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by Thomas A. Kruzel

Earaches or otitis media are commonly seen in children from as early as 6 months of age until 7 years. These can be broken down into 3 types of earaches; serous, infective and external. Both infective and serous otitis often follow upper respiratory infections, but are also seen in children who bottle nurse while lying down and those who have been exposed to cold, windy weather. A strong association with chronic earaches and food allergies has been made, especially milk, dairy products and wheat. Breast fed children have less incidence of ear infections than do those who received formula or cows milk.




by Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD

Humans are the only mammal on earth that continue to drink milk past infancy.  We consume dairy products on a daily basis, often failing to notice that it is not always tolerated by our bodies, especially in small children...


Editor's Note from Rebecca Snowden: Dr. Tricia Pingel is a Naturopathic Physician who works extensively with the pediatric population. Drawing from her expertise, she reveals a major reason why chronic ear infections and asthma are so prevalent in children today.



by Karen Knowler

There is quite the controversy when it comes to dairy. Some swear by it for a source of calcium, vitamin D and minerals and others will tell you to stay as far away from it as you can. Further still, some people are terribly intolerant to and allergic to milk and dairy. Regardless of your stance, this is a fabulous alternative to dairy ice cream....




Healing Recipes

by Sharada Hall

I was recently asked about the epidemic numbers of people suffering from food allergies, specifically dairy and soy products. This population in the U.S. is so large that in fact the foods themselves have come to be considered generally "bad."...


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Allergies are incredibly commonplace in America these days. Most individuals are unaware of Ayurvedic wisdom that helps keep digestive fire (agni) high to properly process foods and prevent the accumulation of toxins (ama). Ayurveda also details specific food combinations to avoid in order to prevent the development of allergies from allergens lodged in the gut. In this article, Dr. Hall details some of the key reasons that people are allergic to common foods like dairy and soy. She notes that the pasteurization and overprocessing of foods significantly contributes to these allergies and can be reduced or avoided with an Ayurvedic diet. Namaste



by Jill Ettinger

A report released by the Union of Concerned Scientists earlier this month finds greater economic opportunities and jobs for rural communities where organic dairy farming methods are employed over conventional farming methods...


Editor´s Note: Consumers like organic milk, according to "The Cream of the Crop: The Economic Benefits of Organic Dairy Farms." Evidence shows that organic milk not only taste better, it is dairy's healthier option packed with important minerals and nutrients.  As Jill Ettinger points out, it is also financially beneficial for the farmers, sustainable for the environment and overall makes for a healthier planet.


Holistic Nutrition

by Ricki Heller, PhD, RHN

I ended up making these Cashew Chocolate Chip cookies. Like everything else I make, they are primarily organic, made with natural (unrefined) sweeteners, and no eggs or dairy (ie, vegan)...


Editor's Note: Ricki Heller, the force behind Diet, Dessert and Dogs, is one of the best anti-candida champions out there. If you're familiar at all with the restrictions of an anti-candida protocol, you'll appreciate her inventiveness - especially with desserts - and her positive outlook...


Healing Recipes

by Andrea D’Amore

When I was younger green bean casserole was ALWAYS my favorite side dish at Thanksgiving, but as I got older and began to become more health conscious I realized it wasn't the best dish in the world for me. Cutting out most dairy and wheat from my diet has been quite the adventure, but this dish makes it easier, it is rich and decadent without including those two inflammatory ingredients. The mixture of coconut oil, almond milk and nutritional yeast make it almost impossible to tell that this dish is dairy free..


Healing Recipes

by Andrea Beaman, HHC

“I have been told by my doctor that I have Hashimoto’s Disease. I tried going gluten and dairy-free, but I’m still not feeling well. My doctor said this condition is not curable because it’s autoimmune. What do you think? Do you believe you can reverse Hashimoto’s with diet?..."



Editor's Note from Neda Smith: Are you dealing with Hashimoto's or a thyroid disorder? Andrea Beaman, who has suffered from thyroid disorders and has cured herself, is providing us an insight into ways to help heal your thyroid. And it is not diet alone.


Holistic Nutrition

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