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by Traci Vandermark

Natural estrogens (phytoestrogens) are found in plant products, and therefore are in many of the foods we eat. According to researchers at Cornell University, there are three main classes of phytoestrogens: isoflavonoids, coumestans and lignans. In the body, phytoestrogens act as our naturally produced estrogen...


Editor's Note: Many patients are opposed to synthetic or bioidentical estrogen because of the risks for breast cancer and DVT. This article gives you an examples of foods that will help you healthfully eat your way through menopause.


Integrative Medicine

by Kelly Turner, PhD

No one was more surprised than I was when 7 out of the 9 key factors of Radical Remission from my research turned out to be emotional/spiritual, while only 2 were physical...


Editor's Note from Sophia Hansen: Dr. Turner's fascinating article teaches how powerful our thoughts and emotions are and how they can affect our bodies.  Dr. Turner gives us important tips for improving our health with just our minds.  Her important cancer research emphasizes and proves how important our spiritual health is to our overall well-being.


Intuition & Symbols

by Cathy Alinovi, DVM,

ATH Co-Editor of Animals & Pets

Statistics presented by veterinary insurance companies report that 25% of dogs will develop cancer before they die. For some reason, the cancer rate in cats is not as high as that in dogs. Therefore, this discussion will focus on dogs. However, much of what applies to dogs also applies to cats. Sadly, labrador-type dogs are at highest risk for cancer. Other breeds, like Great Danes and Saint Bernards have a generic tendency to develop cancer at a young age – for some of these dogs, it’s as early as one and two-years-old.


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: It's the last thing anyone wants to hear - cancer. Some types of cancer are more treatable than others, and many are preventable. The combination of conventional and alternative medicine can help prolong quality of life for the cancer patient.



Animals & Pets



by Marianne Marchese, ND

Naturopathic physicians are trained to treat the cause, not the symptom, of an illness. When it comes to cancer, how often do doctors stop and try to treat the cause? That, of course, would assume that we know what causes cancer.





by Baeth Davis

From my fingerprints, formed in utero between the 14th and 16th week and which do not change for this lifetime, my Life School is the School of Love...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: In part two of Baeth Davis' inspirational journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she shares her motivations and the life choices for her path to wellness, which includes learning to love herself unconditionally. Her dream is that people take back their healing power and trust their inner guidance. A must read for anyone facing the 'c' word! See Part 1.


Energy Medicine

by Heather Manley, ND

I just read a recent study that said that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. And to further add to that statistic, woman under the age of 39 have a greater increase in melanoma. Yikes!

Editor's Note: Dr. Manley is author of the award winning Human Body Detectives, her children’s educational series of story-telling books, eBooks, and iPhone/iPad apps. This article educates us on warning signs that may appear in diseased skin, as well as ways we can slow or prevent onset of skin disease.


by Baeth Davis

How would you respond if you were told you had cancer?

I saw ‘breast cancer’ on my medical record folder as I leaned over the registration desk at the breast clinic. My knees started to shake and this hot spiky heat went up my spine and down my legs...


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: How would you respond if you were told you had cancer?  In part one of Baeth Davis' journey, she rejects the cut, burn, and poison treatments in favor of a more holistic, energetic approach.  A truly inspiring article that looks at the emotional aspects of her condition and how she shifted this energy to heal.


Energy Medicine


Editor's Note from Carolyn White: Cancer is a disease of not only the body, but also of the mind and soul. We need a healthy body, mind and spirit, and we need to learn how to achieve that. As a society, we need to support and promote the energy of health and wholeness instead of promoting cancer awareness. In this video interview  Bruce Lipton, a genetic scientist. eloquently explains what happens during stress and how it affects your immune system. He discusses the difference between old physics/old biology - the Newtonian model -  and new physics/new biology - the quantum model. Dr. Lipton illustrates why energy is significant in shaping matter and the overall health of our body.  He explains how cancer genes can predispose a person towards cancer, but don't mean a person WILL get cancer.


Energy Medicine

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