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Animals & Pets

by Dr. Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Dr. Robert Ullman

We are not suggesting that you can read this article and then choose the one substance, among the 3500, that is the one that best fits you. To the contrary, homeopathic case taking, case analysis, and the prescribing of the simillimum is a science and an art. We continue, after thirty years of practice, to learn more about materia medica (the medicines) and about the intricacies of case taking, of understanding our patients, and of prescribing the best possible medicine...


Editor´s Note: Each Individual differs from one another so their medicines also differ, so let's see in which kingdom we are?



by Matthew Segall

OuroborusThe universe is a body, according to Plato-- a Living Thing. It is unlike our own animal bodies, because it has no arms or legs to move around, since it is everywhere at once... 





by Stan Popovich

Many people who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues sometimes have a difficult time taking care of their pets. Here are some ideas on how to take care of your pets while you deal with your mental health needs...


Editor´s Note from Cathy Alinovi: Part of healing when one has mental health issues often involves taking care of our pets. There is a lot of emotional healing gained through giving care to those who love us unconditionally, as our pets do. Our pets don't judge us for being "down in the dumps" or having compelling reasons to wash our hands, again. Sometimes, though, things can be so overwhelming that even pet care is an insurmountable task. Because is can happen, planning ahead is a great suggestion. Here are some ideas how to deal with emotional/mental health crises.


Animals & Pets

by Glen Dupree, DVM, CVH

Are you concerned with your animal companion’s state of health?  Does s/he just not have that glow of good health?...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: Dr Glen Dupree is my teacher and mentor of homeopathy. The last week of February 2011, Dr Glen became a patient of homeopathy. A year later, he taught a landmark webinar in miasms - I was blessed to participate in the course. (He had been told in 2011 he would not be here.) It is now two years after Dr Glen's horrible illness; he is losing the battle. But he won so much for his students and patients. I am one of many grateful students; I expect it will take the rest of my life to really have a grasp of this wonderful modality. Thank you Dr Glen for your inspiration. Here's Dr Glen's Overview of Homeopathy.


Animals & Pets

by Dr. Cathy Alinovi,
ATH Co-Editor of Animals & Pets

As pet parents, it is alarming when our pets can no longer catch their treats in mid-air, or start to crash into furniture that hasn’t moved. It may start as cloudiness in the eyes - we wonder if it’s cataracts or something worse. We may not even see changes in our pets’ eyes but we know their vision is not what it used to be...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: My own Lady dog lost her sight - ophthalmology is a specialty field whereas my expertise is in alternative therapy. While I didn't have the tools to diagnose her, I did have to tools to extend her remaining vision. Today, she still has great quality of life, and we don't move the furniture. For anyone who's pet has lost their vision, here are a few tips.


Animals & Pets

by Mary Getten

Flower essence therapy is a quickly growing discipline. Flower remedies have been used throughout history but were first popularized by British physician, Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Bach felt that imbalances in the emotions and spiritual state of a person led to disease...

Editor's Note from Michael Salewski: Flower essences are a safe, effective treatment for many behavioral issues and are an important addition to any pet owner's medicine cabinet. In this article Mary gives a great overview of this therapy and some guidelines on how to apply it to your critters.


Animals & Pets

by Coleen Ellis

As mentioned in previously, children are organic mourners, especially when it comes to the loss of a family pet. While they instinctively know how to deal with loss, many times adults who “know better” will interfere with their mourning process...


Editor's Note from Cathy Alinovi: As adults, we think we know how to act when faced with a pet's death - sometimes, sitting back and watching children will teach us adults the real way to act. I've spoken to my daughter about it for years - she unfortunately sees more than the average kid's share of death because she is involved in my vet practice. She definitely teaches me a thing or two. Here, Coleen shares more suggestions in this sad, but real subject.


Animals & Pets

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