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by V.N. Mittal, MA

Tears are nature's way to allow you to react involuntarily to an overwhelming situation. The situation may be full of distress or joy, you seem to cry and shed tears...


Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: V.N. Mittal states that tears are important to the emotional cleansing of our hearts. He delves into the process in which we physically cry and the powerful spiritual cleansing benefits that come along with it. According to him, crying not only benefits the individual physically, mentally, and emotionally but helps can help to awaken you spiritually.


Energy Medicine

by Christine Nightingale, BA, RM, CH 

Reiki is Spiritual healing through laying on of hands, which works by the balancing of the energy centres of the body (chakras).

Simply put, the Reiki therapist draws energy from the universal source of all life, light and energy. This energy is transmitted through the hands of the therapist into the body of the person who requests healing...




Intuition & Symbols

by Camille Maurine

What helps women to thrive in meditation, and in life? What kinds of meditation nourish the female body and soul, so that we can meet the world with renewed energy, clarity, and love? Why do so many women quit, often feeling bad about themselves because they "can’t" meditate?...


Editor's Note from David Pratt: These introductory lines by Camille Maurine give you a clear picture of what wild fruits are to be offered here - specifically for women. The great thing is, she has a whole book that expands on this short beginning...




Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Summer is full of fire and heat and can be irritating to the body. Since it is predominantly pitta season, we must take certain precautions to keep pitta dosha in balance. Pitta individuals will benefit from eating foods with sweet, bitter and astringent rasas (tastes); wearing clothes with cool blue and green colors and exerting minimal to moderate energy towards tasks. Practicing gentle, restorative yoga and including a short daily meditation will also help keep pitta in balance. This lovely video from the Chopra Center outlines steps to take for summer pitta season and suggests some essential oils that will keep pitta cool and under control. Enjoy. Namaste




Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: The uplifting feel of a farmer's market is contagious. The energy of the greens plus the efforts of the dedicated farmers shines through. In this urban garden project, the source of that dedication can be traced right to the back yard. Urban gardens are sprouting up every where from empty lots to skinny boulevards to discarded five-gallon buckets. This is real creativity at work, turning unused potential into a market fare.


Organic Living


Editor's Note: Qi Gong is often associated with exercise and slow and gentle movement. However, it can also be used as a healing modality with others. This video gives a demonstration of how Qi Gong can be used in a healing session. Enjoy!


Energy Medicine


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: Have you ever wondered how to clear your room without calling an energy healer or Feng Shui expert?  Here's a wonderfully informative video that shares how to clear your space and uplift its vibration with sound. Just as we keep our vibration clear and uplifted, our spaces need clearing and uplifting too.  Learn more about Denise Linn at


Intuition & Symbols

by Barbara Janelle MA

The horse stands with his head high and all his muscles tense with fear. The white in the eyes indicates pain somewhere in the body; he is holding his breath. I sidle in towards his shoulder, take the line and ask the horse to lower his head--the first step in establishing a working relationship with the gelding. Then slowly my hands enter and scan his energy field...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Horses are the most responsive creatures out there. When I prepare to make an adjustment, if it’s not “just right” the horse will move to make it right. So it makes good sense horses will respond so positively to therapeutic touch.


Animals & Pets

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