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The technology exists to turn plastic into oil! Meet the oil conversion machine, developed in Japan, that converts 1kg of plastic into 1 liter of oil.


Think Green

by Rebecca Countess

Come with me.  I want to take you to the top of a mountain where the evergreen trees are tall and narrow and there is still a crunchy layer of thin, but loosely packed snow.  The sun is shining overhead and you breathe deeply.  The air is crisp and cool and you smell damp wood and pine needles. You can see little buds beginning to grow with their tight, snug layers and mysterious contents.


Editor's Note from Karen Stabley: Guided imagery is a gentle but effective technique that directs and focuses the imagination. It can help access the subconscious through symbolic and challenging stories. As an art therapist, I often use guided imagery with my clients and for my own self growth.


Arts & Art Therapy


New independent lab testing on 20 top household cleaning products reveals that top-selling cleaning products and detergents, including Tide Free & Gentle, Pine-Sol and Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, contain toxic chemicals not revealed to the consumer. The results show that cleaning products commonly contain hidden chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and pregnancy complications...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Some of those favorite names on the shelves we've learned to "trust" through advertising are hiding something. In this report, 20 well-known household products we may all have sitting around the house could contain toxic chemicals that are not being put on the label. Many of these chemicals have been linked to disease and other dangers to health. It will take a moment to read and find out and follow-up with a decision at the check-out lane with the power of the consumer but not buying into deception.


Organic Living


Lennox has been a public supporter of Amnesty International and Greenpeace for many years, and she and Dave Stewart donated all of the profits from Eurythmics' 1999 Peacetour to both charities.


Listen & Laugh

by Lynn Colwell & Corey Colwell-Lipson

Summer’s long over. School is back in session. And that means Halloween is knocking at your door.

We thought that in addition to reminding you to check out GreenHalloween for ideas, we’d pass on some tips from our fellow green bloggers...


Editor´s Note: Whether it's using tea oil to preserve a pumpkin from molding or avoiding lead in Halloween candy, authors of "Celebrate Green" Lynn Colwell and daughter Corey Colwell-Lipson have summoned top bloggers that are in the know for a green Halloween.


Holistic Nutrition


Blue jeans have become a fashion staple all around the world, but the manufacture of denim has also given the world a big environmental hit. Help may be on the way because there’s now a new generation of dyes that eliminate huge amounts of waste and energy…and a surprising amount of water!


Think Green

by Judi Gerber
Cross-posted from

We have all heard about how important it is for our physical and mental health to take time to recharge and unwind to reduce stress. But we don’t often hear how important it is to our creative side. Nor do we seem to hear about “creative” ways to unwind...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: I love the spirit of this article and how it inspires us to unwind creatively. For many, carving out personal, quiet time to nurture and express our creative side is a tall order given the fast pace of our lives. This fall seems like the perfect time to goal ourselves one creative project or endeavor a month. Just one. To sing, draw, paint, photograph, dance or peruse a gallery.


Sacred Living


Editor's Note by Marie Sakai: You can truly feel the pure energy from Rabkar Wanghuk as he speaks about his profound painting of Tara - as he entitles the piece - "Green Tara." You can feel through the colors, the expressions and the symbolism that this painting has great and compassionate energy. Rabkar Wanghuk explains the meaning behind his painting in its goal for compassion and the understanding of what a tangka means for the Tibetan monks. Rabkar Wanghuk's voice has a soothing and almost calming sensation like that of his Green Tara painting. Beautiful and profound - this is a video you don't want to miss!


Arts & Art Therapy

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