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Animals & Pets

by Colleen Huber, NMD

Even if you have an excellent fresh diet of whole organic food at home, that can all fall apart while you're traveling because relying on restaurants and markets away from home is often a disappointing experience. The problem is worse as you move from the large cities out to the suburbs and hits bottom in rural areas...


Editors Note: If you are travelling this holiday season, check out these healthy eating tips while away from home and the comforts of your usual routine and local food choices. ~Sam


Holistic Nutrition


Philanthropist farmer Howard G. Buffett recently released his new book, 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World, which traces his journey to learn about the challenges and successes of farmers around the world as they battle global food insecurity...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: There is hope out there. The more we read of the efforts to improve and excel, the more we will be inspired to change ourselves.


Organic Living

by Francis Treuherz MA, RSHom, FSHom

One summer Sunday I received a phone call from a friend of a friend of a friend. I was their last resort. Who could they find who might be free on a Sunday to visit an alternative boys’ residential school in the country just outside London?...


Editor's Note: Here, Francis demonstrates the amazing efficacy of Homeopathy in an acute situation that affects a number of people from the same cause. Even though all the students suffered from the same food poisoning, more than one remedy was administered based on the different characteristic ways the condition presented in the boys.



by Cathy Alinovi, DVM,

ATH Co-Editor of Animals & Pets

A colleague made a fascinating correlation: within 3 to 6 weeks of puppies receiving a distemper vaccine, many puppies break out with a rash on their belly. This rash is usually called “puppy pyoderma.” “Pyo ” means pus or infection, “derma” means skin.


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: It is becoming increasingly common knowledge that there are vaccine dangers for our pets. There is a less-known, equally concerning side effect - correlation with lifelong itch. Consider these observations being shared in the integrative veterinary community.


Animals & Pets

by Wendy Wells

Treating the cause, we know, is finding the cure to our health issues. Food intolerance is one of the main CAUSES for health problems of any kind. We may sneeze or itch after eating certain foods, we may have an increase in phlegm in our throat or stomach pain, gas, bloating. Many of us have reactions to foods and think that simply removing the food(s) from our diet is the answer. The cure, however, can be found by asking WHY we have these food reactions...






It's back-to-school time for children, adolescents, and young adults in many countries all over the world. Once these students have returned to their classrooms, however, it’s unlikely that they’ll be learning about food and nutrition...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: The food scene is changing. Keep up with these wonderful heart-felt initiatives on changing the system of our food.


Organic Living

by Susan Lutz,
ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living

The pumpkin seems to kick off the whole Halloween theme. The rotund veggie appears in super markets by the bushel full. Some even question if we need an organic pumpkin...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: The holiday season begins. Off we go in pursuit of a lot of food. We all know perhaps too much. How to keep some of it organic? Here's a look at ideas for a more, natural, organic Halloween treat.


Organic Living

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