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New independent lab testing on 20 top household cleaning products reveals that top-selling cleaning products and detergents, including Tide Free & Gentle, Pine-Sol and Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, contain toxic chemicals not revealed to the consumer. The results show that cleaning products commonly contain hidden chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and pregnancy complications...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Some of those favorite names on the shelves we've learned to "trust" through advertising are hiding something. In this report, 20 well-known household products we may all have sitting around the house could contain toxic chemicals that are not being put on the label. Many of these chemicals have been linked to disease and other dangers to health. It will take a moment to read and find out and follow-up with a decision at the check-out lane with the power of the consumer but not buying into deception.


Organic Living

by Dennis Godby

While naturopathic doctors individualize their dietary regimes for each patient, this short term diet has proven amazing for many people. Often, due to lifestyle choices, inflammation can develop and show up in many different forms in our bodies, often times while we are unaware. Our internal organs can become inflamed in such cases as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease and cancers, and many others. Most of us could really benefit from quelling the firestorm inside with this anti-inflammatory plan...



by Charlotte Phillips

Some treatments for breast cancer can be damaging to the lymph nodes under the armpit. Whether nodes are removed during surgery or receive radiation, lymph node reduction is a typical result of breast cancer treatment...


Editor's Note from David Burrows: Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a very light form of massage which gives deep assistance to those with lymphedema related to breast cancer.  This article helps those unfamiliar with massage in general as well as with MLD know what to expect when receiving this therapy.


Massage & Bodywork

by Michael Santangelo, ND, PhD, LMT,
ATH Co-Editor of Tarot

The Moon is linked in astrology with emotion, and where the Moon is in our natal chart tells a good bit about how we deal with emotion. The Moon is also symbolic of the Mother energy in astrology (Saturn is the father). The sign of Cancer, which the Moon rules, is described as a maternal sign, centered around the home and nurturing...


Editor's Note from Michael Santangelo: My Planetary Forces series continues with the Moon, planet of the sixth chakra. In Tarot, the Moon is represented by the High Priestess. Read Planetary Forces of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Venus.




by Richard C. Niemtzow, MD, PhD, MPH

Twelve head and neck cancer patients developed xerostomia secondary to radiotherapy. In most cases, this was refractory to conventional pilocarpine therapy. Acupuncture was offered as a potential palliation of their symptoms. Acupuncture stimulated saliva secretion to varying degrees....


Editor’s Note: Dr. Niemtzow is a military physician practicing acupuncture full-time at the Malcolm Grow Medical Center, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. As the head consultant of the Alternative and Complementary Medicine to the Air Force Surgeon General, he uses evidence based research outcomes to validate the use of Acupuncture for treating such conditions as: complex regional pain, xerostomia (dry mouth), and xerophthalmia (dry eyes)...



by Margaret Miller 

I had thought I was quite healthy and fit. I had even just walked for fun 25 miles in one day. I had been involved in Spiritual Healing for some years, and thought I could reach some beautiful states of meditation. In July 1990, everything changed. The Marsden Hospital told me I had cancer...



Energy Medicine

by Leila Turner, ND

The Pap test, also called Pap smear, is used to find cervical abnormalities long before they become actually a threat to your well-being. The Cervix is the lower part of the uterus (womb) that opens into the vagina (birth canal). A major cause of cervical cancer appears to be a virus: Human (HPV), which is transmitted sexually. Cervical cancer starts as changes called “dysplasia”, a precancerous phase, are detectable on the Pap smear...


Editor's Note: Naturopathic medicine offers some excellent treatment options for the abnormal pap. Find out here, what an abnormal pap is and what Naturopathic medicine can do for you should you get one.




Martin Brofman healed himself of terminal cancer in 1976. Here he describes the Point of Power, the level of consciousness you go to in order to make decisions that manifest from that point.


Energy Medicine

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