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by Samantha Peris, CNP, ROHP

Congratulations! You have consciously decided to start a family and are looking for some fantastic tips on how to boost your fertility naturally with foods? Well, you have come to the right place. The truth is your diet can play a major role in your fertility, as it has the ability to either hinder or enhance your body’s natural baby making skills. Why not give food a chance to prove to you it’s amazing power?


Editor´s Note: According to Samantha Peris, registered holistic nutritionist and owner of, diet may play a huge role in trying to get pregnant and what better time is there to incorporate, healthy, whole foods into daily living? Consuming quality seeds provide excellent fiber while vegetables and fruit enrich and boost the body with powerful antioxidants. Along with good healthy bites, Samantha also mentions certain foods that never do a body justice, especially when trying to start a new family.


Holistic Nutrition

by Marisa Duran

Life is brimming with struggle; childhood is no exception, though many adults make choices that indicate it should be an exception.

Parents can choose to to let struggle happen, or they can squelch it...

Editor´s Note: When a baby cries, we respond immediately, but as a child grows it's important to check in and notice the times when our children really want to work through a struggle and accomplish something on their own. When we rush in and rescue children from their frustration we're inadvertently teaching them that struggle isn't OK and that if something is hard, someone more capable will swoop in a save us from our frustration.


Family & Parenting



Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: Choosing Baby names is interesting but about 3 min into this video the Senior editor of Patents magazine talks about baby astrology.



by Sinda Anzovino

By now, most of us have found ourselves holding our breath, gritting our teeth and mentally counting down the moments until we can release poses such as revolved triangle, right?...


Editor's Note from Lexi Yoga: There are lots of benefits to doing twisting postures. They sculpt your abdomen and obliques, and help improve circulation. Holding your breath in a twist isn't the way to go. Find out what you really gain from twisting like a pretzel.



by Deepak Chopra
Cross-posted from

The more deeply you are connected to your soul’s plan, the more powerful it becomes in your life. Ultimately nothing can stop it...




Editor's Note from David Arenson: When you were a baby, you perceived yourself in a very limited way...In a divine plan everyone has a part. And because God is within you, you yourself have an absolute right to choose your part in the divine plan. Deepak Chopra explores how this plan works in practical terms.


Sacred Living

by Deby Atterby

I was approached by a close friend by the name of Leslie and she informed me that her 16 month old daughter Emily was suffering from an acute reaction to a viral infection and a severe rash appeared to nearly 70% of her body...







Editor's Note from Vasilena Toneva: Learn about yoga for babies and how it can help in their development. Many people know that yoga is useful during pregnancy, but not many have heard about yoga for babies. What do YOU think about baby yoga? If you have thoughts about this video, start a discussion on the yoga forum.



Editor´s Note from Cathy Alinovi: Foster families take many forms. In this video, Bugsy, is not the standard babysitter, but the job is done nicely. It's temporary, Malone will rejoin his species when he's big enough to fend for himself.


Animals & Pets

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