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by David Zeiger, D.O. 

Estrogen metabolism, in women and in some men, play’s a key role in the regulation of health and disease. Research over the past 5 years has found that the way estrogen is metabolized, broken down in the liver and either recycled or eliminated through the small intestine, will trigger chemical events in cells that have a marked disease potential. We see this in such health problems as endometriosis, obesity, PMS, infertility, osteoporosis as well as cancer of the breast, uterus etc.


Editors Note from Shawn Tassone: In this age of menopause and the confusion of hormone replacement it seems appropriate to talk about the good with the bad.  I discuss hormones daily with patients and think this article is a good start on reading why you may NOT want to go on hormones.


Integrative Medicine


by John Phillip

Long known for its ability to regulate the body`s natural circadian rhythms, melatonin is rapidly emerging as a powerful agent in the fight against brain aging and neurologic deterioration...


Editor's Notes: I have used and prescribed melatonin for many of my patients for years with great success. Melatonin is actually a hormone and should be treated with respect. It is also a very powerful antioxidant and this article does justice to some of the new information about it.

Integrative Medicine

by Debby Raable, RHN

Respected holistic health authors Hulda Clark (The Cure for All Diseases) and Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions and President of the Weston A. Price Foundation) would have us believe that soy is dangerous and should be avoided. Others claim that the legume is the ultimate health food due to its potent cancer-fighting phytoestrogens. Who should we believe?...


Editor's Note: Debby Raabel’s well-researched article answers many of the questions you may have about soy products.


Holistic Nutrition

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) The CSPI is reportedly suing Bayer over the company's claims that the selenium in its "One-A-Day" multivitamin formula helps prevent prostate cancer. It's rare to see NaturalNews actually siding with Bayer on anything, but in this case, I think it's worth pointing out that selenium is, indeed, a very helpful nutrient for preventing cancer...


Editor's Note from Shawn Tassone: The mineral selenium has been shown in numerous studies to decrease the risks of different forms of cancer. Mike Adams summarizes the pros and cons.


Integrative Medicine

from Gabrielle Traub (Homeopath)

Call on Coleslaw uses ingrediants that protect against Cancer AND help you lose weight. 


Check out all the great benefits of the ingredients used...




 Healing Recipes

by Lynne Sullivan, DC

The immune system is your body’s defense against invasion by foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells.  It is composed of a complex system of specialized tissues, cells, and organs whose purpose is to recognize and destroy these harmful invaders, thus preventing the development of infection and disease.  Supporting and enhancing your immune system through healthy lifestyle choices as well as implementing select nutrients and herbs, and most of all having a healthy nervous system, will help reduce your susceptibility to colds, the flu, and other infections and diseases...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: People who get adjusted regularly are healthier overall. These patients report they are sick 1.5 times per year as opposed to people who do not get adjusted are sick 7 times per year. Dr. Lynne describes simple ways to have a healthy and fully functioning immune system in this article.



by Lorene Sauro, RHN

Kale is one of the best leafy green vegetables, considered a star amongst healthy-eaters. It is loaded with nutrients including potent phytonutrients from the Cruciferous vegetable family which includes broccoli, cabbage and bok choy. Studies have shown that two phytonutrients in these foods, the Indole-3-carbinols and the sulforaphanes help prevent heart disease and cancer, can act as anti-inflammatories and helps our bodies slow down the aging process...



Healing Recipes

by Michael Wolfstar

The Sun opposes Pluto on the 6th, a time when many individuals will be speaking truth to authority. Individuals with prominent planets in 13º-15º zone of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will be experiencing life-altering changes in business and personal relationships. Look for major promotions and demotions in corporate America, and directed political challenges from the presidential candidates. Political, economic, environmental, and social reforms are in the air...




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