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by Michelle Schoffro Cook
Cross-posted from

Everyday foods like bacon, eggs, coffee and dairy products are linked to inflammation. That might not sound like a big deal but when you consider that most chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity have been linked to inflammation. Low grade inflammation is a factor in most health issues.  And if you suffer a pain disorder, you better believe that inflammatory foods will aggravate the condition.


Editor's Note from Beth Wisniewski: Most chronic diseases and pain are a result of low grade inflammation in the body. This article from Care2, lists the top 12 foods that cause inflammation. Eliminating these foods will reduce systemic inflammation and decrease the pain associated with an inflammatory lifestyle. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet along with regular chiropractic care will reduce your chronic pain and enhance your quality of life!


by Sherry Baker

A study just reported in the online issue of the journal Head and Neck adds to the growing body of evidence that the ancient healing technique known as acupuncture isn't some kind of hocus pocus quackery that only works via the placebo effect. Researchers from the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center found that weekly acupuncture treatments twice a week relieved symptoms of a condition called xerostomia...


Editor's Note from Kirsten van Nostran: Radiation treatment can be difficult on cancer patients. Acupuncture can help ease symptoms of dry mouth and improve appetite.



by Karen Collins

I’m just too tired to be as physically active as I know I should be. How do people have the energy for this?...


Editor’s Note from Bess Coble: This week’s fitness tip is from Karen Collins, MS, RN, CDN, the American Institute for Cancer Research’s HealthTalk Columnist.


Exercise & Fitness

by Ihor Basko, DVM

Over the past few years, I have seen an increase in the amount of referrals I receive for patients with cancer.

On my radio show and within past newsletters, I have often talked about the causes of cancer and how to best prevent the disease...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi:  Cancer - what a scary word. Worse when it applies to our four-legged family!! How do we deal with a cancer diagnosis? How do we help our best friends live with quality and dignity while inside we're worried to bits about "what's next?" As veterinarians, and more so as holistic vets where we care for the whole package, we help our patients' families get through these hard times. Dr B has great insight.


Animals & Pets

by Christy Diane Farr
Cross-posted from

Let’s talk about the relationship cancer, the bleach that eats away at the fabric of your most sacred relationships, the drama of the puppet master that eventually destroys even the best performer… codependency. Codependency sucks and talking about is about as easy as nailing jello to the wall. As soon as I get an example up there, it slips away...




Sacred Living

by Dr. Meenakshi Joshi

Steve Jobs, the man who changed the face of multimedia and knocked out Walkman permanently from music world, is no more. He was suffering from a rarest kind of pancreas cancer neuroadenocarcinoma. It is basically the malignancy of a hormone producing islet cells. This disease jeopardized his pancreas and part of his liver...


Editor's Note: Cancer is fast spreading life style disease of 21st century. It's more painful to decide where and how to go about it than the disease itself. There are often claims of miraculous cures, magic therapies and then combine that with the confusion of other conventional treatments. It's more painful to decide what to select and what not to select...



by Arnold Plotnick, MS, DVM, ACVIM, ABVP

I have just watched one of the most vibrant, intelligent, good-natured cats I’ve ever known rapidly succumb to her cancer right before my eyes...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Many veterinary patients touch our lives in ways we really can't explain. Why is it one patient worms its' way into our heart but another just passes through? This bonding keeps us caring; sometimes it hurts. Dr Plotnick shares his story of one special girl, Blanche.


Animals & Pets


Editor's Note from Wendy Wells: This video is about how drinking bottled water after it has been heated can lead to breast cancer.



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