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by Sara Calabro

Barefoot running is all the rage. Although barefoot running dates back to the earliest of times, its modern popularity is attributed to the 2009 publication of Born to Run. The book focuses on a Mexican tribe that runs for miles, through treacherous terrain, in just thin sandals...


Editor´s Note from Julia Sanfilippo: This is very informative article for both practitioners and patients for the treatment of plantar fasciitis,  especially among runners and athletes. It explains how the injury is viewed and treated from an acupuncture perspective, specifically targeting trigger points in the calf that affect the foot. I treat this injury quite often for my athletes, and acupuncture with manual therapy works wonders!




by Therese Walsh-Van Keuren

Divergent Meridian theory and treatment is a treatment style that can enhance the health of those people who suffer from chronic conditions, which erode the overall health of the individual. Understanding the concepts of the Divergent Meridian approach and the way to apply this method in a clinical setting has the ability to transform the power of Asian Medicine...




by Therese Walsh PhD, LAc

Astrological acupuncture can be used for people who have lost a sense of purpose in their life, feel stuck in space and time or unable to commit to a decision regarding the direction to take in life. It can be used to harmonize during times of change...





by Sara Calabro, LAc

"I had been on many different medications over the years. The only one I ever found to be truly effective was lithium, but the side effects were debilitating. The medications made me so sick. With bipolar, you’re not always out of balance, so it gets to a point where the problem is more often the medication than the disease..."

Editor's Note: This interview gives a patient's perspective and experience of receiving acupuncture, and its effectiveness in treating bipolar disorder.



by Jennifer Dubowsky, LAc

When you and I have a great acupuncture treatment, we tell a couple of friends or family members. When celebrities have success with this ancient technique, their publicists tweet thousands of fans and the media writes article about it. Just to keep you up to date, here are some of the celebrity enthusiasts...


Editor´s Note from Julia Sanfilippo: It's always nice to see celebrities and high profile athletes using acupuncture for their ailments. It definitely opens the conversation of why they use this ancient practice and how effective it is for them. More recently, Kim Kardashian can also be added to the list. The more the merrier!



by Julie A. Cerrato, PhD, AP, CYT, CAT,
ATH Co-Editor of Ayurveda

Sluggishness, joint pain, low libido and memory loss are just some of the more alarming symptoms of hypothyroidism. This, now highly prevalent autoimmune condition where the body's defenses turn on the thyroid with destructive antibodies, causes a slow decline in metabolism, energy and eventually spirit.


Editor's Note from Julie Cerrato: Hypothyroidism is a complex manifestation of pitta metabolic dysfunction. It challenges the body to regulate hormone levels while fighting a war against itself. After being diagnosed with Graves' Disease (hyperthyroidism) early in life and twenty years later experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism, it was natural for me to seek out what alternative Ayurvedic methods could be useful to my condition.




Editor's Note from Julia Sanfilippo: What better way to promote acupuncture than doing it myself?! This segment explains the use of facial acupuncture as a safe, natural, and effective alternative to BOTOX and cosmetic surgery. I was so excited to be a part of this story because it gave me a chance to educate people on the vast benefits and uses of this amazing ancient medicine.



by Thomas Garran

Albizia julibrissin (合欢) is a commonly used herb in Chinese medicine to calm the spirit. Both the flower and bark are used, and they are both used to calm the spirit, but they also have some differences...

Editor’s Note:
Albizia is one of my favorite herbs to use clinically. Patients with depression notice a sense of calm and inspiration. Acupuncture helps a lot with depression as well, but if I had my back to the wall I'd pick albizia.




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