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by Leslie Cerier “The Organic Gourmet”

From Andrea D'Amore: October happens to be national breast cancer awareness month therefore I thought it appropriate to post this recipe.  Asian cultures have regarded mushrooms as a preventative measure against the disease for years and some studies suggest that consuming mushrooms daily may cut your risk of getting the disease up to two-thirds! The mushrooms most effective against breast cancer are the Asian varieties listed in this recipe...


Healing Recipes

by Olivia Judson
It doesn’t matter if you go running every morning, or you’re a regular at the gym. If you spend most of the rest of the day sitting — in your car, your office chair, on your sofa at home — you are putting yourself at increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a variety of cancers and an early death...


Editor's Note: Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. This article is by biologist and NY Times columnist, Olivia Judson, which she wrote on inactivity last year. I feel this can be very useful for doctors and patients. Waiting for the problem to find you first, before seeking out the best ways to alleviate it, is far from ideal. The last thing you want is to put yourself at risk and stopping you from doing what you love most. Enjoy!



by Dr. Eli Camp

The past three decades have seen an explosion in autism rates in the US. In the 1970s autism was considered very rare, with three or four children out of 1000 being diagnosed. Today, it is estimated that one in every 110 children in the US are diagnosed with autism, which makes it more prevalent than juvenile diabetes, pediatric AIDS, and childhood cancer combined...




Editor's Note from Sonica Krishan: In this video, Dr Greg Emerson highlights the medicinal usage of turmeric as anti-oxidant, anti- inflammatory and anti cancerous. He calls turmeric as a Super Herb ! Turmeric is surely on of the few Ayurveda herbs which as per Ayurveda, turmeric is believed to be a destroyer of aggravation in all the three basic humors of the body viz. vatta, pitta and kapha. These humors or doshas when remain in their balanced state, provide us with the fruit of health. On the contrary any distortion among any of the same results in the production of a disease. Therefore, turmeric is recommended in a large variety of ailments! Please have a look.




Editor’s Note from Andrea D'Amore: The season for strawberries is just about upon us and I wanted to share this wonderful recipe that gives us a unique way of using them.  This is a perfect lunch or light dinner recipe for the spring and summer months and it provides us with ample amounts of healing nutrients. First, strawberries provide ample amounts of Vitamin C, potassium and folate. Consuming them on a regular basis has been proven to lower blood pressure and protect against rheumatoid arthritis. Also, they are full of antioxidants which, as we should know by now are preventative against cancer and heart disease...


Healing Recipes

by Pamela Herring, ND

Did you ever wonder why, in a room full of people who are exposed to the cold virus, only a few will actually come down with the bug? Or why you can be fine one minute and then you get a chill and "wham", you are sick all of a sudden? Or why someone can be active and healthy when they suffer the loss of a loved on and within a year they are diagnosed with cancer or some other serious illness? All of these scenarios have to do with susceptibility...



by Patrick Donovan, ND

In the past few years so much scientific evidence has accumulated from the research studies to support the preventive health benefits of these flavonols in relation to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and Alzheimer's disease...




by Karen Baldwin

For two months after the web-like growth in my breast was confirmed as cancer, I visited specialists. Driving through dreary, gray December fog, I located the radiation treatment center, an enormous building I had never noticed before. The waiting room, carpeted with geometric patterns in shades of mauve and gray, was filled with patients with long, empty expressions.


Editor's Note: Dreams can tell us about illnesses in our body and even point to correct medical interventions. Karen Baldwin has had such an experience, and by following her dream, she enjoys vibrant health.


Dream Medicine

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