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by Neda Smith, FDN, CMTA, HHC,
ATH Co-Editor of Holistic Nutrition

Do you find yourself midday crashing and needing a pick me up, such as coffee, chocolate, energy drinks or sweets in general?...


Editor's Note from Neda Smith: Did you know that your chronic fatigue could be associated to your weight gain as well as the other way around? Also did you know the same to be true about the health of your thyroid? Neda Smith has written a great article on how they are all entwined and what 3 steps can be taken to improve the health of your adrenals.

Holistic Nutrition


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: A theme in many near death experiences (NDE) is that the person who "dies" is miraculously "healed" of their illness when they choose to return to their body. What happens energetically to cause a spontaneous remission of a seemingly terminal physical condition? Set aside an hour and watch the amazing Anita Moorjani share her NDE and "miraculous" recovery from cancer.


Energy Medicine

by Deb Schnitta, RN

An open heart freely invites the world around it to enter and engage. It acknowledges the wisdom within and creates opportunity for expression of this largeness out into the world. Part of the path of enlightenment, an open heart is one without limitation...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan:This is a beautiful article on how to develop the capacity to love deeply and simultaneously cultivate the radiant bloom of the heart and mind.


Sacred Living

by Amanda Gore

If we clearly know the difference between our stressed selves and our relaxed/ happy selves then at least we can identify warning signs that indicate a need for 'time out' time...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Are your 'stressed out?' Stress is a form of energy. If you pay attention to this energy, it alerts you to take action. If you ignore stress, i.e. become desensitized to this energy, it negatively impacts your well-being. Amanda Gore helps you figure out if you are stressed out. Being aware of how stressful energies impact your body and behavior is the first step in living a more balanced, health life.


Energy Medicine

by Dylan Charles, Editor, Waking Times
Cross-posted from

In the ancient practice of Tai Chi, one learns to recognize the subtle energy of the universe and to move within its natural flow to develop both defensive capability and extraordinary health...




Exercise & Fitness


Dorinne Davis of The Davis Center, explains The Davis Model of Sound Intervention using the Tree of Sound Analogy.


Energy Medicine


by Rebecca Snowden, LAc, LMT, MIfHI
Gua Sha is a traditional technique in the East done by clinicians or by the common person in their home as either self-care or for the care of a family member. It is a technique of using a rounded-edged tool to rub the skin in order to bring to the surface “Sha.” Sha is thought to be stagnant blood in the superficial layers of tissue that can lead to pathological disturbances. Raising the Sha to the surface is thought to release the stagnant blood, thus improving circulation and energy flow through the area.





Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Energy medicine is all about energy, that unseen power, like electricity, you know "works" as you can see the effects. One very powerful source of this energy is your mind and the thoughts it radiates.
It's suggested that you can heal yourself by simply changing your thoughts. Does cold, hard science have any evidence to support this concept? Lissa Rankin, MD explores the scientific literature, reviewing case studies of spontaneous remission, as well as placebo and nocebo effect data, to prove that your mind has a powerful influence on your physiology when you believe you can get well.


Energy Medicine

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