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Editor's Note from Karen Stabley: Dr. Bruce Moon, BA, BSc, B Env Sc (Hons), GDURP, Grad Dip Ed, M Pub Pol, PhD answers four interview questions about his career, his students, and a few other interesting topics. Dr. Moon is a the Director of Graduate Studies in the Art Therapy Department at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Moon has received many distinguished awards and has many publications. He is a highly regarded speaker on art therapy throughout the world.

Arts & Art Therapy 

Interviewed by Michelle Gregg

Dr. Henele, ND


Dr. Henele is a licensed practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine and devoted teacher of Advanced Natural Medicine. As both the founder of Genesis Health Systems and the creative influence behind such healing therapies as Release Point Therapy® & 28-Day Cellular Cleansing®, his educational experience in the healing arts extends over fourteen years and includes many inspiring mentors. In this conversation, Dr. Henele shares his experience teaching at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), located in Tempe, Arizona. This nationally accredited private college and community healing center is for those interested in pursuing careers in the healing arts professions.


Please Join ATH as Dr. Henele and Michelle Gregg venture into Dr. Henele's experiences at SWIHA as a teacher of the Holistic Nutrition.


Listen to the interview.




Holistic Nutrition

by Earl Cook

The aim of Touch for Health (TFH) is better health thru a holistic balancing of subtle meridian and organ energies; thereby, increasing harmony and wellness in our lives. This is how we approach the whole person. The goal is always wellness and greater awareness of how various human energy systems interact causatively, in illness and health...


Editor's Note from Bruce Dickson: Touch for Health and its software self-help and practitioner aid, eTouch for Health, are surprisingly little known today despite having been the stepping stone for thousands of lay persons into holistic health careers 1970-1990; and, thousands of massage therapists into more skilled modes, building on TFH's testing-validating routines and encouragement to work directly with etheric energy. It is still one of the safest and most effective career modes to train into.


Energy Medicine


A great performance from Peter and Paula. Paula's participation on this tour catapulted her career as both performer and songwriter. This timeless song reflects so much of what is happening to so many in today's tumultuous economy. To all who are struggling right now, don't give up!

Listen & Laugh

by David G. Arenson, ND,
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living

You deserve to achieve your dreams. Most people who consult with me are seeking increased happiness or more fulfillment. Some have achieved financial wealth, yet yearn for spiritual wealth. Some do yoga but can't seem to get ahead in their careers...

Editor´s Note from David Arenson: You deserve to achieve your dreams and live an extraordinary life. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself in order to get there. A must-read for anyone looking for insights for peak performance, transformation and improvement.


Sacred Living


Editor's Note from Karen Adler: Time to Listen tells the story of the renowned artist and psychiatrist Robert Rynearson, who is one of a dying breed of doctors who utilize creative art therapy techniques to help patients solve problems and settle inner conflicts. His incredible work as a doctor is only a small part of Bobs fascinating career as a sculptor, and the film aims to tell his story, from his conflicted childhood, his development of art therapy techniques, his experience as Ernest Hemingways psychiatrist, and finally to his retirement and legacy.


Arts & Art Therapy

by Bess Coble, ATH Co-Editor for Exercise/Fitness


We are multi-taskers to the core of our being: child-rearer, family nurturer, career-builder, social director. When we feel ourselves crashing, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, it is easy and tempting to reach for something sweet or caffeinated, even though we know later on there will be an inevitable sugar crash or sleepless night. Many, however, are discovering healthier non-food options that keep them perking along until bedtime. Here are nine quick ways to boost your energy.




Exercise & Fitness

by Jennifer Lehr

Recently I have been thinking about how much change we are all going through – the tightening of finances for many people, finding ourselves in positions we have never imagined – moving back in with our families, unable to find work, careers becoming obsolete. The world appears to be moving faster and faster, and becoming more and more stressful. Unforeseen events and unfinished business are challenging us.

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