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by Neda Smith, FDN, CMTA, HHC,
ATH Co-Editor of Holistic Nutrition

Do you find yourself midday crashing and needing a pick me up, such as coffee, chocolate, energy drinks or sweets in general?...


Editor's Note from Neda Smith: Did you know that your chronic fatigue could be associated to your weight gain as well as the other way around? Also did you know the same to be true about the health of your thyroid? Neda Smith has written a great article on how they are all entwined and what 3 steps can be taken to improve the health of your adrenals.

Holistic Nutrition


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Holistic Nutrition

by Neda Smith, FDN, CMTA, HHC,
ATH Co-Editor of Holistic Nutrition

The holidays are over, the New Year has begun and the thought of changing your diet and eating healthier has become overwhelming. But you know that something must be done, because you can not eat the way you do any longer...


Editor's Note from Neda Smith: Tens of thousands of Americans have resolved to lose weight and to get healthier in 2015. Some people are hesitant to adopt a healthier lifestyle in fear of having to change too many things at once as it is too overwhelming. Here are 5 simple and easy steps to help you achieve your goals and stay on track without feeling overwhelmed.


Holistic Nutrition

by Laura Dion-Jones

Here are some of my personal favorite, tried-and-true, healthy holiday eating survival tips:

Drink a big glass of water or have a beer right before you go to a party? I seriously think not, Dr. Oz. I believe if you're going to fill up on anything, make it something that you really enjoy that legally fits your new diet...


Editor’s Note from Bess Coble: This is part of our Holiday Health Series to help you stay fit through the holidays.


Exercise & Fitness

by Rika Keck, ACN, Adv. MT, HLC

Having attended various 'Clinical Approaches to Cancer' symposiums, it is very clear that whole food nutrition, nutritional (non-synthetic!) and botanical supplementation support the individual - without adversely affecting treatment, or sometimes enhancing medical treatment if that is desired...


Editor's Note from Neda Smith: Cancer has been a hot topic on the news lately, with the recent decision of Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy and Pierce Brosnan's daughter's recent death of ovarian cancer.  Just as important as the path you have chosen for treatment there are many other ways to support and heal the body during time of stress.  Rika Keck, has written a personal letter from her heart on other modalities to support yourself or a loved one.


Holistic Nutrition


Editor's Note from Natalie Duhamel: Heather is an amazing Health Coach that I met in Miami at a conference in 2011. She and I hit it off right away. I love her style. This video is a great example of how easy it is to add more vegetables to your diet. So what are you waiting for? Go wash up some broccoli!

Healing Recipes

by Terri Walters

From Andrea D'Amore: For me fall is synonymous with ‘eat as many pomegranates as possible,’ and that’s just what I’m doing right now.  This recipe happens to be one of the many ways I have found to sneak this anti-oxidant rich super-fruit into my diet while they are still in season. Pomegranates have been used for centuries to remedy everything from early morning sickness, to ulcers and bacterial eye infections and in recent years have gained popularity as research continues to prove their positive health benefits...


Healing Recipes

by Leslie Cerier

There are dozens of different basil varieties from which to choose. The delicate sweet-flavored “sacred basil” called for in this soup is commonly used in the cuisines of Africa, India, and the Far East. Although sacred basil is recommended in this recipe, you can use any basil variety...


Editor's Note: If you haven't figured it out by now, I love soup, and this recipe is no exception. Chickpeas, an absolute staple of my diet, and the spices in this dish combine to make a dish with a true Middle Eastern feel and flavor.


Healing Recipes

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