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by Sherri Carter, Supervising Editor for ATH

There is power in one, there really is! There’s also power when individuals come together for a common goal.  Here at ATH, we are a group of individuals who have come together to promote healing of mind, body, spirit and planet. YOU, the reader, are a very important part of this beautiful community. When we decided to move forward with building for our soon-to-be Online Learning Center, it only made sense to include YOU in the campaign...



by Denise Wickell, LMT, CA, RA 

Aromatherapy has become a very popular and commercialized word, but what is really meant by the term “aromatherapy?” Authentic Aromatherapy is a comprehensive healthcare modality that utilizes therapeutic plant extracts called “essential oils” to evoke the body’s own intrinsic healing power...


Editor's Note: This is the same article that you will read when clicking "Introducing Aromatherapy" at the top of the Aromatherapy home page. It's so comprehensive and well-written that we wanted you to be able to find it here just in case you missed it above. Enjoy!



by Joel D. R. Seath, MIfL

I RECENTLY DELIVERED A POETRY WORKSHOP that had at its core the technique of ‘wildminding’. I first picked up this thinking process several years ago when reading Natalie Goldberg. She advocated writing ‘as it comes’, from a place within...


Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony: Joel D. R. Seath, MIfL , shares this reflection of leading a writing workshop, "When we write without conscious concern, when we leave our inner editors aside, we find that experiences and instances of personal play, play observed, or play foretold come bubbling up." Cheers to you and your bubbling well of play that has the potential to be discovered while writing!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Robert Romanbyshyn, PhD

Who am I to speak about so intimate a topic as grief? Especially as I do not believe that there are any norms by which the grief of one person can be made into a formula for another. At best each of us can be only a witness to those awe-ful moments of loss, giving as faithful and true account of the journey that grief impels us into...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wolfson: This beautiful article by Robert Romanashyn describes how the shock of losing a loved one and the journey of mourning may bring us to a new place in relation to the loved one, to the world, and to ourselves.



by Susan G. Salvo

More than likely, you know someone who has or has had cancer. It is the leading cause of death in individuals 35-64 years of age and the second leading cause of death in individuals 65 and older (the first being heart disease in this age category). The American Cancer Society recommends massage therapy to bring comfort and to improve the quality of life for cancer patients...



by Kathryn Williams

Writing is a spiritual practice. This creative process engages the mind, body, and spirit and the end result is an awe-inspiring work of art. It is a healing tool, one that offers inner peace and grounding...

Editor's Note from Barbara Lazarony:
Kathryn invites you, the reader, to experience the wonderful spiritual practice of writing.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman

This quiz highlights elements of what Dr. Gottman refers to as your "love map." In his workshops, Dr. Gottman discusses the step-by-step process of making sure that you nurture your friendship with your partner...


Editor's Note from Elizabeth Wolfson: Why do some relationships work and others don't?  Drs. John and Julie Gottman have been researching this question since 1972 by studying couples through videotape and date collection in a "Love Laboratory..."



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