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by Sheldon Ginsberg C.S.C.S.

As a fitness professional with over ten years in the health field, I believe the “science” of exercise has created another worrisome (and unnecessary) “checklist” to add to our already overly burdened lives.
Now, the average health enthusiast spends a great deal of their energy and time concerned with: counting calories, whether this exercise is the “best” exercise, what is the “right” number of reps and sets, and how can I get the “maximum exercise benefits” in the least amount of time...


Exercise & Fitness


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Are "miracles" possible with energy therapies? Listen to this interview with Dr. Nancie Barwick who overcame the debilitating effects of Muscular Dystrophy using the Conklin Method.


Energy Medicine

by Sarah Finlay and Lisa Modica

Do not dwell in the cave of a limited perceptive potential. The ability to see, hear and know is a thousand times more profound when carried out from the heart/mind connection rather than just the mind. For one reason or another, humanity’s heart energy has been diminished or closed down...


Editor’s Note from Peter Clark: This writing is channeled wisdom that came through Sarah from one of her compassionate Upper world spirit teachers. “Helen” is a spirit who is particularly connected to matters of the heart. She calls herself Pleiadian, meaning she is connected to the energies of those stars in some non-ordinary reality way.



by Elaine Grundy

I was inspired by Emoto's rice experiments and decided to try my own Reiki version! Two identical glass jars were sterilized by boiling water. I then put 2 tablespoons of cooked rice from the same batch into each pot and created one control, which was left alone for the entire time, and one 'Reiki' pot which received a 1 minute blast of Reiki every other day. Here are the results, pretty interesting, right?!

Editor's Note: This is the first of a 6 part series on the Reiki Rice Experiment. Stay tuned every Monday for the next few weeks for more related articles and video on this phenomena. Try this experiment for yourself and post your comments in the Energy Medicine forum.


Energy Medicine


by Ellen Louise Kahne

August 9, 1996 is a date forever encircled in golden memory on my healer's calendar. It was Mirta's first day of her Reiki Master level workshop.  After class, she related privately the miracle of her survival, her spiritual journey and her deep need to forgive one closest to her. Throughout that night and the next day of class, I prayed for guidance to heal and teach this extraordinary woman with care, love and perception. I sent Reiki distant healing to the past to heal the cause of pain within her...


Energy Medicine

by Dr. Bob Leckridge, BSc MB CH B MFHom

Are you well? How’s your energy? If I were to ask you to rate both your well-being and your energy on a ten point scale where 0 is the worst level you could imagine and 10 is the best, what numbers would you give me right now? You’re able to do that. Instantly. But how do you do it?...


Editor's Note from Christine Breen: ATH is delighted to have this wonderful post from homeopath and doctor, Bob Leckridge, from his informative and engaging blog: Heros not Zombies. Check out his blog for all things homeopathic.



by Adele Wang

I know in my consciousness things are happening. I know that reality is bending. And if things like this keep happening with the work, though in diferent ways, then what? What would that mean? But then again, someone else may dispute this all together, and have the opposite opinion...


Editor's Note: This is one of my more personal articles where I describe an experience i had with a client. It is taken from my blog where I was conversing with a scientific skeptic about the nature of energy medicine. This is Part 3 of 3 in this series. Click HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2...


Energy Medicine

by Darla Graves Palmer

Ayurveda, a healing system thousands of years old, carries within it a harmonizing approach as evocative and moving as the most uplifting music ever created. I have found, to my enduring delight, that this is a system based upon energy...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Ayurveda is one of the most beautiful and touching systems that can be likened to a work of art. Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant Darla Graves Palmer offers a delightful reflection on how Ayurveda relates to nature, energy and the universal consciousness. When we pause to examine our connection to all living things and sense the woven fabric of energy, we gain an unparalled sense of joy. It is our journey of reciprocation that guides us along until we reach a state of universal equilibrium. Namaste.



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