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Editor's Note from David Pratt: Eckart Tolle's description of the "pain body" helps us dis-identify from our reactive emotional patterns that sometimes lie dormant and at other times can seem to take a person over. Meditation helps us cultivate the space that lets us slowly see that we are not this pain body. In the light of Consciousness, the pain body can be clearly seen as an insubstantial phantom. This can take time, and the accompanying video fits - a gradual transformation of mountains, flowers and trees from winter to spring.




by Judith Blackstone, PhD

THE ONENESS of the spiritual dimension is the underlying reality of all relationships. It can be described as a relational field, a fundamental continuity of self and other. In the spaciousness and stillness of our spiritual essence, we are truly in contact, truly intimate, with ourselves and with all of life...



Sacred Living

by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

To tell you honestly, I was always afraid to speak on this subject of Collective Consciousness because there is too much truth involved in speaking out on this subject. Man as such, cannot handle too much of truth. If the truth is up to 30% or 40%, he can handle it well, but beyond that, the truth starts transforming him. He feels that the ground on which he is standing is moving away. To tell you honestly, none of us really wants to know the truth...


Editor´s Note from Tina Rayner: Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares his belief that most people can only handle 30-40% truth and why.  Despite this risk however, he gives us his first truth about Collective Consciousness.



by Betsy Grund, CDT

This time of year issues a special invitation to enter and engage with dreams. These nightly gifts transform us by expanding consciousness, even when we are unaware of the gift. Consciously engaging with dreams fuels this expansion and creates space for inner harmony and connecting with others. Deep awareness takes root in the personal, touches our relationships, and ripples into the community...


Editor's Note: Dreams are a gift of the season! The darkness of winter is the ideal time for turning inward and listening to our dreams, according to this wise and thoughtful article by Betsy Grund.


Dream Medicine

by Asoka Selvarajah
Cross-posted from

Each of us is connected with the Divine. The Higher Self within us far transcends the understanding of our conscious minds...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: You CAN write your way to higher-consciousness.




Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Michael Damian

As consciousness is unchanging, enlightenment is not, strictly speaking, a process of altering, increasing, or expanding consciousness. It is a process of subtracting ignorance...


Editor's Note from J. Stewart Dixon: I know Michael through  This is an excellent article about ignorance and the basics of the evolution of a spiritual seeker.



by Anthony Fleg, UNC Chapel Hill

A Diné (Navajo) patient, a relatively healthy man in his late 50s, had two recent episodes of loss of consciousness. The doctors diagnosed him with food poisoning, a diagnosis which the patient’s wife did not accept. She asked me for a second opinion, noting that she was worried that there may be some “spiritual foul play” involved in her husband’s recent attacks...



by Melanie Webb

It’s that special time of year, where Christmas songs play on the radio, the local TV channels play our favorite old-time movies, and we have party after party of savory treats to look forward to. Wait! Savory treats – isn’t that what we’ve worked all year to avoid, to burn-off, to replace with whole foods prepared with the highest levels of care and consciousness?...


Editor's Note from Melanie Webb: Sharing a few ideas to help you enjoy Happy, Healthy Holidays this year!


Exercise & Fitness

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