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by Sherry Baker

A study just reported in the online issue of the journal Head and Neck adds to the growing body of evidence that the ancient healing technique known as acupuncture isn't some kind of hocus pocus quackery that only works via the placebo effect. Researchers from the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center found that weekly acupuncture treatments twice a week relieved symptoms of a condition called xerostomia...


Editor's Note from Kirsten van Nostran: Radiation treatment can be difficult on cancer patients. Acupuncture can help ease symptoms of dry mouth and improve appetite.



by Jasmine Sufi

Pregnancy is an exciting surprise for those planning a family. For women, from the moment you've missed your period the emotional bond with your baby has begun. For that reason when there's a miscarriage, regardless if you are six weeks or 24 weeks, the emotional and physical recovery can be difficult...


Editor's Note from Julia Sanfilippo: An informative article that explains not only the physiological but the emotional aspects of pregnancy and miscarriage. It offers insight into the role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the healing process of a miscarriage to maintaining a future pregnancy. My favorite quote is one from her patients, "An acupuncture baby is a happy baby." So true!



by Karen Vaughan, LAc, Registered Herbalist (AHG)

Many women respond to single herbs or single formulas in their quest to get pregnant.  A strong overnight infusion of red clover, or red clover mixed with nettles and oatstraw has pushed many women over the brink from infertility to fertility.  This seems to work best when a little extra nourishment is needed in an otherwise healthy woman...


Editor's Note from Kath Bartlett: Infertility is a complex condition to treat with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) requiring additional, specialized education beyond the general masters degree training in Chinese medicine we receive in acupuncture colleges. Herbal therapy is a must, so a skilled and knowledgeable herbalist must be sought...





Editor's Note: This Fox News video shows a facial acupuncture treatment and discusses how acupuncture gives the face a more youthful appearance.





Editor's Note: This is a simple acupressure tutorial anyone can try for relieving back pain. Acupressure is a type of energy medicine that has roots in acupuncture, but you use your own touch instead of needles.


Energy Medicine

by Hal Mosher

Meditation on the five elements of the body is an old tradition which is used primarily to loosen the grasping at the self. In Tai Chi these elements take the form of animals and their corresponding organs....







Editor´s Note: Duke University Medical Center uses acupuncture before and after surgery to reduce pain and the side effects associated with opioids. The anesthesiologist Dr. T.J Gan explains how acupuncture works and it's effectiveness in pain and stress management. Love it!



by Steven Alpern, LAc

Human beings engage an amazing adventure in life. An individual Shen (Spirit) resides within the jing (essence), which has been consolidated by mixing the jing of both parents. A person is born, who experiences the interactions of life, acts to sustain his or her individuality, and records everything that happens. Individuals have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of themselves and the universe through their presence and cultivation until the final crowning of life, when they return to the Dao...



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