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by Susan Lutz,
ATH Co-Editor of Organic Living

Search no more! Finding it hard to find the perfect organic gift? There are five simple, yet interesting, things you can consider for holiday the season. Some will astound; some will be profound; some will fill bring joy to the toughest to please. Browse the selection and see if one will fill your holiday stocking of ideas...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: A gentle way to break family and friends into the organic "way" could be to surprise them with a lovely organic gift. Jamming organic down our loved-ones throats doesn't work. (Trust me, I've tried!) However, a groovy gift could kick off a thing or two. Give these ideas a try. You might find a way to unwrap a few smiles.


Organic Living

from PlanetGreen
Cross-posted from

As you’ve probably noticed, trashcans overflow after winter holiday festivities. Wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and boxes fill up a big portion of that too-stuffed trash bin. Ease the load going to the landfill by wrapping your gifts in repurposed items and reusable containers. Here are 12 great ideas to get your imagination rolling for preparing your presents and ensuring they’re something the recipient will never forget...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Originality lights up the holiday. Here are some fun ways to give the environment a gift of a little less packaging to have to deal with on December 26th.


Organic Living


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: 90 percent of Christmas trees are grown with some sort of pesticide. Might be time to consider going organic on something that will be the centerpiece of the home for the holidays.


Organic Living


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Start making that holiday list. Organic all the way!


Organic Living

by Jessica Ray

This is a question I have asked myself a number of times and I finally have taken the time to find the answer. My understanding is that organic refers to how food is grown whereas natural refers to how food is made/produced or processed. Of course this is an over simplified definition so I'll break it down further...

Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: If it's "all natural" it's good for me? Right? Not so fast. Natural could mean loads of sugar. Natural could mean bleach. Natural could mean just about anything as regulation for the world natural doesn't exist. Sounds good on the package, but look twice. Organic means organic, which naturally means natural. There is a difference.


Organic Living

by Jeannie Campbell, LMFT

Every novel is a part of you.

No, I don’t mean in some philosophical sense that they each hold a place in your heart. I mean literally. Pieces of you—quirks, pet peeves, life experiences—are in your novels...

Editor's Note from Susan Meyn: Isn't all our writing really part of us? This author speaks to the therapeutic value of writing fiction. Fits even better for those of us who keep journals...and maybe would like to try out some fiction, too!


Writing & Poetry Therapy

from Cornucopia

It’s only natural to get swept up by the allure of products marketed as “natural.” We resonate with that term for a number of reasons: it implies pure, unadulterated goodness. It sounds comforting...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Natural sounds great. Who wouldn't like something natural? Yet the research shows natural might mean processed and straight from a factory to your table. Natural and Organic are not the same thing and might even be a step backward.


Organic Living


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Rent? Small back yard? Spring is calling! Even those who thought they could never fit a garden can learn from this video about fitting beauty (and good taste) into small spaces.


Organic Living

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