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by Dolly Garland

As I’m nearing the end of my 28th personal journal, I was thinking about how much of my life is in these journals, and how they have contributed to my growth. It’s a symbiotic relationship where life feeds journal, and journal feeds life...

Editor´s Note from Susan de Wardt
: 16 more reasons why you should keep a journal:  experienced journal keeper and Kaizen Journal coach Dolly Garland shares Life Lessons discovered while journaling.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Del Hunter Morrill, MS, CCH

What is depression? How does it affect people? Depression is not "the blues." Feeling blue is a temporary condition. Depression seems like it will never end. It can last for weeks or months--even many years. Long-term depression is insidious because it can give rise to other conditions and symptoms, some of which can be very serious. Chronic depression can lead to loss of memory, loss of appetite (or a ravenous appetite), nutritional deficiencies and physical problems...




Editor's Note from Wendy Wells: Are your children's favorite foods poisoning them? Dr. Crinnion is an expert in environmental expert and a naturopathic physician. He tells us what to watch for in our food and why it matters.


by Karen Adler,
ATH Asst. Editor of Arts & Art Therapy

The creation of all life has a gestation period. As does the creation of a project or an artwork or a piece of writing - anything that one wishes to bring into the world. The moment of conception isn't always recognised as such. It's often only in hindsight that  the steps and stepping stones that have lead to the creation of something new can be identified...



Arts & Art Therapy

by Jed Diamond

According to addictions expert Charles L. Whitfield, "Codependence is not only the most common addiction people develop, it is the base out of which all our addictions and compulsions emerge. Underneath nearly every addiction and compulsion lies codependence." Codependence, therefore, is the disease of lost selfhood...






by Laura Markham, PhD

Parents often ask me how they can de-stress and stay calm with their kids. I highly recommend the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. It couldn't be simpler, and takes almost no time. There are no side effects. It becomes more effective over time...


Editor's Note from Sylvia Poareo: I have long used EFT for myself and my children with great results. Here Dr. Laura Markham provides a wonderfully easy to understand explanation of the process. I highly recommend using this simple yet highly effective tool on a regular basis to help yourself and your child let go of any fears or anxiety. Let me know what you think and/or how it works for you and your children!


Family & Parenting

by Jerry Wennstrom

After walking some distance, stopping for a cup of tea and winding my way back to the apartment, I happened upon an older, homeless man in an alley. He was surrounded by several overstuffed plastic bags and had apparently spent the night in the alley. When our eyes met, we held the moment for an unusually long time. I held the gaze longer than usual...



Sacred Living

by KG Stiles

Your animal friend's olfaction process is similar to humans though much more acute. Animals are SUPER sensitive to smells!...


Editor's Note: KG is a member of the Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Team at Ashland Community Hospital  which became affiliated with Planetree in 2006. The Planetree Organization helps hospitals provide patient-centered programs and care focused on healing and nurturing body...


Animals & Pets

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