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The most recent studies estimate the extent of Haiti’s deforestation to be between 96 to 98 percent. Port-au-Prince is the largest city in the Western hemisphere without a central municipal wastewater and sewerage treatment facility, a reflection of the lack of sanitation infrastructure of the entire country...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: The addition of solar power into a home is a big step in the goal of a family's organic life. Adding that technology into a hospital benefits so many more. A green techonolgy plan is under way in Haiti for the new hospital opening in the Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital. The goal for the hospital's electrical use from solar energy is admirable, being able to not only light the teaching hospital, but also extend into supplying power for the hot water tanks, and running ceiling fans, thus reducing the need for expensive, not-very-natural use of an air conditioning system.


Organic Living

by Pablo Neruda

From Susan de Wardt: Have you ever wondered where poems come from? Nobel prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda gives us a look at how poems arrive. You'll find writing prompts at the end of the poem to continue your exploration of poetry in your own life...



Writing & Poetry Therapy

by Susan Alexjander, MA

Is the body creating music? Are we, as the composer Charles Ives felt, walking, talking musicians, capable of creating our own symphonies? The answer seems to be an increasingly obvious "yes," as we study the body, its brainwaves, heartbeat, rhythms of blood circulation, endocrine cycles, right up to the microwave level of organ vibration. On the fastest level, we reach the rates of vibration of infrared light, as molecules and their atomic structures vibrate and jiggle, stretch, and bend...


Music Therapy & Sound Healing

by Susan Drury, RSHom(NA) 
For the past few weeks I lived and worked at the Eva de Maya Center in rural Northern Malawi.  The center was founded 10 years ago, and includes homeopathic training for local people as well as a clinic where visiting homeopaths like me get to practice in a very different setting than what we are used to...



by Susan Kirk

Each of us has chosen Life: rich, dynamic, ever-changing. Each of us senses that joy, happiness, success and service are not only possible, but also inherent in our nature. Yet at times we have difficulty experiencing these truths. Metaphysical tools help us unlock the essence of our being so we may lead fulfilling lives. Numerology is one of these tools...


Intuition & Symbols

by Susan G. Salvo

More than likely, you know someone who has or has had cancer. It is the leading cause of death in individuals 35-64 years of age and the second leading cause of death in individuals 65 and older (the first being heart disease in this age category). The American Cancer Society recommends massage therapy to bring comfort and to improve the quality of life for cancer patients...




by Max Goldberg 

On the third Friday of every month, I have a column called Eco-Friendly Fridays. I started this column because I run across so many amazing organic, non-food items that I want my readers to know about...


Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Painting our homes can be another way we help the environment instead of causing harm.   


Organic Living

Editor's Note from Susan Lutz: Check the list. You need to know.


Organic Living

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