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by Martin Richardson

Do chemicals found in the baby foods really affect your child's health? Many people mistakenly believe that chemicals in our food are digested and expelled as waste; however, in reality, they get absorbed by the body and accumulate. It is safe to assume that, if it happens in adults it happens in babies, too...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: What food a baby starts life with sets the stage for so many outcomes from what tastes the baby will grow up to prefer to what chemicals and toxins we put in their tiny bodies at such a young age. It's time to think twice about those little jars and perhaps consider an organic alternative.


Organic Living

by Andrea Ploehn

One thing I’ve realized from working with so many infants is that they are learning and understanding things much sooner than many parents realize. Using baby sign language, parents can start to communicate with their babies months earlier than they might otherwise...


Editor's Note from Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten: By communicating with sign language you can open up a new world at a much younger age. Some infants and toddlers are kinesthetic and visual learners. If your child is having difficulties communicating try sign language to break through their barriers. Andrea Ploehn has had excellent results using sign language with her four children.


Family & Parenting


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Short, cute, but so heart-warming - watch that smile!!


Animals & Pets

from Houndstooth

The relationship between our teeth & sugar probably began before we could even walk. Pediatricians tell parents not to put their baby to bed with a bottle of sugary juice because it will destroy the child’s teeth...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Oral health is not just a matter of clean teeth - it actually starts with what we feed our pets. Just like us, the better we eat, the better our teeth.


Animals & Pets

by Gretchen Lawlor

In the next ten years more women will be entering menopause than in all of recorded history. There are forty million women scheduled to go through menopause in the next 20 years. The Baby Boomers, born in the 1940’s and early 1950’s are five times more numerous than any preceding generation. Menopause will not be the same thing once this flood of women has gone through it...




by Marcy Axness, PhD

This mental force that can change the brain, can certainly change the download of the mommy mind meld. What we hand down to our children as we parent is not simply a linear, one-for-one duplicate of ourselves, and that is where the stunning possibilities of parenting for peace lie: through refining our own consciousness we throw the door open on our children’s potential...

Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: This is the second part of Dr. Axness' wonderful article. In the first part of this article Dr. Axness describes the way babies naturally imitate their parent's emotional state and beliefs about the world. Here she gives many wonderful suggestions on how to heal and take care of ourselves to provide the models our children need. This article is a gem!


Family & Parenting

by Marcy Axness, PhD

Imitation is the young child’s primary form of learning, which is why one of my first bits of guidance to parents coming to me for counseling is to cut down by at least 50% the sheer number of words they say to their young child. Children learn from who we are and what we do far more than from what we say. And credible leaders don’t yammer on and on...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: This is the first part of Dr. Axness' wonderful article. As someone who is passionate about supporting mothers in their emotional self care, I was thrilled to read this article! I say it over and over again, but here is wonderful support for the truth that a "happy, relaxed, and nurtured mom equals a happy, relaxed and nurtured child." It is in your child's best interest to get all the support you need!


Family & Parenting



Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Abdominal obesity or "belly fat" is a known risk factor for Diabetes and other Cardiovascular conditions.  Ayurveda uses the healing properties of foods to enhance digestion and metabolism and fight belly fat. This short video outlines some simple Ayurvedic home remedies and treatments to help individuals start their weight loss journey. Combined with daily exercise and a healthy diet, individuals can reduce their belly fat and help stave off diabetes. Namaste




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