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TedTalk: In clear, nontechnical language, string theorist Brian Greene explains how our understanding of the universe has evolved from Einstein's notions of gravity and space-time to superstring theory, where minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe... 




Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: This video illustrates how mathematical genius, Jason Padgett, draws with his human hands using only a pencil, ruler and compass, the fusion fractal structure of space time at the quantum level. This visual equation illustrates the relationship of geometric shapes with quantum energy and Einstein's infamous E=mc^2 equation. Jason Padgett became a mathematical genius after a brutal mugging and has the unique ability to translate mathematical equations into visual representations. He is the only person in the world that has this ability.


Intuition & Symbols

by Rosanna C. Rogacion

In the late 1800's a Japanese spiritual seeker by the name of Mikao Usui climbed Mt. Fujiyama, which was considered a sacred mountain. His sole purpose was to find the answer to the question, "What is the ultimate purpose of life?" Usui fasted and meditated for twenty one days...



Energy Medicine

by Alanna Zabel

I attended the Burning Man Festival a few years ago in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.  A high percentage of Burning Man attendees spend massive amounts of time and energy creating projects and pieces for this extravagant show and tell. I noted a particularly yogic theme central to this festival: that which rises must pass away.  This is also the core teaching of a Buddhist meditation technique called Vipassana...



by Sharode Penny

Although we can’t usually see it, everything in the Universe is made up of energy. It surrounds us; it is inside of us and penetrates us completely. There are many forms of energy that exist; electrical, sound, heat, thermal, kinetic and nuclear to name a few...


Editor's Note from Thomas Muldoon: With the world becoming more and more interested with 'Healing Modalities,' it's nice to come across someone genuinely interested in helping others. I'm sure you'll find Sharode's introductory words a stimulus to seeking more - enjoy.


Intuition & Symbols

by Pamela Arwine

As the forward march of time unfolds, energy healing is emerging into the mainstream as a viable force for maintaining strong, good health.  Questions arise.  Which are the favored forms of energy healing?...




Energy Medicine

by Rachel E. Mann, PhD

I came to the healing practices adapted from indigenous cultures through the path of trauma. I suffered for many years with symptoms of PTSD as a result of childhood abuse. While years of western psychotherapy certainly helped in the development of greater self-awareness and thus gave me the motivation to work on changing old emotional patterns, it was only when I started to explore body-oriented and energy therapies that I began to see truly enduring and deep shifts in my symptoms both short and long-term...



by Elaine Seiler,
ATH Guest Editor of Energy Medicine

In my last post, I talked about the importance of each piece of clothing and all the accessories we choose as contributing factors in the creation of the signature vibration of each and every one of you. Let me share a story to further explicate this concept.





Energy Medicine

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