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by Natalie Jovanic,
ATH Assistant Editor of PsychoSpiritual

Once upon a time, there was a majestic wolf who lived happily and content with his female companion and their offspring in a green forest out of fir trees. The wolf was a loyal companion and a loving father. He took care of his pack so that they had a good meal and a safe home. He anticipated every wish of his pack...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic Are you currently going through a break-up or a divorce and you feel as if your life breaks apart? The story is written for you. May it guide you gently on your path and give you hope.



by Jade Wah'oo Grigori

Damazhon are Spirits that typically flit about around those places we recognize as being sacred: springs, caves, vortices and the like. A Damazhoni (singular form, Damazhon is plural) is viewed by eyes of Spirit as a glowing light, often blue or yellow or green. Its size is that of an LED light bulb. They are of the type of Spirit that has no conscious volitional will of their own, but they will readily receive the will, or command, of a person who has the capability of transferring that intent to the Damazhoni. In general, they are one of the classes of Nature Spirits...



by Merry Lycett Harrison, RH (AHG)

One of my favorite moments in spring is when I come home in the afternoon to air scented by the sweet violets blooming in my yard. Their flowers vary in color from pink to deep purple and they bloom even before the crocus, bloodroot and trees. As an herbal medicine, they make a good tonic for the immune system, and their heart-shaped leaves were once thought to be an indication of benefit for the health of the heart...


Editor´s Note from Milan Perry: Merry Harrison paints a wonderful picture in helping us to see the beauty in growing a diversity of plants in your garden. Even if you live in the city you can benefit from the aromatic flowers of medicinal herbs as well as culinary herbs. Instead of buying basil why not grow it for much less? Enjoy the bouquet of green leaves.



by Cheryl Murphy, CNE

Just like the weather, our bodies go through an unsettled time during the spring season. With cloudy skies, turbulent storms, spring not only brings showers and flowers, it also brings unpredictable digestive issues, headaches and stomach pain...


Editor's Note: If aches,pains and headaches bring you down this spring season, don't fret. It could be your liver just trying to find some comfort. Our bodies need to adjust to a new time of year.  Our diet is changing, new growth is all around us and a spring cleaning could be in store. Read about what particular food choices make springtime a smooth transition.


Holistic Nutrition


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: It won't be long and that snow will thaw, leaving behind a green sea of grass. What to do? How to keep it growing organic? Here are some great ideas.


Organic Living

by Susun S. Weed

Snowdrops and crocus flowers herald the spring. And if you look in between them, with luck, you’ll see a bright green creeping plant low to the ground with little white starry flowers: chickweed, a good friend of mine...


Editor's Note from Leigh Glenn: The chickweed has returned here in Maryland after a summer (and fall) siesta. There may not be enough to pick for tea or fresh-plant tincture, but there's plenty to add to salads. And in the spirit of setting health-related intentions for 2012, check out Susun Weed's new book, Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health The Wise Woman Way.




The media and our dentists have made us obsessed with obtaining and maintain good oral hygiene. To accomplish this, we gargle mouthwash like it's going out of style: first thing in the morning, after brushing, in between brushing, when brushing isn't an option, etc...


Editor's Note from Zorica Denton: Our dentists have made us obsessed with obtaining and maintain good oral hygiene. To accomplish this, we gargle mouthwash like it's going out of style: first thing in the morning, after brushing, in between brushing, when brushing isn't an option, etc. What could be the environmental harm in mouthwash, you're probably asking? Well, it turns out that mouthwash contains fake dyes and chemicals. This article will give you suggestions of healthy mouthwash available on market and home made ones.


Eco-Products & Services

by Jason Wachob

If you live in the northeast, though we saw a glimpse of Spring last week it might seem like this Winter is never-ending. The good news is that you still have plenty of time to get your abs Spring-ready as the layers come off, and summer-ready as beach season hits...

Editor's Note from Cara Ryan: I am a yogi and love to share some good finds! I also think there's definitely something green about working out at home using your own body strength as opposed to traveling to a gym and relying on machines. All exercise is good, don't get me wrong, but exercising at home is a wonderful way to be green!


Think Green

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