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by Fearn Lickfield

Reconnecting with the spirit of the earth is our deepest healing! Geomancy and the study of Earth Mysteries are returning as recognized and respected fields of knowledge and practice. As our world becomes less stable we turn back to what worked in the past. It is time we transition from a state of reaction and unconsciousness regarding our world, to deep awareness, love and partnership; co-creating with the Earth the vibrant, harmonious world of our dreams...



by  Paul Levy

I tried to explain to the psychiatrists that I WAS sick, however, but just not in the way they were imagining. I had a creative, psychological illness, which is to say that my seeming madness was an expression of my creative self, alchemically transforming an underlying perturbance in the field of consciousness so as to heal itself...


Editor's Note: A true pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Levy describes the correlation between being traumatized, abused, and wounded, and having a shamanic initiation/spiritual awakening. See Part 1.




Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: In this video, Eckhart Tolle takes us through the process of entering into an awakened state. By dis-identifying with the thoughts, feelings and other sensory experiences that arise and residing in the spaciousness of presence, we open to conscious awareness.


Sacred Living

by Shelley Lemaire

As we hold our own etheric womb within the contours of our energetic field, we carry with us the consciousness, not only of our own incoming child, but also that of the collective consciousness of the next wave of souls arriving on the planet...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: The burgeoning field of Birth Psychology is rapidly growing.  Shelley Lemaire has been part of this process for many years helping women who've faced fertility challenges as well as those seeking to consciously conceive.  In this article she shares how we're able to connect with the incoming soul that seeks to be born its parents BEFORE conception.  Enjoy this amazing article about how to connect with an incoming soul before conception and how important this work is for the future.


Intuition & Symbols

by Slade Roberson

Are you struggling to make something happen?

Are you torturing your consciousness for a sense of the right direction, begging the Universe for assistance with a difficult decision?...


Editor's Note: In his powerful article, Slade Roberson asks us what would happen if we stopped pushing and got out of our own way?



by Owen K Waters

The New Reality brings with it a new vista of awareness. In order to operate successfully in the new environment, you need to apply the new principles which come with this expanded view of reality...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: What is the new reality as espoused by so many spiritual writers and seekers?

Author, Owen Waters explores the following 12 basic principles of the universe, as seen from the expanded vista of New Reality consciousness.

In this, the ultimate reality is recognized as universal consciousness, which is the formative essence behind all that exists within the universe. This essence can be called Infinite Being because it is the awareness behind everything within the universe. A must-read for all in 2013!


Sacred Living

by Amy Lansky, PhD

In November 2012, I took my first-ever private retreat at Vajrapani Institute in the Santa Cruz Mountains. For two days, I was by myself in my own little cabin, alone with my thoughts, my Self, my dreams...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: This article is a wonderful "how to" recipe for approaching life with sacred intention. It inspires us to create the space for love's vibration to resonate throughout our beings so that synchronicity and serendipity can flourish.


Sacred Living

by Baeth Davis

A client asked me recently,“Baeth, what is the difference between a healer, a shaman and a spiritual teacher?”  It is an excellent question and one worth attempting to answer...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Did you know that 30% of your cerebral cortex - the area of your brain that plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, as well as consciousness - is dedicated to processing information from your hands? Scientific hand analysis interprets what's energetically happening with your mind/body/spirit connection via the study the hand's topography. We all possess energy healing abilities. Is it your life's purpose to be a healer, a shaman, or a spiritual teacher? Hand analyst Baeth Davis shows us indicators that may draw us to be a healer, a shaman, or a spiritual teacher.


Energy Medicine

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