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by Don Bailey, MD

“Energy Medicine” is an incredibly broad atopic. The list of modalities, techniques, and practices are endless. As such, I thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts on Energy Medicine and Energy Healing...





Energy Medicine

by Nan Moss & David Corbin

This past weekend we presented at the Common Ground Fair, an annual agricultural event celebrating organic farming and sustainable living – located in Unity, Maine, an inland big-sky rolling hills realm, just outside of the coastal humidity zone with its hubbub of tourists, summer migrants, and locals....


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: This article gives a brief introduction to shamanism and specifically, weather shamanism. Weather is about the movement of energy and elements in our atmosphere. But one could easily broaden that to simply consider weather as the movement of energy - in our atmosphere, in our bodies, in our Earth, in our minds, in our Sun, in our hearts.



by Curt  Remington

With this visualization, you can briefly experience your natural heavenly state, as a higher vibration being of light. This will help renew your energy and release blocks to your health and happiness. As summer comes to an end, this visualization is a great way to continue experiencing the rejuvenating benefits of a warm day at the beach, and you don’t need to worry about sunburn.

Editor’s Note from Eden Kozlowski: As a meditation teacher, I follow many spiritually focused twitter users. One of my favorites is Curt Remington. Here is an entry from Curt's blog that focuses on a renewal of energy using a simple visualization meditation.

by Pat Heydlauff

No matter where you live or how you spend your days during the summertime, the longer hours of daylight and warm sunshine are filled with positive uplifting energy...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: Pat provides three strategies to create your "revitalization zone" in nature and take advantage of the warm, joyful energy of summer. This applies especially to those of you who live in harsh winter climates. To maximize your re-energizing process, she suggests that once you identify your sacred space outdoors, do not share it with anyone and allow this downtime to quiet your mind and energize your body.


Sacred Living

by Barbara Janelle, M.A.

In August 1992, I visited Jean Soprano in upstate New York. Jean recently obtained her license as a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in mammals. She does this work in her home, and this summer raised 11 infant skunks and 10 young raccoons. When I arrived, Jean took me to a cage where a 12-week-old raccoon was looking very ill...



Energy Medicine

by Dana Mrkich

This is the place where your red base root chakra is located, the energy center governing how safe and secure you feel in this world. It is fed by the hundreds of thoughts you think daily, which are being influenced by everything from the morning news to cellular memory dating back to when your grandparents experienced the Depression...


Editor´s Note from Sophia Hansen: A delightful article from Dana Mrkich sharing how to balance and strengthen your Root Chakra.


Intuition & Symbols

by Dorothy Ratusny, PhD

Your 'Highest Self' is your soul consciousness. Your soul consciousness is the densest matter of energy that has been with you since your conception. Your soul is a sacred part of the Universal Soul that we often refer to as God...


Editor's Note from Sandra Miniere: Soul energy is believed to be located in the area of the heart center according to ancients religious texts and scriptures. Modern science confirms that the heart is a complex organ with sensory neurons and describes the heart as a specialized brain. Your heart is a very important part of how you "know" truth and communicate with the sacred. Dorothy's describes the "voice" within your heart and shares ways to connect with your "Highest Self."


Sacred Living


Editor's Note: This is an interesting presentation on aura imaging, how to see auras and how auras are connected with the chakras. Enjoy!


Energy Medicine

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