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by Adele Wang

Steve, maybe the easiest way to illustrate is to give you a real life example. How would you go about studying this? I'm thinking of a recent situation where I was asked to work on a man in the ICU, who was in a coma, and terminally ill with metastisized cancer. One day his wife called me to show up, so I did...


Editor's Note: This is one of my more personal articles where I describe an experience I had with a client. It is taken from my blog where I was conversing with a scientific skeptic about the nature of energy medicine. This is Part 2 of 3 in this series. Click HERE for Part 1.


Energy Medicine

by Adele Wang

I often get pulled into discussions with folks on spiritual bulletin boards who are interested in exploring scientific proof about consciousness and energetic phenomena. Many of these folks come from scientific and analytic backgrounds. They are what I call "healthy skeptics..."


Editor's Note: This is one of my more personal articles where I describe an experience I had with a client. It is taken from my blog where I was conversing with a scientific skeptic about the nature of energy medicine. This is Part 1 of 3 in this series.


Energy Medicine

by Paul Levy

Transference always reflex-ively evokes a “countertransference” re-action from the doctor. Jung writes, “The patient, by bringing an activated unconscious content to bear upon the doctor, constellates the corresponding unconscious material in him, owing to the inductive effect which always emanates from projections in greater or lesser degree. Doctor and patient thus find themselves in a relationship founded on mutual unconsciousness...”


Editor's Note from Carl Helmle: Paul is a pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, as well as an innovator in the field of dreaming (both night dreams as well as waking dreams). A Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for over 30 years, he has intimately studied with some of the greatest spiritual masters of Tibet and Burma. Read Part 1.



by Darla Graves Palmer

Do you love to taste word soup spilling over the moist lip of the kettle? Do you like yours thin and clear or thick and creamy?...


Editor's Note from Susan de Wardt: Be inspired to bring your own stream of consciousness to the world through this article on "Word Soup"!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Owen Waters

Can something as profound as metaphysics reach a point where it will cease to exist?

To answer that, you have to understand the definition of the word metaphysics...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: "The unknown will have become the known, and our appreciation of the works of the Creator will have grown along with this expanded knowledge." These are the words of author Owen Waters. In this insightful article, Owen shares how the concepts such as auras and consciousness used to be labeled "metaphysical" or "beyond physics." However, with all of the scientific evidence proving energy, electromagnetic fields, etc. there is no more "beyond physics." This wonderful articles explains how we've bridged the gap from "metaphysics" to "expanded physics." Read and learn from Owen Waters about consciousness and where we're going as a collective.


Intuition & Symbols

by Dawn James

One of the key components to activating your Light Body is to practice and master Pranic Breathing. This three-art series will introduce you to Prana, Pranic Breathing and raising consciousness via pranayamic breathing.





Editor's Note from Sherri Carter: Learn more about using Pranic breathing to raise consciousness and activate your Light Body.


by Barry Cottrell

Many people live today with a strong, growing sense of expectation, often laced with apprehension, as if some radical and rapid process of change has been activated, involving a fundamental break with the past which will release us into a new and unknown future. 

It is as if a fresh wind of the spirit is blowing, drawing us ever more deeply into a whole new uncharted terrain, hurrying us along in a process of accelerated maturation toward a renewed vision of the world as a sacred place...



by Owen K. Waters

At the subatomic or quantum level of reality, light doesn’t travel like you’d think it does. Light only appears when someone is there to look at it. The rest of the time it is nowhere to be seen. Light actually exists outside of space and outside of time...


Editor's Note from David Arenson: We are entering a new age of expanded awareness. "The Shift occurring in consciousness today includes a shift to the perspective that all life is a construct of consciousness." Waters introduces us to an amazing perspective regarding the fabric of the universe, inner space reflecting outer space. The universe is not really "out there"…"it actually exists within you". Essential reading for the emerging "New Reality".


Sacred Living

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