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Energy Medicine is based on the fact that all living things emit an energy field. This field of bio-energy, sometimes known as the "aura", was called "chi" by the Chinese, or "prana" in the Indian tradition. Modalities include approaches such as: Reiki, crystal healing, meditation, healing touch, sound therapy, Pranic healing, aromatherapy, and a host of other healing art forms.


Editor's Note: With chronic disease on the verge of overwhelming the health care system, combined with a shortage of providers, see how Naturopathic Physicians, with their deep specialized understand of chronic disease processes make essential contributions in an area of great need.


 by Linda Gillman

Do you want it? Can you see it? Can you feel it? Imagine that you can have it. It is that simple. It all starts in the mind. "What a man can conceive and believe he can achieve."


Think about it. Everything starts with a thought. "As a man thinks so is he." You become what you think about. What you imagine and think about expands in your life. Think about what you want, not what you don't want...




by Harriet Hodgson, BS, MA

Disappointment and sadness are part of life, yet they are hard to accept. These feelings can change your thinking. You are plagued by “what if” questions and may even question your identity. I questioned my identity after four family members died in 2007...


Editor's Note: If you've never written affirmations before, allow Harriet Hodgson to be your guide.


Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Dr. Juniper Martin

Autism is a syndrome that initially manifests in the childhood with symptoms such as difficulty with social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and/or rigid, often repetitive behavior and activities. We do not know the cause of autism, though there is some evidence that it has genetic components and, in some cases, may be affected by vaccinations...


Editor's Note from Wendy Wells: Naturopathic medicine provides hope for all those touched by autism. Dr. Martin shares her expertise and gives you 3 ways to treat autism naturally.




Editor's Note from Karen Stabley: A multiple-arts research project, beautifully illustrated with dance. An artistic enquiry into a 12-sessions group with adolescents in a mainstream school - Julie Joseph (2011), MSc in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Queen Margaret University. This is the creative synthesis from an artistic enquiry (Eisner 1997; McNiff 1998; Hervey 2000; Finley 2005; Leavy 2009) that took place in 2010-2011 at Queen Margaret University as part of the final clinical project for the MSc in Dance Movement Psychotherapy...


Arts & Art Therapy 

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