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by Owen K. Waters

At the subatomic or quantum level of reality, light doesn’t travel like you’d think it does. Light only appears when someone is there to look at it. The rest of the time it is nowhere to be seen. Light actually exists outside of space and outside of time...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: We are entering a new age of expanded awareness. "The Shift occurring in consciousness today includes a shift to the perspective that all life is a construct of consciousness." Waters introduces us to an amazing perspective regarding the fabric of the universe, inner space reflecting outer space. The universe is not really "out there"…"it actually exists within you". Essential reading for the emerging "New Reality".


Sacred Living

by Clare Evans

The topic for today is conscience, consciousness and consistency. Never, in the lifespan of humankind have these three things been so important. Awakening is beginning now. Evolving eternal movement and progression - stars are aligning, planets juxtaposing, souls enlightening, it is time...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: A beautiful, enlightening and uplifting article, channelled from spirit by new author, Clare Evans. “Surrender is not giving up, it is allowing the natural flow of your life, your energy, your being to take its natural course...” These amazing insights are powerful, poignant and stirring.


Sacred Living

by Dr. Tushar K. Ray

Oneness of the universe is the basis of harmony in us

Relying on the reality of transcendental self-consciousness




Editor's Note: It is difficult to put into words what we experience when we transcend our daily waking/sleeping/dreaming consciousness and dip into that which is pure consciousness, the source of Self. Dr. Tushar K. Ray, a biochemist for many years, now runs a yoga center in Arizona...



by Jack Canfield

Understanding the relationship among consciousness, action, and prosperity is crucial to your success.

In my seminars I sometimes stand in front of the room and hold up a $100 bill, state that I’m wiling to give it away, and ask if anyone would like to have it...


Editor's note from Sherri Carter: Assess your actions. Do they support your intentions? While creating a vision of desires is a very important foundational step, supportive action is vital to making that vision a reality!


Sacred Living

by Martin Brofman

Everything begins with your consciousness. Everything that happens in your life, and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your consciousness.

Your consciousness is who you are, your experience of Being...



Energy Medicine

by Linda Yael Schiller, LICSW

Dreams usually arrive in our consciousness as conundrums.  We usually have to spend time hanging out with the dream material to unravel it’s coded messages.  As we get more skilled in attending to our dreams, we can get pretty good at it, especially if we can catch our own puns and plays on words.  Problem is, most dreams come to us fairly encrypted.  Just as we can often see some one else’s issues or truth more clearly than our own (who among us can’t identify (ahem…) just what our spouse, child, parent, etc. should do to be a better person!).  We often hit the same blind spot when we  attempt to decode our own dreams as we do when we try to see our own "issues" clearly...


Editor's Note from Cynthia Greb: Everyone who is serious about working with dreams will, at one time or another, probably sit in a Dream Circle.  Dream circles are such a wonderful way of mining the depths of our dreams with fellow dreamers.  In this article, psychotherapist Linda Yael Schiller gives some tips on how to create an effective dream circle.


Dream Medicine

by Michael Brine

Formal meditation should be seen as a valid tool to increase our understanding and connection with Truth, that which has no name - some call it 'God'. However, the concept of 'God' is beyond the mind's ability to truly understand, for 'God' is of the Heart and our Intuition. The practice of stilling the mind is the doorway that allows us to enter the Heart and feel the stillness that is All. To feel that stillness is beyond the mind and word formulations...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: Introducing experienced Yukon traveler, new author Michael Brine, a man of many talents. Brine writes on human consciousness, mysticism and spiritual development.


Sacred Living

by Peter Blum CHt, MSC

We stand at a very interesting point in history. We are at the seam where the "magic" of shamans and healers of ancient cultures and wisdom traditions is being joined with the latest discoveries in "science"...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: I have, on several occasions, experienced Peter Blum's metal singing bowl concert. Each time, I felt like I was taking a "sound bath" in vibrational healing energy. Throughout history, healers have used vibrational energies to promote therapeutic states of consciousness. Peter discusses how this ancient "magic" of sound  and vibration is finding a contemporary place in healing modalities.


Energy Medicine

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