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by Michael Brine

Formal meditation should be seen as a valid tool to increase our understanding and connection with Truth, that which has no name - some call it 'God'. However, the concept of 'God' is beyond the mind's ability to truly understand, for 'God' is of the Heart and our Intuition. The practice of stilling the mind is the doorway that allows us to enter the Heart and feel the stillness that is All. To feel that stillness is beyond the mind and word formulations...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Introducing experienced Yukon traveler, new author Michael Brine, a man of many talents. Brine writes on human consciousness, mysticism and spiritual development.


Sacred Living

by Peter Blum CHt, MSC

We stand at a very interesting point in history. We are at the seam where the "magic" of shamans and healers of ancient cultures and wisdom traditions is being joined with the latest discoveries in "science"...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: I have, on several occasions, experienced Peter Blum's metal singing bowl concert. Each time, I felt like I was taking a "sound bath" in vibrational healing energy. Throughout history, healers have used vibrational energies to promote therapeutic states of consciousness. Peter discusses how this ancient "magic" of sound  and vibration is finding a contemporary place in healing modalities.


Energy Medicine

Editor's Note from Marie' Sakai: The famous Greek philosophers and mathematicians believed that numbers had the ability to enlighten a person with a sense of universal consciousness. And the higher capabilities in understanding the most abstract concepts, led to what they believed as Sacred Geometry. Leonardo Da Vinci and others saw the potential of integrating numbers and three-dimensional shapes. Take a long look at the power of Sacred Geometry-it too may add some magic and healing properties to your life. You never know the power of higher consciousness-it may instill in you a deeper sense of the microcosms and the macrocosms of your deepest thoughts.

Arts & Art Therapy

by Marcy Axness, PhD

This mental force that can change the brain, can certainly change the download of the mommy mind meld. What we hand down to our children as we parent is not simply a linear, one-for-one duplicate of ourselves, and that is where the stunning possibilities of parenting for peace lie: through refining our own consciousness we throw the door open on our children’s potential...

Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: This is the second part of Dr. Axness' wonderful article. In the first part of this article Dr. Axness describes the way babies naturally imitate their parent's emotional state and beliefs about the world. Here she gives many wonderful suggestions on how to heal and take care of ourselves to provide the models our children need. This article is a gem!


Family & Parenting

by Franco Santoro

The term trance comes from the Latin transire, which means “to go over” or to move from one state to another. Although this word is often popularly associated with unusual or altered states of consciousness, its implied conditions play a vital role for all human beings and extend in all areas of life, from shamanic journeys, meditation, dreaming, day-dreaming to watching television, reading a newspaper or doing housework...




Editor's Note from David Pratt: Eckart Tolle's description of the "pain body" helps us dis-identify from our reactive emotional patterns that sometimes lie dormant and at other times can seem to take a person over. Meditation helps us cultivate the space that lets us slowly see that we are not this pain body. In the light of Consciousness, the pain body can be clearly seen as an insubstantial phantom. This can take time, and the accompanying video fits - a gradual transformation of mountains, flowers and trees from winter to spring.



by Lynn Zambrano, RN

Most of us, who work with the body and energetic healing, are aware that we are shifting into a higher vibrational rate. Our clients are coming in with complaints of generally not feeling well or experiencing excessive stress, and sometimes pain that canÂ’t be pin-pointed. These are symptoms of the shift taking taking place in the world. Those individuals who are resisting this shift are suffering with physical effects. Why would anyone resist...


Editor's Note from Barbara Ford: Our energy fields can reveal what's going on inside your body. A medical intuitive provides a unique and powerful tool in cutting to the core of what's blocking vibrant health. This is very helpful when your physical body  may be preventing you from opening up to your own Divine Consciousness.


Energy Medicine


Editor´s Note from Tina Rayner: To raise global consciousness, we must raise individual consciousness. Belief in the power of individual consciousness is to believe in the Power of One: the power to do something and the power to do anything.


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