing with Tarot as popular media art, The Big Lebowski weighs in with another few cards in this on-going series. See The Tarot as a Frame of Reference in “The Big Lebowski”, The Tarot as a Frame of Reference in The Big Lebowski – Justice, The Star, and The Chariot, and The Tarot as a Frame of Reference in “The Big Lebowski” – The Magician and The World.


by Sylvia Carlson

Human beings need touch - to grow, to develop, to mature, to survive, to thrive...The reality is that it can be very alienating not to be touched. Perhaps this is why we, particularly in the West, seek out what Diane Ackerman (1990) calls professional touchers such as hairdressers, cosmeticians, estheticians and massage therapists...



Massage & Bodywork


Editor's Note: Massage Master Kam Thye Chow shares his technique for Chair Massage.


Massage & Bodywork

by Sabine Green

I am sure you have heard comments such as 'Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis' or 'Watching too much TV will damage your eyes'. Old wives' tales are like that, some have might have been useful at some point, some are just superstition and others actually are very useful and efficient. After all, many of the 'Old wives' tales' have been handed down by midwives and healers that were valued medical practitioners...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: A few tricks of the trade we've all heard over and over again. Does going out in the cold with wet hair make you sick? Read on to see what you think.


Organic Living


Editor’s Note from Andrea D’Amore: For those of you who are new to juicing, carrot juice is one of the easiest and best places to start experimenting, as it will introduce your body to some of the wonderful benefits juicing has to offer.  First, carrots are full of beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body, and very, very beneficial to the health of your eyes, skin, bones, teeth, hair and nails...


Healing Recipes

by Dr. Erica Kosal

At this point in my life, I would not thought it possible to be pushing a toddler in a stroller at the same time that a wheelchair ramp was installed in my garage with my husband fighting for his life in the hospital. My new life initially was unfolding out of control and not in any direction, I would ever have envisioned. My writing gave me some control and a way to project my belief that things were possible, even when they seemed hopeless...


Editor's Note: Erica shares with us that amazing things are possible indeed!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Deepak Chopra
Cross-posted from

We are not onlookers peering into the unified field–we are the unified field. Every person is an infinite being, unlimited by time and space. To reach beyond the physical body, we extend the influence of intelligence. As you sit in your chair, every thought you are thinking creates a wave in the unified field...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: Deepak Chopra's article is an excellent reminder that every single thought we have affects everything in nature. How can we afford not to be mindful?


Sacred Living

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