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by Lynda Martin

Let us walk through Level 1 of the Tarot Teaching Spread as a tool, a practice used to become wholly (holy) human. This is the level of Mind, of learning the principles of consciousness as applied to the world of time and space. Here are attributes and skills of the mind that, taken together, give us a rich variety of perspectives on any given problem, project or piece of art...


Editor's Note: We're continuing our walk through the Tarot - Row 1 is about gaining mastery of our minds - so useful in a world full of distractions! We started with an overview of the Teaching Spread here.



by Deb Schnitta

Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) is energy medicine that supports healing and change at the building block level of illness, the cells. Through affecting held patterns of consciousness within the energy system itself, CE supports the body's true nature, the call for balance. Through the exploration of what is needed for the body, mind and spirit to return to balance, lasting change and healing occurs...


Editor's Note from Sue O'Callahan: I discovered Deb Schnitta's Cellular Expansion and Healing while searching for innovative healing modalities for children. I was intrigued and inspired by the concept of a healing modality that restores consciousness to the cells. I truly enjoyed learning more about this healing and its inherent transformational power for people of all ages.


Energy Medicine 

by Kim Hutchinson, Ed, ATP®, CCMT, ND

The key to the ascension learning is to live in your heart. Our current reality was shaped by our collective minds; now it is time for our hearts to dream a new dream. When you shift your consciousness from your brain to the sacred space in your heart, you discover that the heart creates your reality, not your head.



Editor's Note from Nicholas Pepe: Want to be more connected to your heart? Kim Hutchinson guides readers in exploring their heart space, how to develop it and your unique way of creating your personal heart space.

Energy Medicine


by Fearn Lickfield

Reconnecting with the spirit of the earth is our deepest healing! Geomancy and the study of Earth Mysteries are returning as recognized and respected fields of knowledge and practice. As our world becomes less stable we turn back to what worked in the past. It is time we transition from a state of reaction and unconsciousness regarding our world, to deep awareness, love and partnership; co-creating with the Earth the vibrant, harmonious world of our dreams...



by Andrew Smith

There is something very attractive in a young soul – the laughter and ever present smiles; the enthusiasm in the wonder of the little things; the joy that fills them. They are largely lacking in self-consciousness; they are innocent, yet wise and possess the infinite ability to trust implicitly everyone around them. A child's mind is not crooked or scheming. It is simple, straight, open and transparent. They are honest about what they want, what they like or dislike. They do not hide things and speak what they think...



by Jacquelyn Small

When our spiritual eyes open wide and we see that we are running to the very edge of our own demise, a call goes out to those of us with initiate consciousness, and a response is heard from deep within our hearts. We become obsessed with an intense yearning to get on with a way of life that satisfies our deeper urges. We cry out, often for help, hoping to align truly with our bigger story that out-pictures our greater life...


Editor's Note from Natalie Jovanic: Do you struggle with leaving your comfort zone? Sometimes, it's not easy to start something new. My fears always want me to stick to the old, but deep inside, there is this yearning that wants to move on and go into a new directions. How about you? Read this article by Jacquelyn and find out why you should move forward.



by John Perkins

I’ve often written that we’ve entered the biggest revolution in history, the Consciousness Revolution. People are waking up and taking action in unprecedented ways...


Editor's Note from Peter Clark: Shapeshifting is a classic shamanic experience, state or practice. It can happen on many levels, though of course we are always most intrigued by the physical shapeshift. John Perkins has studied and written extensively about shapeshifting (, and he has practiced it in amazing and deep ways. In essence, he has gone through an incredible personal shapeshift - a transformation from the inside out - in his career and life - moving from a shady economic terrorist (supported by both corporations and governments) to an incredible teacher and shaman of the art of shapeshifting. What we as a global community need the most right now however, is a paradigm shapeshift. John writes about perhaps the seed of this below...



by Jordan Cox

The Dalai Lama is a man who garners respect around the planet, regardless of whether or not one is a Buddhist. Many of his thoughts and teachings have overriding concepts of mindfulness and personal transformation embedded within. Here are some quotes from the Dalai Lama that are either directly linked to a greater consciousness of our planet’s ecology...


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